May 1, 2011

May Day & suffering of working journalists in Pakistan

Special Report

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TODAY is the International Workers' Day also known as May Day or Labors Day (as we call it in Pakistan). On this day our newspapers publish special supplements with emotional and scholarly articles while the electronic media broadcast/telecast special programs besides highlighting events regarding the day. 

However, unfortunately, the owners of our media outlets and their 'yes-men' editors/managers do nothing for the betterment of their own workers. Except the few editors, anchorpersons and reporters, who get in millions, majority of the working journalists are being exploited and they can't raise their voice against the injustices. Workers are being terrorized at workplace.

Habib R. Sulemani's case is a classic example of the current 'criminal' culture in our media houses, where secret agencies and their agents call the shot. Honest professional journalists are now a rare breed in our country.

Some media organizations have not paid the salaies of their employees for several months. One cameraman of a TV channel had committed suicide after not getting salalry for several months. He was the only source of income in his family. This is intellectual terrorism indeed. Sulemani has written correctly to global leaders, human rights, journalistic and literary organizations:

“Freedom of thought and expression is still a slogan in our part of the world. If the Pakistani, American, British and allied governments, partners in fighting global terrorism, want to win the war, then they must address intellectual terrorism first.”

This scribe talked to some journalists but everyone was reluctant to say anything on record. However, a few said many things. "Our journalists bodies have become sub-organizations of the ISI, ISPR and their political wings," said a reporter and winked at a friend. "The PFUJ election this time has totally exposed the black sheep amongst us."

"Working journalists are suffering in almost all mainstream media groups," said a young journalist. "The case of Wage Board Award shows that there is no law for the powerful in Pakistan. And anyone, who is powerful, especially generals and media tycoons, they can violate even the Constitution... and still can be painted as the most respected people in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan."

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  1. I agreed 100% agree with you as in our country the newspapers are
    filled with the issues and problems of others but in the media and specially
    in print media the workers are facing lot of problems. The owners have
    deprived the whole journalist community from their basic right of Wage
    Award, introducing contract system in the industry and now they have also
    established a new system of outsource and in many organizations workers have
    been transfered in this newly indtroduced system. The freedom of journalism
    and freedom of expressions is only for the media owners and for journalists
    and workers nothing.

    zaheerul hassan

  2. Dear journalists,

    We are really disturbed on questions raised by Mr. Rai Hussain Tahir and other dummy journalists on PRESS PAKISTAN about performance of PFUJ President Mr. Pervez Shoukat despite the fact that Rai Sahib was also President of the Punjab Union of Journalist. Rai Sahib have no information about Pervez Shaukat and just trying to defame him actually to keep the record updated, we just want to share some meritorious services of Pervez Shaukat for the journalists community and his brilliant role as President PFUJ.

    1- Mr. Shaukat recruited entire staff of the PFUJ Secretariat without consent of any other office bearer of the PFUJ and members of the FEC....DAMN TO YOUR PRINCIPLES, STICK TO YOUR PARTY!

    2- He purchased entire crockery of the kitchen without approval and consent of concerned persons ......WELL DONE

    3. Pervez Shaukat is using entire funds of PFUJ without any permission, approval, and consent, of the FEC or any other authority ...... ANY PROBLEM WITH YOU?

    4- He always traveled in PIA and other airlines, although he is entitled as per FEC decision for travailing by train ...... HUH, POOR JOURNALIST!

    5 � Pervez Shaukat never allowed any other office bearers to travel abroad and on return used to charge handsome money on account of foreign visits ..... REALLY??

    6 - PFUJ PRESIDENT is using Telephones of PFUJ Secretariat for more than Rs. 10, 000/- per month on average basis, for his private job ....... WRONG NUMBER?

    7)- Pervez Shaukat is running a construction firm duly registered with Highway Department and he being the beat reporter of Daily JANG, earning a lot from this work ...... WHY �YELLOW� FIRM?

    8)- Pervez Shaukat has a style and habit to take oath on Quran and Kalima Tayyabba just to trap his friends and colleagues in meetings but in reality all these Oaths are fake and a drama on his own part. He got appointed his nephew in PFUJ but took oath of his fairplay ..... SO WHAT??

    9. Pervez Shaukat has excellent relations with top brass of JANG and DAWN for his personal matters but at the cost of PFUJ efforts. Appointment of (his nephew & edition in-charge Dawn Islamabad) Adeel Raza is an open proof of the fact ..... FEELING JEALOUSY?


  3. 10- He being President PFUJ never supported any journalist before the court, nor given statement in favor of the workers, nor filed any case, not contested any case against media owners but many a times on TV screens and in open forums, Mr. Shaukat supported the cause of Meer Shakeelur Rehman (MSR) ..... NO COMMENT.

    11. He flouted a unique idea to bring out a long march and stage a rally for the rights of the media persons which is an open domain of the Federal Government, but abruptly he on a �secret� call moved the rally towards Lahore. ..... RIGHT TURN OR U-TURN

    12- Huge donations were collected from different sources, but not a single amount was deposit into the PFUJ, accounts, finance books, and Mr. Shaukat has not charged a single rupee out of the accounts of the PFUJ ..... FAIR COMMENT� IS IT WRONG?

    13)- Pervez Shaukat refused to hold reference on sad demise of PFUJ Hero legend Minhaj Barna because he considered himself as a big leader then Barna Sahib ..... WHO SAYS?

    14) - All the times Pervez Shaukat flanked by a �team of experts� for launching a vilification campaign and character assassination of others to dub them as corrupt lire. This is a calculated move on their part to stop real reactions from others on their failures and faults ..... GO GET A LIFE

    15) - SAMAA media men know very well that SAMAA management when ask the PFUJ for a nominee from PFUJ to conduct interviews/recruitments, Perviaz Shoukat always nominated himself for this task because there is no in PFUJ of such a caliber ...... SHHH!!! WALLS ALSO HAVE EARS.

    16)- He played a drama, and although as per constitution of the PFUJ, it is a subordinate body of the all Pakistan Newspaper Employees Confederation (APNEC) but he (Pervaiz Shoukat) at his own got elected while APNEC body, nomination forms were filed by him with forged signature of proposer and seconder so how can you say is it wrong ? ...... JUST SHUT UP!

    17)- Every body knows that Secretary General of APNEC and Treasure of the PFUJ are not "working journalists" but they are enjoying big offices with the blessings of Pervaiz Shoukat ...... JUST PROPAGANDA

    18) After a long struggle Pervez Shaukat leased out PFUJ to RIUJ and NPC and in return enjoying a good food ...... FOOD FOR THOUGHT

    19) � Pervez Shaukat dropped the idea to arrange Golden Jubilee Function of PFUJ to please some of his "friends" in Media Owner Groups .... FRIENDS NOT MASTERS.

    20. Pervez Shaukat has succeeded in getting huge funds for the welfare of the women journalists. To keep the journalist community united, he is the one who discourages all efforts by women journalists ..... GOOD JOB

    Please don�t write anything against a great leader of PFUJ in future otherwise we have the rights to bring more and more �services and contributions� of Pervez Shaukat on record.

    To acknowledge his above-mentioned outstanding achievements and other secret contribution for the journalist plus media owners community, we demand APNS to give LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to Mr. Pervez Shaukat on urgent bases.

    Jamshed Bokhari