May 15, 2011

Military men are dumb stupid animals or intellectuals?

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Pak Army Chief Gen. Kayani (2nd from right),
spy chief Gen. Pasha with US commander 
Admiral Michael Mullen.
"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." This is what former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been quoted widely [The Final Days by Bob Woodward].

However, according to The Kakul Syndrome, a poem written by Habib R. Sulemani (which could not be published immediately: The Terrorland Team), in Pakistan, the military uses the Foreign Office as a pawn—and military men, especially generals, consider themselves 'intellectuals' instead of professional soldiers. That is why Pakistan has lost every war since the very beginning. However, the generals have always conquered their own armless people whenever they wanted. And the same they did on May 13, 2011 in a new fascist fashion during the so-called in-camera session of the Parliament as Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani reportedly came to the Parliament House like a despot king and acted inside the house as a despot ruler. The general considered it humiliating to answer the questions of the 'terrorized' parliamentarians most of whom the secret agencies had already warned to behave 'friendly' otherwise...

Gen. Athar Abbas: PR means lies?
Due to illusions or mental disorder (as it appears from the unique title of the poem), the generals have failed our military as a top security agency to protect our nuclear-state and its citizens. Instead of the security of the country, dirty politics has become the aim of the leading generals, which is a dilemma in the history of military in the modern times. 

The poem says that the generals have failed on the geographical frontiers and thus have created an imaginary ideological frontier for themselves. Because it's easy to fight on this new frontier with pawns and terrorist outfits, named as strategic assets.

"The Army Chief in Pakistan is like a despot king," Mr. Sulemani says, "who can kick the Constitution aside anytime or change the Parliament into a committee with the indication of his Command Stick! And many parliamentarian, out of fear, vow to support the generals in every condition! Today, this is ground reality in our National Security State, known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I don't know how historian will describe our current politicians, generals, judges and journalists in the future!"

Gen. Beg: evil guru?
The poem says that Pakistani generals have taken refuge in an ambiguous ideological warfare, declaring the military vanguard of a fanatic ideological frontier—indeed, inherited from former dictator General Zia through members of the ISI Think Tanks, like generals Mirza Aslam Beg and Hamid Gul. They promote extremism through their pawns in and outside the Parliament—especially the Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi multimillion company, and some camouflaged perpetrators in the media.

These people are the real enemies of the people and Pakistan. But they paint themselves as military-type patriots (although they are civilians but paid by the military establishment). They always lick the dirty boots of the generals, and insult the civilian leadership—They've no loyalty to anyone at all. They just love their perks and privileges for doing nothing but developing foolish conspiracy theories (spreading in the cyberspace) and proving that our military men are just dumb stupid animals!

Thus these intellectual morons bring a bad name to our security forces and country. The secret agencies reportedly publish their bullshit in newspapers and make their appearance sure on the electronic media. They also train the cyber jihadists! From the political establishment to media tycoons, no one can stop them as they're the blue-eyed boys of the military establishment, controlled by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

"Generals! Finish this bullshit now otherwise the morons are going to finish you—before time in the explosion of social media networks!"

Gen. Gul, the sick mind?
According to Mr. Sulemani, the Army cadets are being trained according to the "ISI version of Islam and civilian citizens" at the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul—situated in Abbottabad garrison city, where Osama bin Laden (OBL) was killed during an American commando action recently.

The term of "bloody civilians" is what military officers often use for rest of the population in Pakistan. And this mindset is the reason behind the long military dictatorship in the country, and the common people are suffering at the hands of some generals who take wrong decisions on the part of the 180 million helpless people of this begging nuclear power.

"Military dictators have snatched half of Pakistan's history by ruling the country directly," Mr. Sulemani said, "while rest of the years, the generals kept terrorizing the elected governments, and through the secret agencies, successive civilian administrations and elected parliaments were forced to follow dictation from the General Headquarters Rawalpindi. The post-OBL Parliament session is the most recent example.

Zaid Hamid - spy-intellectual?
"When the secret agencies especially the ISI and MI (Military Intelligence) are busy in dirty politics and double games – from harassing and killing their own citizens, declaring terrorist groups strategic assets while terming independent and liberal writers as traitors – then what else the nation can expect other than global embarrassment—like the OBL episode."   

That is a universal truth!

Readers of The Terrorland know how group bloggers have been asking the 'almighty' generals to stay away from politics and human rights violations from the very beginning. In a poem, A blasphemy case in the court of God, Mr. Sulemani had said:

There is immense domestic and global pressure on our military.
Still the Army Chief is the de facto President of our democratic country.
But the de jure (businessman) President is happy
for being inside the lavish President House of a poor country!

Desi kicks of ISI chief run the robotic Prime Minister... 
ISPR boss is struggling hard to occupy the Army,
an Army Chief's shortcut to the Presidency!

Ahmed Quraishi, spy-journo?
Last year, he had said in a post War between peace & terror in Pakistan:

“But why it (ISI) has failed to control terrorism in Pakistan? Why are people accusing it (ISI) for playing double game? Why its officers are involved in crimes against humanity—cases of missing persons and the attacks on me and my family members are just few examples. Only a fool would believe that the Pakistan Army can’t defeat the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups some of them it created along with the CIA. It’s time to change our bloody ‘jihad’ strategy. Get rid of General Hamid Gul-like ‘warmongers’ who plundered billions and still act as chief of the ISI. Gentlemen! Enough is enough! Now let democracy work in Pakistan.”

General Kayani! Get retirement and join politics openly. Otherwise, let democracy work in Pakistan. Only in this way our military as an organization can get back public respect and Pakistan will win global respect.
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  1. Armed Forces and ISI should be held accountable and there should be some accountability process for them as well. the Accountability never weakens the organization but it indicates the flaws and weaknesses within the institutions, so one could say that it would strengthen them more and would help in ousting those sitting there for their personal gains or wrong policies or promoting hate-rate across the country.

    No one is above the law and after receiving 90 percent money of our public tex payers there should be some accountability process to avoid incidents like Raymond Davis ahnd May 2nd killing of Osama the terrorist here.

    Rather spending money of Pakistani Tex payers in staging self-promoted banners campaign or self-organized rallies these institutions should revise their policies and not avoid becoming Pharaohs.

    Self-staged rallies or the self-portrayed banners in their favour would not help in reverting the public mindset, which was getting fueled against them majorly due to their wrong dictatorial policies.

    No common citizen would support the Armed Forces and ISI after reading banner by some fake trade organization they have the change other wise the time is near when people would conduct their accountability.

    Regards !
    Anwer Abbas

  2. "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in
    foreign policy." This is what former US Secretary of State Henry
    Kissinger has been quoted widely [The Final Days by Bob Woodward].

    I have previously seen that quote from Kissinger. Amazing that
    he could speak that much Truth, right out loud, and still be regarded
    as a stateman in country that thrives on falsehood.

    Reminds of Alan Greenspan publicly, guilelessly admitting
    right out loud that the Iraq war was mostly about oil.

    Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and he had to backpedal,
    but that truth was already clear enough to anyone who wanted the truth,
    which is only a tiny minority engulfed by larger throngs of flag-waving,
    blowhard, bully-boy, tragically doomed Americans.

    General Petreaus's America has a wonderful penchant for picking
    fights with vastly weaker, 3rd-rate Banana Republics and then
    losing them.

    Not to worry, though. There is a silver lining in the mushroom cloud.
    Losing a war made a better country of Japan.
    Lostng a war made a better, more decent country out of Germany.
    Losing a REAL war will make a better, more decent, more honest country
    out of the United States.

    This is not a wish of malice so much as it is a recipe for improvement.
    I wish the country humiliating defeat, someday; I wish it well.