May 31, 2011

World No Tobacco Day — Gen Kayani, it's time to quit!

By Habib R. Sulemani 

TODAY is the World No Tobacco Day. The theme for this year is: Time to quit! I think that in Pakistan, this day should be dedicated to the most powerful man of the country, Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who is famously known as a chain-smoker.

General Kayani is the son of a former non-commissioned officer of the Rawalpindi region, who luckily got admission to the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbottabad, where American commandos killed Osama bin Laden earlier this month.

Here is the metamorphosis of General Kayani! His rise to power is presented in pictures, retrieved from the Google images. And it's my sincere advise to the Army Chief: General Kayan, it's time to quit! It would be in the best interest of the Pakistan Army and the country besides a good thing for your own health. 

Gen Kayani as an army cadet at Kakul in 1970s.

Kayani as a Lieutenant-General in 2000s.

Gen Kayani with his mentor Gen Musharraf.

Gen Kayani with his trusted man, ISI chief Lt-Gen
Pasha, listen to their US counterparts in a meeting.  

Gen Kayani meets with Pakistan Army soldiers.

Gen Kayani smokes during his visit to the US
last year while Foreign Minister Qureshi, 
some journalists and others look on respectfully.

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  1. Kiyani will not quit... he must get fired...