May 16, 2011

The Kakul Syndrome

(for the silent revolution in Pakistan)

By Habib Sulemani

God Almighty! Generals fake
They've put country at stake
Generals mean personal gain
The armed forces're in pain!

Generals're bloody fool
Take a bath an' be cool!

Military men’re public servants
Not masters from the heavens!
But they’re arrogant an' cruel
Don't care for common people

Generals're bloody fool
Take a bath an' be cool!

You own huge firms an' agriland
Turning country into terrorland! 
No-one among you bothers at all
Where the terrified people stand!

Suffering from the Kakul Syndrome 
You're always outeven if at home
By providing terrorists sanctuary
You've failed to protect country

Still you behave like intellectuals
Not men behind petty squabbles! 
You've lost every single battle
Yet foolishly believe: you rattle!

Generals're bloody fool
Take a bath an' be cool!

After failure on geographical borders
You champion ideological frontiers
It's easy to fight on ambiguous front 
Cos you like a lavish bedroom stint! 

Using a pawn religious leader
Or an ISI-paid TV anchor
You can make storm in teacup
Change systemdown to up!

The generals’ve taken refuge
In ideological war an' abuse!
Don't try to fool world anymore!
Don't you see outside an uproar?

Generals're bloody fool
Take a bath an' be cool!

See the writing on the wall
Only you’re sick not we all
The military is vanguard
Of a scary fanatic world!
The nation wants to know your aim
You've multiplied the double game!

You’re soldiers or businessmen?
Playing tricks on the politician! 
You didn't defend country borders
With broken oath, you’re traitors!

There is no escape from the law
Dug earth with your filthy paw!
You can’t deceive the tax payers
God has heard people’s prayers!

You’ve lied to the nation 
Not once, again an' again
You've neither mind nor a soul
An' you’re always playing foul!

Generals're bloody fool
Take a bath an' be cool!

It’s time to take a dose of wisdom!
Stop violation of our basic freedom 
Respect democracy at home
Or face the doom an’ gloom!
NOTE: Anyone, especially websites, newspapers and magazines, can use this spontaneous poem to spread awareness among the people. © Habib R. Sulemani

Read an explanatory article about this poem: Military men are dumb stupid animals or intellectuals?
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  2. Habib Sulemani, you said what we were waiting to say for the last 63 years...

    Our people think the military men are 'PAGAL' crazy people and it is taught at the Kakul Military Academy...

    I want the generals to read a nice piece on mental health, it's written by Angela Benedict who works at the US Military Healing Center.

  3. Mental health and getting help, by Angela Benedict

    Given some of the obstacles involved in gaining valuable "mental health" counselling, it is not much wonder why people throw in the towel and try to cope on their own. There are several constant factors.
    1. They believe that they have to deal with what they feel alone - this is often a byproduct of cultural or family norms.
    2. They're afraid that seeking help means they are "crazy".
    3. They're afraid that they won't be listened to, or have had a bad experience when they tried to open up before.
    4. They don't like the idea of "treatment", or they've had a bad experience with "mental health services" before.
    5. They know there are long wait lists and protocals that can take months to comply with and feel too exhausted to begin that process or stick with it.
    6. They don't want the "treatment" options available through VA or other established providers but can't afford to pay for private services even if they believe they would work more successfully.
    7. Their trust levels are so shattered they feel there isn't anyone that can be trusted with such sensitive information.

    Warrior societies guard against weakness hard. I don't believe it serves us to mess with this idea of strength only to add to it. We have to consider - is our weakness about weakness a weakness? We need to rethink our attitudes toward what makes us vulnerable.
    "Crazy" is a control; a societial construct that regulates behaviour. Anything that falls outside of prescribed norms is considered deviant. We need to consider - who is deciding what these constructs are? Do these constructs serve us? Are there new constructs that would serve us better? Do the same constructs apply to different groups of people equally?
    I never hear people say "They won't give me enough meds!" I consistantly hear people say "They don't f****** listen!" Not feeling listened to is the number one reason for people opting out of many support systems, including peer support. We know that from studying past wars and police stress that there are two major factors that will lead to what we call "Combat Stress" - death of close friend and betrayal by leadership. Betrayal will include experiences where people did not get what they needed to do their jobs such as equipment or when leadership made decisions that led to grave and unnecessary consequences, but also when they didn't get the emotional support they needed.

    The fundamentals of counselling are the principles of being a good friend. Value and accept the person you are there to support for who they are and where they are at without judgement. Communicate respectfully. Build a foundation of trust by being yourself and allowing them to be themselves. Keep information confidential. Listen with your whole being. Ask for clarification and don't assume or go in with preconceived notions or stereotypes. Show that you are safe and open to talk to by being honourable in your actions. Understand and model that a variety of communication strategies are ok to impliment. There are lots of strategies that can be used that do not involve participating in the "office scene" that we all see in movies.

    The other suggestion I have for finding the "right" counsellor is find out what they do to take care of themselves. This is a good gauge of what they will deploy with you. And take this seriously. If they aren't doing anything for their own mental/emotional/physical well being what kind of guide will they be for you? I am brought in to train other counsellors and what I tell them is that this work takes guts. If you haven't got 'the stuff' to walk around in your own swamp, you have zero right telling anyone else what to do with what's in theirs.

    Take good care,

  4. hi...i am Indian and i think no pakistani ever tried to use such words for their beloved and brave army...i salute your bold attitude

    1. Obviously that is music to your Indian ears because to you it probably wont matter that Habib Sulemani sahib is another extreme who cannot see any good in the Army and paints the entire Army and its leadership in a negative light which for obvious reasons cannot be considered an objective critique.

  5. lolz.... at times i pity such people who always have so much exceptions from others but when it comes to themselves just out of habit they start pointing fingers at others.... i pray for ur good mental health and hope soon you will get cured from this....

  6. The word PAGAL FAUJI (crazy military men) was a reaction to the BLOODY CIVILIANS.

  7. Sakib Ahmad Says:
    May 25th, 2011 at 2:28 am

    What refinement! Generals’re bloody fool/Take a bath an’ be cool - that’s pretty stiff competition for this masterpiece:

    Deep in jungle I am went
    On shooting Tiger I am bent

    Bugger Tiger has eaten wife
    No doubt I avenge poor darling’s life

    Too much quiet, snakes and leeches
    But am not feared these sons of beeches.

    Hearing loud noise I am jump with start
    But noise is coming from damn fool heart

    Taking care not to be fright
    I am clutching rifle with eye to sight.

    Should Tiger come I will fall him down
    Then like hero return to native town

    Then through trees I am espying one cave
    I am telling self – ‘Rangaswamy be brave’.

    I now proceed with too much care
    From nonsense smell this Tiger’s lair

    My leg is shake, I start to pray
    I think I shoot Tiger some other day

    Turning round I am going to go
    But Tiger giving bloody roar

    He bounding from cave like shooting star
    I commend my soul to Kali Ma

    Through the jungle I am went
    Like bullet with Tiger hot on scent

    Mighty Tiger rave and rant
    Rangaswamy shit in pant!

    Must to therefore leave the jungle
    Killing Tiger one big bungle!!

    I am telling that never in life
    I will risk again for damn fool wife.

  8. hi
    re your requiem .... So much of hate and grudge against Pakistan can come from only one source. Better be honest and change your name to, who you really are, bhartiya bhushan aka Agakhani RAW-wala

  9. ridiculous comments have many inaccuracies. First in 1965 Indian main attck was in Sialkot sector with an aim to reach GT Road. They could not even reach anywhere near the aim. At the end of this battle , Indian Armed division was lying ineffective near Chawinda in half destroyed shape. Effectively, Pak Army had defeated the Indian plan. Thus the battle was won. So Army lost every battle is inaccurate. Answer this and then I will come to the next one. Overall an overcritical and ridiculous comments

  10. Major General Bilal Umar had a choice not to enter Parade Lane mosque during terrorist attack. He chose to enter and grabbed a terrorist despite being unarmed. He embraced Shahadat when another terrorist shot him from close range. This example nullifies the first few lines of the poem.How would the writer answer this?

  11. lakh lanat tujh pe....kamray mein baith k bakwas karna kon sa mushkil kaam hai

  12. I suspect your background is Indian and not native Pakistani. Are you a Muhajir whose family is originally from India? Where in India did your family migrate from and do you still have family in India?

  13. fabulous & a complete truth ! this army & its "chamchay" on this page are "OSTRICHES" who cant bear with the plain truth ! from 1965 to 1971 to 1984 to 1999 ! which war has won by this coward bunch known as Pakistani army ??? & now there are 10 replies to my comments " u are indian agent, raw person, mosaad's agent, Zionist etc" hahahah ! i am a born , die-hard nationalist Pakistani who believe in the people of Pakistan & not their lazy servants in uniforms!!!