May 6, 2011

We need to focus our energy on building a new world

By Johanne Gallagher

PEOPLE must wake up and see that we have all been lied to. Even here in the west we are slowly being starved and if we don't pay the high food prices and electricity bills, we don't eat or keep warm.

All our time and energy is devoted to basic existence and paying all these outrageous bills. It is insane and very unsustainable. People in my world seem to be mostly brainwashed and hypnotized by consumerism and numbed into complacency by a fanatical emphasis on beer and football.

The result of government mandates all over the world are keeping the majority dis-empowered. They tell us that the blame lies elsewhere, on another land or people so we need to go to war. Something does not make sense to me.

Extreme unconscious reaction turns into terror and is pushed by the media to create fear and distrust among the people. Anyone with any intelligence should see it is all about fear mongering to control money, oil, state of health and food. The result is to force masses of weakened scared people into extinction either through war, poverty, disease and starvation.

I refer to the history of Ireland, my own country where terror had people in its grip. People killing each other over religion. It has nothing to do with God. It was always about power of money, power and weapons. Never in my life can I condone that. We managed to speak up as a united people that we do not condone it. Of course the extremists try to keep it going but we have decided in unity to live in peace. At least we have taken a step in the right direction even though Ireland has a LONG way to go to be sustainable and resilient.

In Ireland people are very vulnerable and when the oil industry finally collapses because we are so dependent of import of food. We produce only a fraction of what is required to feed the nation. This is a global concern as we are all affected so get prepared. We need to learn to be self-sufficient and resilient. Back to the old ways again. In order to overcome this approaching reality, we need to stand together side by side, like they did in Egypt.

People world wide need to stand united and share or write intelligent articles to remind people that we are powerful as ONE. We need a beautiful vision for the future! We need to focus our energy on building the new world based on sustainability and a sharing community. We need to learn how to live in peace and love together as we are are intended and designed by God to do. We need to really be civilized. And spiritually aware. Let Us Be that!

We need to act now. All this distraction using terror tactics is just taking up our precious energy focus and co-creative power to unite and make necessary and heart desired change!

I do so really and with all my Being want to live in an empowered sustainable society living a new heaven on a new earth.

Power to Pakistan!

We're thankful to Ms. Gallagher for her contribution and appreciating our group blogs.—The Terrorland Team

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