April 27, 2011

The Terrorland: Habib Sulemani gets defamation notice, Rs.10m sought

Special Report 

OUR recent five-part investigative report on intellectual dishonesty in the Pakistani mainstream media –  Dawn's yellow blood transfuses to The Express Tribune – has shocked people, and  made The Terrorland the first blog which has been served a legal notice from a member of the editorial management of a mainstream daily newspaper, claiming damages worth Rs. 10 million.
The Express Tribune’s City Editor Farman Ali has sent a legal notice of defamation to Habib Sulemani, instead of The Terroroland Team.

Mr. Ali’s lawyer has adopted a stance that “you are running an internet news blog with the name of The Terrorland, a liberal forum to discuss intellectual terrorism and the mass media, a taboo subject, in Pakistan,” saying “that you are regularly releasing/issuing defamatory material against my client on your internet blog and use filthy/abusing language which is totally against the moral values of the society as well as the law of the freedom of expression.”

“That in the shadow of the freedom of expression, you are using the blog ‘The Terror land (sic) as a weapon and circulating huge defamatory material against my client to destroy his reputation and mentally torture him.”

The legal notice says Mr. Ali “is well reputed high class journalist as well as respectable citizen of Pakistan. He has long standing experience in the field of journalism, earlier he was working as news editor with famous daily English news paper Daily Dawn”.

It claims: “That my client many times contacted you and told to you to stop this activity but you didn’t take it seriously and turn no response of these verbal and written notices.” The notice warned: “I am issuing this last and final notice to you to stop the campaign against my client and to pay ten million rupee as compensation money to damage the honor and dignity of my client. I am giving you seven days legal notice to resolve this issue; otherwise my client has a right to initiate/proceed criminal as well as civil litigation against you.”

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