May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day – my illiterate mom is wiser than Army & ISI chiefs

Special Report
Mr. Sulemani's mother (TTT)
TODAY the world is celebrating the Mother’s Day. We wish all mothers on earth, a very happy day. We pray: may God grant you all long lives, good health and prosper families.

Here we’re giving remarks of journalist/writer Habib R. Sulemani and his family members. Mr. Sulemani is facing tyranny and oppression for the last 13 months in Pakistan as he lives in solitary confinement after attempts on his life. How his family members have been targeted, and are being harassed by a group of criminals, backed by secret agencies, you may get a sense of it by reading the given links at the end of this post.  

Due to continuous harassment and psychological war, Mr. Sulemani’s father has undergone a brain surgery while his mother has become a blood pressure patient. Readers of The Terrorland are aware of the story of his sisters Nasira and Hassina, and brothers  Rehman and  Karim and other family members. Many things about the persecution have not been published due to fear of life of many relatives and other people.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

Karim Rehman: Today, I am missing you so much, mom. I love you so much. May Allah Almighty keep your shadow upon us and give you good health and long life. Ameen

Nasira Parveen: Whenever I get worried or am bored, it's my mom who lightens my face with her courageous voice. When I lose my heart, she gives me the ray of hope. She is the one who guides me in life. You are the greatest mom on earth. There is no one like you. May God give you long life and good health. Ameen.   

Ghulam Rehman: On this occasion, I specially wish and pray for my courageous mother who is living in my native village Gulmit, Hunza. She is always praying and encouraging the whole family in suffering. She hides her woes and illness from us especially my elder brother (Habib Sulemani), whose own health is being affected after the attacks on our family. My mother’s blood pressure is alarmingly high and doctors have advised her to take precautionary measures.  
Habib Sulemani: Although my mother is illiterate, but she is wiser than the Army and ISI chiefs. She has never expressed her anger, but prays that those who have targeted our innocent family, will never ever get peace of mind. Neither can they escape from the wrath of God, nor the national and international laws.

I’ve already said, and today I want to remind it to the world: “Our legal fight against the masterminds of heinous crimes and the brains behind the Taliban and Al Qaeda will go on! However, if something happens to me or any member of my family, then Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt-Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha will be responsible for it.”  

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    [How many Pakistani bloggers throw mud on news anchors for ill-gotten gains when they earn thousands of dollars each month from consulting and ad traffic without paying a penny in local taxes? It seems that the watchers need a little watching themselves.

    By this I am not advocating a government censure or some other kind of spook monitoring but a need for the bigwigs of the social media scene in this country to create and make an association with perhaps a set of basic guidelines to be followed by its members. This may appear to most as a block on the very freedom these online resources bring but can serve as a form of unification as well as the conversion of all this white noise into a singularly intelligible information stream. It can also lead to a more cohesive community which is right now fragmented into different groups operating against each other with very specific agendas.

    We must learn to take on the onus of responsibility before we judge others for it. Lets call a spade a spade and realise that we need to use these online tools in a much more refined manner or the social media scene in this nation will continue going south until it becomes a reflection of what it set out to replace. ]