April 30, 2011

Karakoram University admin requests for 'favor' from The Terrorland

Special Report

THE First Anniversary of The Terrorland group blogs proved hectic! The Terrorland Team (TTT) is in the middle of legal notices from the Pakistani government as well as the mainstream media. So it was a unique birthday where TTT was not given presents but legal notices, threats, shenanigans and tactics of psychological warfare. That is what anyone, who seeks justice, freedom of thought and freedom of expression in the militarized and Talibanized country, can face. 

Let it be clear: whatever TTT publishes, first members investigate into the matter from different angles and then collect evidence from opposite sources, and then publish something about a scam or taboo subject. But that is not the end. Even after publication of a post, all options are open to publish the points of view of any and everyone so that readers could find the ultimate truth.

The White Paper on the irregularities of the administration of the Karakoram International University (KIU), issued by the Academic Staff Association (ASA), has forced the accused to come out of hibernation! KIU Director Information Technology Muhammad Arif has sent an email to Habib Sulemani, who has forwarded it to TTT. Here it goes without any editing:

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Muhammad Arif <arif@kiu.edu.pk>
To: habib.sulemani@yahoo.com
Cc: Registrar <registrar@kiu.edu.pk>
Sent: Fri, April 29, 2011 12:31:21 AM
Subject: grievances on report page against Karakoram International University

dear habib sb/terrorland

We, the entire family of Karakoram International University, Gilgit-Baltistan are strongly condemn on the unethical, unjustified and baseless information about Karakoram International University, Gilgit-Baltistan that has been added on "THE TERRORLAND" @ <theterrorland@googlegroups.com>,

You are requested to please remove this up loaded pages from your blog that is entirely based on fake informations so that KIU (Alma Mata)  keep on its real objective i.e, to promote human development at all stages of life;  application of knowledge, and provide a service that values sustainable, humanitarian, and economic development of the environment.

We look forward for a positive and favorable response in future from your kind self and the The Terrorland Team (TTT)

Director IT, Karakoram International University
Gilgit Baltistan

That was the KIU admin. TTT would always welcome every point of view, including the accused KIU admin. But TTT has convincing evidence of the allegations, and whenever a case reaches the court, things would be crystal clear. However, here TTT wants to show one piece of evidence—besides Muhammad Shahnawaz, chairman KIU Academic Staff Association's executive members have signed the White Paper, sent to TTT, and after a long list of allegations, it ends with these words:

"We join this University (KIU) with high ambition but unfortunately our dreams have been shattered when we found that the Vice-Chancellor (Dr. Najma Najam) of our beloved university least bother about education and we are helpless to stop such irregularities. After pondering a lot, a “ray of hope” illuminated our minds that the Honorable Chancellor (Asif Ali Zardari, who is also the President of Pakistan), the Senate and the members of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) will listen to our voice with sympathy and kindness
and defiantly take a swift action against such people. We have provided a plenty of proofs to take action against them. You are our last hope as we want quality of education not degrees of unemployment."

Here is a facsimile of the White Paper, with signatures of 19 respected professors of the KIU, who are executive members of the KIU Academic Staff Association:

According to sources in the KIU admin, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam, Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali, Dr. Salma Durrani and other member of the ‘gang’ have been isolated on campus as the academic staffers have decided to save the university from 'total' devastation. The University Senate, led by former bureaucrat G.M. Sikandar, is also determined to 'reinstate' the integrity of the KIU and its academic staff.

"The VC and her gang members are either retired persons or are doing more than one job currently, therefore, they damn care if the KIU lingers on or is closed-down. Rather they would want to close it for ever so that no investigation is initiated against them... making it a closed chapter... but for us, the KIU is not only a matter of job but the future of our children, future of the entire nation," said an official on condition of anonymity. 

An official said that the long arm of law is finally reaching the criminals on campus “who have abused their power and not only destroyed the KIU but also damaged the reputation of our national organizations countrywide”.

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