May 3, 2011

Freedom of expression can end global terrorism

By Habib R. Sulemani

TODAY on the World Press Freedom Day, I want to tell the Pakistani government and military establishment: if you want peace and prosperity in this country, then allow the terrorized people to think freely, and express their thoughts without any fear of direct or indirect persecution. This will calm down the frustrated people especially the youth—and they will not indulge into violent behavior. In this way you can bring an end to terrorism.

Allow journalists to visit and report from the Balochistan province freely. Don't go after the websites and social media pages of the angry young Baloch people—rather let them say everything—so that there is a way to continue dialogue and arguments. Remember: tyranny and oppression is no more the answer to any problem especially political crises. Pakistan and the Arab world need liberty from the culture of oppression and no-one can enchain them anymore!

© Habib Sulemani

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