April 8, 2011

Pakistan has become a country of cannibals

The terrified face of a woman
IGNORANCE, poverty and terrorism are making Pakistan literally a country of cannibals as police have arrested two men on suspicion of eating corpse from a graveyard.

A militarized, Talibanized and terrorized society is not a good omen for the over 118 million people of this unfortunate nation state only but also for the global community. Yes. A bad thing in Pakistan can affect people in other countries as well in our globalized world! 

We receive many things from different known and unknown sources at The Terrorland blogs from different parts of the world. However, when we got a pile of gore photographs from Muhammad Kashif Naveed, a freelance journalist from Dera Ismail Khan, we could not publish it immediately. However, we're posting some of the shocking photographs here now. 

We hope besides the legal procedure, moral and religious deliberations, the intelligentsia, through serious debate, would spread awareness in the society by highlighting the psychological, sociological, economical and political aspects of this tragic incident. The shock and terror in our society could be overcome by spreading awareness. People need analysis of the incident in a scientific way, not the emotional style of our TV channels.

Despite suicide attacks, on camera beheading of innocent people by the extremists, lynching accused thieves and setting them on fire alive by groups of people have become the main characteristics of Pakistani society after the 9/11 terror attacks. A segment of our society thinks that it can do 'better' justice than the current judicial system in our Islamic Republic.

Global leaders must think seriously about the plight of people in Pakistan. Our political leaders and the military establishment are playing a cat-and-mouse game since the Zardari-Gilani-led so-called government came into power. Corruption has become our national trademark! Everywhere is corruption. Besides the tax money, loans, grants and donations for the welfare of the public go to the pockets of the ruling class: civilian and military. Still the US, UK and other developed countries have opened their treasuries for our corrupt and criminal ruling class.

Anyway, this photo feature will give our readers a bird's eye view of our society especially the police system, and many more without our detailed explanation. Because, a single photograph speaks for hundreds of pages. However, we welcome your critical views.The Terrorland Team (TTT) 

After burial of a young woman, Saira, 23, who had died of cancer, her family members found her grave empty the very next morning. This incident happened in Kahawar Kalan, a village in Darya Khan tehsil of Bhakkar district, Punjab. This is the constituency (PP-48) of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharief, who belongs to one of the topmost rich families of Pakistan.

The family informed the local police, which after gathering information, raided the house of a farmer and recovered the mutilated body from a locked room. Police arrested Farman Ali and his younger brother Muhammad Arif.

The police were shocked when they saw this pot, in which a part of the flesh of the deceased woman had been cooked. They came to know that it was a routine of the accused -- poor farmers who had not a fixed source of income and couldn't afford meat from the market -- as they had eaten many corpses besides dogs etc. They're being accused of murder of their sister and some children as well.

Police recovered 250 pieces of shrouds including this one from the house. A complete investigation report is needed in this regard.  

Police also recovered these tools from the house of the accused. According to the officials, the accused used these tools during crimes.

Accused Farman Ali in police custody as half of his hairs were shaved to humiliate him. Policemen often treat accused criminally especially those arrested on charges of serious crimes. His wife has reportedly left him after suspicions that he had killed his young daughter.  

Accused Muhammad Arif seems terrified inside the police lockup as police have tightened security. Many locals have demanded of the police to hand over the accused to them so that they could give them 'exemplary' punishment. Some people fear that before complete investigation, the accused could be "found dead" in police custody as it happens often inside police stations.

The accused handcuffed inside the police lockup.What the laws say in this regard, no one cares. The human rights mafia will only issue a statement on such occasions and make 'fantastic' reports to present to the donors to get more dollars.

The bare feet of the accused are chained inside the lockup. The situation is clear. If they die before complete investigation and judicial decision, the police officers should be held accountable for the feared crime. There should be no parallel justice system in the country. 

Poor women and children of the village are shocked to know about the alleged cannibals among themselves. Among them is, center, the mother of the deceased victim, Saira. 

The men of the village are embarrassed after the incident. They're guarding the grave of the woman after reburial of her mutilated body. 

Facsimile of the First Investigative Report (FIR), in Urdu, registered at the Darya Khan Police Station, by the brother of the deceased woman.

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  1. Poverty can lead to this....Be aware....Rich people/countries.... stop sucking blood of poor people/countries.
    Plz sir, dont share such news internationally......Being Pakistani ...Its like giving chance to others, for laughing at you. This sad thing has happened in lot of countries...Its a shame .... tell everyone with a drum beat...

  2. Woman attempts to cook husband after murder

    KARACHI: Pakistani police on Thursday arrested a woman who had killed her husband and was attempting to cook his body parts after he planned to marry another woman without her permission.

    The police arrested Zainab Bibi, 32, and her nephew Zaheer, 22, in the Shah Faisal colony of Karachi, and recovered the bowl of flesh she planned to cook, said police chief for the area Nadeem Baig.

    “They killed Ahmed Abbas, Zainab’s husband, and chopped his body into pieces and were about to cook the flesh in a bowl,” he told AFP, adding that the knife with which they killed the man had been recovered.

    Television networks showed gruesome footage of the human flesh in a bowl ready for the stove.

    A neighbour had alerted the police and investigations were ongoing, said Baig.

    “There could be two factors behind her intention to cook the husband. One is to destroy the evidence and the other could be her immense hatred against him,” over his plan to marry another woman, he said.


  3. Generals & politicians are fighting for power while poverty, ignorance and terrorism-hit common people are eating human flash. This is our Islamic Republic of Pakistan - That's what the 184 million helpless Pakistanis are facing today!

    Rosemary: Against Islamic teachings, but... I'm vegetarian, but I can't say what I would do if I were starving. It is not for me to judge others. I am truly sorry that Pakistan is in such a state.

  4. Generals & politicians are fighting for power while poverty, ignorance and terrorism-hit common people are eating human flash. This is our Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Read an exclusive report with pics: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/04/pakistan-has-become-country-of.html?

    Rosemary: :(

    Rehman: That's what the 184 million helpless Pakistanis are facing today, Rose!

    Rosemary: Against Islamic teachings, but... I'm vegetarian, but I can't say what I would do if I were starving. It is not for me to judge others. I am truly sorry that Pakistan is in such a state.

    (from my FB)