May 11, 2011

ISI scandalizes mental condition & female relatives of critics

By Habib R. Sulemani

THEY RULE: Army Chief Gen. Kayani
with ISI chief Gen. Pasha (right)
RECENTLY Presidential Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar said that apparently there was no law in Pakistan to hold intelligence agencies accountable. It means our spies can do anything they want. And they're doing everything! Some spymasters are on record confessing that they had made their uniforms very dirty!

Evidences show that it's a traditional nasty method of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) to spread rumors about the mental condition of unmanageable critics and the female family members of assumed enemies. In my case, they did both.

The unscrupulous spymasters had waged psychological warfare against some people of the ruling class in the past, and they 'won' the dirty games mostly as the victims didn't dare to fight back for many reasons. Some of them wanted to stay in power while others hoped to grab power with the help of their tormentors! Yes! No one can survive in Pakistan without bowing before the ISI, the self-appointed vanguard of the 'ideology' of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Zardari/Gilani-led incumbent civilian government is a living example, and you may've seen a glimpse of it in my poetry!

Many people are aware of the rumors about the 'mental condition' of incumbent Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari besides some other power-players. A former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, had also faced similar allegations when he was in office. To abuse opponents/critics or declare them 'schizophrenic' is in vogue in Pakistan as it was in the erstwhile Soviet Union. Today it's the soft weapon of oppressive regimes in many Third World countries including the Arab world.

In the past, female leaders of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, faced character assassination campaigns. Like the powerful victims, others also keep silent whenever they face a typical tactic of humiliation through the media or otherwise. They can't say anything even to those who commit crimes in the name of the ISI-developed ghairat a criminally coined sense of honor in our confused society. None of the victims have dared to bring the 'real' culprits in a court of law so far. The courts seem helpless as well!

Zardari is a ‘schizophrenic’
President of Pakistan?
"You'll never get justice," someone told me when I insisted on legal action against the powerful accused in my case. "From the President to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, no one can do anything against the criminals hiding in the ranks of the Pakistan Army and ISI."

He gave the example of Justice Javed Iqbal of the apex court, who was hearing a case against the ISI and his parents were found dead after a judicial remark few months back.

"If a Major of the ISI went to a judge, justice would get killed instantly," he said, adding that I should refrain from a legal battle with the powerful accused whom a policeman declared Station House Officers (SHOs) of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, they've told my parents and other family members the same harassing thing—thus they're very afraid of the secret agencies, their pawns. Therefore, my traumatized father, who underwent a head surgery recently, has started counting different reasons for his 'mild' brain hemorrhage instead of the 13-month long torture.

"I want to knock the door of the court," I had told the management of my employees, Dawn Media Group, when Senior Manager Human Resources Khurshid Aizid and Senior General Manager Tahir Owais came to my home with a carrot-and-stick strategy. "My case is a test of the independent judiciary too."

Through the legal system, I really want an end to this nasty spy culture in Pakistan where common citizens are being targeted and terrorized while terrorists are being protected and used as pawns. I want to ask the judges why our security agencies are being used against innocent citizens. Why is there state-sponsored acts of terror? I'll do this taboo thing come what may.

If you've read my previous blogs, you would be aware of the details of the ongoing psychological warfare against my family and me. In this post, let's try to understand the nasty spy culture in Pakistan.

In December 2010, two rival political parties – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) – attacked party chiefs of each otherregarding their 'mental condition' and 'character' of female family members!! It was a big news in our falsely 'honor-conscious' Islamic Republic. It happened outside the Parliament and thus got live media coverage.

Sajjad Ali Shah was a
‘schizophrenic’ chief justice?
The self-styled moralist local media termed the rants of the rival lawmakers as 'irresponsible' and 'unparliamentary'. According to The Express Tribune, a leader of the PML-N said that Altaf Hussain – MQM’s British passport-holder leader who controls Pakistan from London – was involved in politics of 'hypocrisy' and 'bullets,' making allusions to Mr. Hussain's troubled marital life and his 'mental' condition.

“We can produce a certificate from a London rehabilitation center where Altaf was treated for a mental disorder,” the newspaper reported, saying that the MQM parliamentarians were even more vicious in the verbal skullduggery. The MQM lawmakers did not spare the daughters of the Sharif family, and resorted to 'crude' and ‘uncivilized’ language to castigate the PML-N leaders. “We know whose daughter had run away with whom,” a leader was quoted. “We know whose daughters have been flirting with whom… and we are also aware of what was recovered from (ex-prime minister) Nawaz Sharif’s bedroom after military coup in 1999—the nation knows that when (Chief Minister Punjab) Shahbaz Sharif was arrested, sex-enhancement tools and drugs were recovered from his room.”

After hearing a TV debate of PML-N and MQM participants, I felt as if criticizing their leaders, particularly Altaf Hussain, is like committing 'blasphemy' for which Pakistan has capital punishment! The leaders of both parties were the brainchild of a military dictator, thus their parties are unofficially political wings of the military, controlled through the ISI. They both are camouflaging parties but can't hide their tilt towards the 'rightist' ideologues.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, the PML-N and MQM both became victims of a nasty trick which they had been using against others for a long time! They became victims of the visionless ISI strategy like Colonel Imam and Khalid Khwaja – two former ISI officials and mentors of the Taliban, who were reportedly killed by their own 'jihadist' protégés. 

Altaf Hussain being treated
for mental disorder?
Then one day, Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza told lawmakers in the Provincial Assembly how a gangster had sexually abused Pakistan media tycoon and owner of the Jang Group, Mir Shakilur Rehman. The minister announced that if the Jang Group continued its ‘campaign’ against the so-called anti-establishment PPP government, he would make the Mir's photos (in compromising position) public. However, he couldn't do that as he lost his ministry. 

Earlier, The Terrorland blogs had revealed the shocking news how ISI officials kidnapped an investigative journalist, Umer Cheema, and "sexually abused him on camera". This was the typical way of humiliating an investigative reporter in our militarized and Talibanized society. Mr. Cheema has sought justice but nothing has been done so far. Forget it nothing will happen: this is the traditional advice for similar victims in Pakistan.

Sharif Brothers lead ISI 'ghairat'
and rumors brigades in Punjab?
"Name any journalist or anchorperson, I'll tell you at least one spicy story about him/her or any of their female family member," a media person once quoted a spymaster as saying. "We keep full record of journalists but use them only when they get the virus of professional honesty!"

Many journalists say that the ISI was completely involved in the recent election of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and Pervez Shoukat was reselected along with his nephew Adeel Raza of Dawn.

So how can the so-called apex journalistic body raise its voice against the spy agencies which are involved in kidnapping, torturing and killing of journalists especially in Balochistan province. In such a situation, we can only sing Martin Niemöller's poem First they came... although PFUJ president can't understand it—professional and truthful journalists have been sidelined. Today morons, morally and intellectually bankrupt, agents of secret agencies, real estate agents and professional criminals have become leaders of journalists. And Pakistan has become the most dangerous place for journalists in the world. Indeed it's a great dilemma! 

Anyway, I'll no more accuse and abuse anyone! Use of abusive language is a part of the military culture. As the military has ruled Pakistan most of the time since 1947, so, psychologically, the civilian members of the ruling class also try to copy their masters without wearing the graceful khaki uniform. The same are doing some journalists now especially the militarized Urdu columnists.

Such a behavior is not new in our society especially in the corridors of power. However, the common people, who are always kept at a distance by the ruling class, were first shocked by the recent incidents but now they seem confused. Some seem amused!
Mir Shakilur Rehman is a victim
of Pakistan's ‘free’ media?

The ISI should change its traditional inhuman tactics which are destroying generations in Pakistan. This thing is also damaging for the Armed Forces and the country itself too. The policies of military dictators like General Zia and General Musharraf should be abandoned. The coming military leadership should disassociate itself from the current and retired generals especially generals Aslam Baig and Hameed Gul, who are the real narcissist and schizophrenic people on earth. They've lied and made an entire institution sick. Why the serving generals act like God in Pakistan? Why even the retired generals, who made billions at the cost of the nation, couldn't be hold accountable for their crimes?

The ISI should stop funding the so-called religious and journalistic televangelists, and the cyber networks that are working in Pakistan, North America and Europegetting millions every month for doing nothing. They should also abandon the networks which make foolish propaganda material and get millions from the tax payers.

These so-called friends of the military establishment in the mainstream media are actually enemies of the nation. Sources say that some of them have even written books about the foolishness of the generalsand are waiting for their 'demise' to publish their ‘best seller’ memoirs.

Wake up, generals! It’s the second decade of the 21st century! Killing and harassment of innocent people and journalists will not work anymore. You may think no one is daring to ask any question—but remember: you're under the global microscope! Everything is being monitored by the global community in a globalized world.

Promotion of cruelty and visionless agenda of the military establishment in their traditional foolish ways will not work anymore. As a student of social psychology, I think change in the behavior of the military leadership can repair the damages. Let Pakistan out of your clutches as policymakers. Be true and professional soldiers. Real democracy can make Pakistan a global leader. (Images via Google )

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  2. Back in January 2010, I wrote about “reforming khakis.” I had endeavoured to identify multiple facets of the khaki mindset, as I understood them. “The first is an undaunted sense of righteousness,” I had argued. “This indoctrinates the military with the belief that its vision and definition of national security and national interest is the perennial manifestation of wisdom and truth. Any involvement of civilians with matters deemed to fall within the domain of national security is seen as unwarranted interference and an affront to its interests. This protective sense encourages the military to guard its proclaimed territory as a fief. The second facet of the khaki mindset is the military’s saviour instinct. Despite being a non-representative institution, the military has assigned to itself the role of deciphering aspirations of Pakistanis and protecting them. And the most insidious facet of this mindset is the unstated sense of being above the law that binds ordinary citizens.”

    Consequently, I was “invited” to the ISI headquarter to meet with a brigadier who looked after internal security. I was offered a “tea break” while being informed that people within the GHQ had taken offence at my article. The brigadier read out “objectionable” excerpts from my article back to me and read from hand scribbled notes that spread over half-a-dozen pages to educate me on how I was wrong. He spoke for about 45 minutes before I sought permission to interrupt his speech and engage in a dialogue. At some point in this conversation he told me quite categorically that the army was more patriotic than the rest of us!

    I wasn’t directly threatened at any point. However, I was informed, as a matter of historical record, that there was a time when the agency dealt with people only with the stick; but now things were different. During the meeting I felt obliged to reiterate my fidelity and loyalty to my country and was later ashamed and angry with myself for doing so.

    In what is hard to describe accurately, I felt an eerie sense of anxiety and a need to protect my back. Not from the Taliban or terror groups but from the same security apparatus that is mandated by law to protect and defend my constitutional right to life, liberty and physical security.

    From where does the ISI derive this entitlement to summon journalists, seek details of their sources or question their views? Is viewpoint censorship a part of our national security doctrine that the ISI is mandated to enforce? Does Article 19A of our Constitution not declare that access to information is a fundamental human right? Does Article 19 not endow citizens with freedom of speech and expression? And does Article 9 not guarantee the right to life and liberty? Should access to information and the right to hold and express an opinion be curtailed through intimidation? What kind of Animal Farm have we reduced this country to where exercising one’s right to free speech and information extinguishes the right to life?

    By Babar Sattar

  3. Editing one of Pakistan's leading news analysis magazines in 2001, I ran a controversial story on the ISI-Taliban nexus. It clearly upset someone at the ISI.

    Days later, I got a call from someone who introduced himself as Colonel Tariq. "I know quite a bit about you. You drive a Honda City, don't you?" he said. He knew details of my wife and family and continued: "I find myself wondering why people like you think they can be journalists and have a family at the same time."

    After various phone calls from my publishers, in the end I was just called into the ISI for a chat - where I realised the scale of the monitoring.

    Saleem Shahzad's murder seems to be a part of a systematic campaign to eliminate problematic voices. It appears that elements within Pakistan are waging a vicious and brutal war against free speech. On Wednesday a senior Baloch nationalist teacher and poet was killed - and his family is alleging that this too was the handiwork of the ISI.

    It is not without reason that his and Saleem Shahzad's death have been blamed on the ISI. The entire journalist community in Pakistan knows how closely the agency monitors media and journalists.

    Every reporter in the country knows that if they get a telephone call from anyone who calls themselves "Colonel Tariq" it is bad news. It usually means they have fallen foul of the ISI.

    They know that Saleem Shahzad was not the first one to meet such a brutal fate. More worryingly, they also know that unless his killers are brought to justice, he will not be the last one either.

    By Aamer Ahmed Khan


  5. ‘CM Shahbaz Sharif should be put in mental hospital’

    LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should be put in mental hospital with harnesses and restraints on so he can’t hurt other patients, said Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz on Saturday as he escalated an ugly war of words between the two sides.

    Reacting to television footage showing Sharif vowing to drag President Asif Zardari through the streets of Karachi, Lahore and Larkana should the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) win the general elections, Riaz said that he would put Sharif on a leash and drag him by the collar through Lahore’s streets like a pet dog should the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) win the elections, “otherwise my name won’t be Raja Riaz”.

    Speaking at a press conference at the assembly cafeteria, Riaz said that chief justice of the Lahore High Court should take notice of the chief minister’s statements about the president.

    He said that the president had actually helped Sharif become chief minister, since the PML-N did not have the required strength in the Punjab Assembly.

    He said that if the PPP won the next general elections, he would drag Sharif to the house of Ayesha Ahad, who claims to be the former wife of Sharif’s son Hamza Shahbaz, so she could finally get justice. He said he would drag Sharif through the streets and ask the victims of his bad policies to come out of their houses and punish him.

    Published in The Express Tribune, March 18th, 2012.

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  6. Jamaat chief Munawar Hasan doubts President Zardari’s mental fitness

    Staff Reporter

    Rawalpindi—Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has said that President Zardari was mentally and physically not in a position to perform the functions of head of state and asked the PPP to follow the constitutional path instead of handing over the country to children.

    Addressing a big public meeting at Liaquat Bagh here on Sunday Munawar Hassan asked the PPP not to push the people towards slavery of the United States.

    He said if the PPP has lost control over the affairs of the state, he should announce holding of elections.

    He said there are reports that the President was not fit physically and mentally and therefore he cannot remain as head of state. He referred to the statement of Prime Minister Gilani stating that if Memogate proved against the country, he would quit and said whatever is in the Memo was treason to the country.

    He asked the Prime Minister to look into the affairs of PIA and Steel Mills because the ANP has already destroyed Railways. He said energy crisis has hit the length and breadth of the country and those voted top over have given nothing to the people except unemployment, price hike, corruption, target killing, bomb blasts and lawlessness.

    He said an end to corruption would reduce price hike and people should not those already tried otherwise corruption would increase.

    He said so far 150 Jamaat members had been elected to Assemblies and there is no black spot on their performance. Jamaat Amir held US responsible for attacks at the GHQ, Mehran base and said it was also behind the attacks at ISI vehicles and offices.

    He said it has been proved in the last ten years that interests of Pakistan and the United States are divergent and they cannot move on one direction.

    He said the spirit of Jehad of Afghans has defeated forces of US and forty countries. He said Pakistan army should return to the slogan of Unity, Faith and Jehad as it was its identity.

    He said had the government and the army taken a strong stance after the Abbotabad raid, there would not have been attacks on Pakistani checkposts in Mohmand Agency.

  7. Nawaz Sharif took oath of 3rd time PM yesterday and Twitter top trend was: #DesiPornTitles

    Some tweets:

    ᾞдϻⱬᾆ™ ‏@Dis_is_SPARTAAA 24m - Nawaz Sharif is desi gay pornstar #DesiPornTitles

    karachikhatmal ‏@karachikhatmal 18h - (Old joke, not going to claim I came up with it, but...) Gaand with the Wind #DesiPornTitles

    Imaan Z Hazir Mazari ‏@ImaanHMazari 21h - A new PM is about to take oath & somehow #DesiPornTitles is trending. Then when we're called Pornistan, we get riled up! #FrustratedSociety

    Sana Ghouri ‏@SanaaGhourii 12h - While Nawaz Sharif was being elected as the next Prime Minister, #DesiPornTitles was the top trend in Pakistan. Right priorities!

    However, no one talks about the ISI campaign.....!!!