April 1, 2011

Where man & animal both have no rights!

By Karim Rehman

I WAS reading in my room the other day when my brother told me to give some money to the street beggar—acrobat with a monkey. I went down to the street and gave the man some money.

“I want to take some pictures of your monkey,” I told him. He agreed and tried to make poses—but that was unexpectedly in a cruel way! I observed that the relationship of the man and the animal was not friendly as amused children often assume—the monkey was not obeying his master’s instructions at all!

I think the monkey was hungry. When I tried to capture pictures, it was not sitting properly—rather jumping here and there, trying to run away. But his master was controlling him by the tight rope in his hand. The man and the animal both were searching their livelihood in the streets of Satellite Town in Rawalpindi. Both were hungry, tired and restless as they had come from Multan, the city of Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, the previous day.

"Pakistan is a country where man and animal both have no rights except the minority ruling class," my brother said after the incident. "It's over one year since I asked the government for protection (Journalist seeks protection) but still it's silent. Rather state organs along the criminal gang have started a new wave of propaganda campaign to deceive the global community regarding our plight."

Where men and animals are being treated brutally. "They had planned to strangulate our family." 

Acting or a fight, I didn't realize, really!

The animal feeds the poor man who keeps it hungry!

(Today is the birthday of Karim Rehman, who is busy with his 9th grade exams. We wish him a big Happy Birthday, and great future.--The Terrorland Team.) 

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