April 26, 2011

My traumatized father underwent successful head surgery

By Nasira Parveen
My father Suleman Shah at home
MY traumatized father, after cancellation of flights for two days due to bad weather, was finally shifted to Rawalpindi on April 6, 2011. He was admitted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Rawalpindi on the same day. On April 8 he underwent a successful head surgery, and on April 13 he was shifted to our home in Rawalpindi where my uncle Amirullah Baig was recovering from his illness.

I'm glad my traumatized father survived brain hemorrhage and underwent a successful surgery at the Neurology Department of CMH. Being the father of a martyr of the Pakistan Army, my father got free treatment otherwise in the present conditions, it was very difficult to manage the money (readers of The Terrorland are aware of the 13-month-long family crisis, which has got international attention). The doctors took special care of my sexagenarian father.

On this occasion, we felt as the isolation is going to an end finally. We've reclaimed many relations, friendships and many new social links have been developed. Thank you all for your courageous support in this difficult time. 

Today, on behalf of my family, I want to say a 'thank you' to Major-General Professor Dr. Salman Ali of the Army Medical College Rawalpindi for his help and guidance. Dr. Salman is known as the People's General who heals the wounds of the poor from all over Pakistan everyday from morning till late at night at the Military Hospital (MH).

My father and uncle at home in Rawalpindi.
We want to thank Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. Arslan, Major Dr. Habib Khan and Major Dr. Khursheed – the team of competent surgeons at the CMH Neurology Department – who operated on my father successfully. Also, words of thanks are due to the paramedical staffers on duty.

Our thanks are also due to the doctors at The Aga Khan Health Center in Gilgit in particular Dr. Hyder, Dr. Ali Ahmed and Dr Sher Aziz for the emergency help, and guidance. We're thankful to Dr. Haider Khan at The Aga Khan Health Center in Aliabad, Hunza, for the medical checkup and suggestions to shift my father to Gilgit. Thank you Dr. Sharyar, Dr. Shahina and auntie Shahida at The Aga Khan Health Center in Gulmit, Gojal, where my father went after splitting headache.

Thank you Babar bhai for spending the time with my father at the CMH as my elder brother Habib Sulemani couldn't go there due to the threats to his life. Thanks to my cousins Faryadullah Baig and Shah Hassan Baig for spending nights with my father at the hospital in Gilgit. Thanks Laila Bhaji,  brother-in-law Muhammad Hussain and my brother Ghulam Rehman's fiancĂ© Ajeeba, Safdar Khan, Amin Khan, Karimullah Baig and many others for the help at the hospitals in Hunza and Gilgit.

I also want to thank Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Pir Karam Ali Shah for visiting my father at the hospital in Gilgit, and ex-District Councilor Raja Shebaz Khan, Raja Aminullah, Raja Nazimulamin, Aziz Muhammad, Hameedullah, Karimullah, Ammar Barlas, Abdulah, Imran Azam, and others for visiting my father at the hospital in Rawalpindi.

Hospital discharge slip of my father.
Thank you Jabbar Bhai (Executive Engineer Wapda) and Gulnar Bhaji for the best wishes and delicious food for my father and uncle. We also want to thank you for taking along uncle Madad Ali, aunties Bibi Nawa, Sangeen Bakht, Israr and others.

Those who visited my father at home included brothers Sarwer Holand, Aaqil Shah, Feroz Shah, Zaheer Abbas, Sherzaman Gulzaman, Sohail Rashid, Wasim Toor, Nazir Ahmed, Shahida Ahmed, Ayan Ahmed, auntie Guldasta, Farman Ali Razi, Shafqat Karim, Masood Khan, Mubasher Khan, Noor Aman, Fida Ali and Fayyaz Niyatullah. 

On the flight and Islamabad Airport uncles Syeedullah and Rehmatullah Baig proved a great help, and I want to thank them as well.

I want to thank uncle Hassanullah Baig for the continuous calls to my father who is now relaxing at home – most of the time he is reading, watching TV and some everyday chitchat.

I want to thank my cousin Dr. Azizullah Baig for calling from Tajikistan and his wife Shazia expressing sympathies from the United States. Uncles Sharif, Esa Baig, Musa Baig, Tajran, Bedal, Yousuf Shiskat and others called my father. Thank you all.

Thanks for calling my father -- brothers Fazal Amin Baig (scholar), Manzoor Karim (Banker) Tariq Aziz, Ayub, Sherullah, Hameedullah Goz, Aziz Panah, Safdar, Inayat Dewan and their families.

Also Aunties Safida Ebadat Shah, Bakht Jehan, Firasat, sister Bibisa and many other relatives called my father and prayed for his early recovery. Thank you very much for all the indirect messages from uncles Saleem Khan, Ibrahim Khan Khalil, grandpa Arbab Dewan Shah, aunties Mehwash, Bibi Qand and their family members. 

Many thanks to brothers Muhammad Afzal, Amir Khan, Ali Ahmed Jan, Bulbul Jan, Akram, Saddam S.U. Baig, Shahid Feroz; uncles Ghulam Ali, Ghulam Rasul, Raja Bahadur Khan, Abdul Rasheed, Muhammad Shafi, Jaboon uncle, aunties Bibi Husni, Feroza and many others. 

Thank you uncle Qasim Ali and his family especially Muhammad Ali, Shaheen, Nadia and Munera for visiting my father. Thanks Sultan Aziz Daulat Shah for the call. 

I want to thank those who through the cyber space conveyed their messages, sympathies and prayers.

My uncle Amirullah, a veteran of the Pakistan Army, has returned to Gilgit. He was shifted to the MH in Rawalpindi on January 31, 2011. There he remained admitted for about 16 days and then was shifted at our home. On April 23, 2011 he left  Rawalpindi in good health. However, he is on medication for some months. I want to thank all those who took care of my uncle from Gulmit to Gilgit and then in Rawalpindi.

My family's special thanks are due to famous mountaineer of Pakistan, Nazir Sabir, Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly Wazir Baig and those government officials who arranged an helicopter to shift my uncle from the stranded Gulmit – for the last 16 months this area is cutoff from rest of Pakistan due to landsliding – to Gilgit's military hospital. 

I want to thank our caring and peaceful neighbors including Erin, Jimmy, Javed, Zaiba auntie, SP Tahir Ali and their families for their prayers and wishes.

We're grateful to all those relatives and friends who contacted us to express their sympathies but I've forgotten their names to mention here in this blog being written in haste. Many thanks to them all besides those relatives and friends who couldn't reach us.

May God bless you all.

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  1. It seems that the aimless allegations against your relatives (calling them agents of ISI) has also worked, because tens of your relatives living in the twin cities have not visited your house at this difficult hour!

  2. it is nothing just propaganda. i was also told the same shit... but when i went to visit it proved wrong. just go and see yourself.