June 30, 2011

A village library in the Karakoram mountains needs your help

Muhammad Rehbar.—Photo PT
GULMIT is the headquarters of Gojal, a tehsil administrative unit in Hunza district. On January 4, 2010, a landslide blocked the Karakoram Highway near Atabad and the Hunza River submerged the lower part of the village. 

The entire Gojal – area-wise the largest tehsil in the Gilgit-Baltistan provincial region of Pakistan that borders with Afghanistan and China – has been cutoff rest of Pakistan since than, and the neighboring China is supporting the over 20,000 people of the stranded region. 

The Gulmit town has a community library (officially known as The Aga Khan Study Center Gulmit), which was set up by some educated locals in the 1970s. It has played a pivotal rule in the intellectual development of the local people. The library was the center of all kinds of artistic, intellectual and literary activities till the 1980s.

However, in recent years, locals say, it has lost its charm due to lack of management. The fall of the library started when Muhammad Rehbar – an awarded schoolteacher, hardworking librarian and famous local theater director – and his equally talented partner Master Amir Hayat left the library management after years of honorary service.

Fortunately, recently, some young locals have taken the initiative to bring back the lost glory of the library. In this regard, people have advised the youth to involve the veteran librarians, especially Mr. Rehbar, who has recently retired from his government job. Here is an appeal of the determined youth group. We hope you will help the stranded people in someway! Thanks.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

Gulmit— the troubled village with a troubled library

By Sami Baig

While visiting the Gulmit Central Library, we were astonished that we could not find the collection of books that was once available in the 1990s.

The tables, where we used to study, were gone too along with chairs. The slogan of outstanding progress in our education, intellect and economy is open to question because of the vanishing libraries which are a source of knowledge and symbol of a well informed society.

This week our members will collect books for the Gulmit Central Library. Your donation of new or used books in English on virtually any subject will open the door of opportunity for countless eager learners of Gulmit.

Those of you who cannot donate books or help in the collection can still make a difference by making monetary donation to the following appointed members of the library in Islamabad

The Library Committee is planning to restart the Gulmit Library on this July. It’s not enough to remember the less fortunate students residing in the troubled region Gulmit in thought alone. Let’s remember them by our deeds!

Members of Gulmit Central Library in Islamabad, Pakistan.

1.      Sami Ullah Baig - 03455998634
2.      Basit Ali - 03452782752
3.      Noor Mohd - 03462500041
4.      Ali Sarwar - 03432839314
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      June 27, 2011

      The Murder of a General by Generals

          * Who're the two generals who killed V.S. Naipaul's brother-in-law Gen. Faisal Alvi?
          * Why British journalist Carey Schofield is hiding names of the accused generals?

      By Habib R. Sulemani

      Late Major-General Ameer Faisal Alvi.—image via Google
      A CRIMINAL gang of serving generals of the Pakistan Army first humiliated then allegedly killed a fellow general who wanted to expose the gang’s involvement in terrorism—secret deals with the Taliban.

      The assassinated officer, Major-General Ameer Faisal Alvi (1954-2008) is said to be a unique general of the Pakistan Army who considered himself a professional soldier not a power-broker.

      General Faisal Alvi was the brother-in-law of British writer Sir V. S. Naipaul who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001. Lady Nadira Naipaul, sister of General Alvi, was a glamorous journalist in Pakistan. Her column, Letter from Bahawalpur, used to appear in a daily English language newspaper of Lahore. However, she left the profession and country after her marriage to the Trinidad-born British writer in 1996.

      General Faisal Alvi was a former chief of the Special Services Group (commonly known as SSG or commandos). He had joined the Pakistan Army in 1974 and was forcefully retired in 2005.

      Two colleagues reportedly played the traditional dirty espionage game. They made a sex scandal about General Faisal Alvi and the wife of a junior officer. Then they secretly recorded General Alvi's remarks about the then President General Musharraf—when the despot military dictator heard it, he gave General Alvi the sack without more ado.

      When the current Army Chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, took over in 2007, General Alvi wrote a ‘confidential letter’ to him -- the new King of the Islamic Republic -- exposing the alleged conspiracy of his colleague generals.

      The three-page letter is a historic document which shows the sick culture within the ranks of the Pakistan Army. The letter speaks louder than the many engineered books on the so-called inside stories of the Pakistan Army. It shows what an almighty general feels when he retires—probably a fish out of water!

      After reading this letter, one can understand the politics of military awards and after-retirement-lucrative-civilian-jobs—in particular vice-chancellorship of government-run universities at home and ambassadorial positions abroad (this could be solid reason for the destruction of our education system and visionless foreign policy).

      General Alvi's letter shows how helpless civilians are in the militarized and Talibanized nation-sate.

      Sir V. S. Naipaul with wife Lady Nadira Naipaul.Outlook
      It's said that General Kayani mysteriously kept silent as Dawn newspaper dubs him the silent soldier. When General Alvi didn't get any response from the Army Chief (General Kayani has not responded to my letter either for the last 15 months), he smelt threat to his life and gave a copy of the letter to a British journalist, Carey Schofield.

      "It hasn’t worked, they’ll shoot me," General Alvi reportedly told Ms. Schofield.

      The Pakistani General obviously trusted a British journalist than a scribe in the militarized and Talibanized media of Pakistan. But General Alvi didn’t know that the self-styled independent journalist/writer (Ms. Schofield) would breach his trust—was it for the big bucks or something else? Let's discuss it later in this blog post. 

      Anyway, as predicted, on November 19, 2008, General Alivi along with his driver was shot dead in Rawalpindi. In a typical action, the authorities immediately blamed the Taliban and al-Qaeda for the assassination, and picked some former military-officials-turned-militants according to the written script—but later they were set free for “lack of evidence" as it happened in the assassination case of Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti recently.

      The British government just paid lip service! Unfortunately, the literary circles, especially in the West, didn't take notice of this gruesome murder of a relative of a Nobel Laureate. May be thinking: the bloody civilians have no right to meddle in the affairs of a militarized Islamic country—it's the Murder of a General by Generals (I’ve no plans to write a novel with this title currently. From solitary confinement, I can write blogs only).

      General Alvi’s daughter, Mehvish Zahra Alavi, bravely defended her father when the callous multi-million cyber propaganda brigade of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) started character assassination campaign against the assassinated General in the media, saying that the late General was not a practicing Muslim, lacked patriotism, was a drunkard, womanizer and gangster. It was perhaps an effort to dilute the anger of the people especially the SSG commandos who loved General Faisal Alvi as a true commander.

      To divert the attention of the public, the rumor-mills of the ISI and MI spread their outdated conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of General Alvi. They didn’t forget their pet trick of involving family members, friends or neighbors in an assassination besides the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

      The touts of the agencies said that family members of General Alvi were involved in his assassination as he was “morally corrupt” and his wife was not living with him (the secret agencies have done it recently in Supreme Court judge Justice Javed Iqbal’s parents’ gruesome murder besides the assassinations of Senator Habib Jalib Baloch, Gilgit-Baltistan MLA Saifur Rehman and many others).

      Army Chief Gen. Kayani, right, with ISI chief Gen. Pasha.—AP
      Ms. Alvi, besides writing for the Jang Group, also defended her father very bravely in the cyberspace. She seemed like a lioness fighting for life among a hungry group of hyenas.

      “My father had no one in Pakistan Army to favor him. He came as a boy from another country (British national). He made it to the rank of a Maj-General all due to his own hard work, no one helped him. Unfortunately, even in the military there is politics at the higher level. That is something you have no control over,” the daughter of General Faisal Alvi reacted in the cyberspace during a discussion (archived here).

      "I do not know who killed him (General Alvi) but yes the weapons were 9mm military weapons. And from what I have heard the attackers came into the car to make sure he was dead. Normal bullets could not kill my father. He was shot three times in the brain too. There were numerous witnesses to the incident yet how come no one has come forward to identify the attackers. No one will. Everyone is scared."

      Everyone is scared and terrorized in Pakistan. This is the reason that Ms. Alvi couldn't continue her fight for justice in the lawless Islamic Republic. 

      After General Alvi's assassination, Carey Schofield wrote in The Sunday Times that the General was murdered "after threatening to expose Pakistani Army generals who had made deals with Taliban militants.” General Alavi had “named two generals in a letter to the head of the Army. He warned that he would ‘furnish all relevant proof’. Aware that he was risking his life, he gave a copy to me (Ms. Schofield) and asked me to publish it if he (General Alvi) was killed.”  

      The real story starts from here.

      There are three basic questions to ponder over this typical Pakistan-style assassination:
      1.      Who're the two generals whom General Faisal Alvi feared they would shoot him?

      2.      Why Ms. Schofield dishonored General Alvi's will and hid names of the accused generals?

      3.      What compelled a Westerner to breach the trust of the Dead General—editorial policy of the British newspaper, pressure from the Pakistan Army or just self-interest—an opportunity to make quick bucks? 

      A description of Ms. Schofield's latest book, Inside the Pakistan Army, says: "Having spent five years so closely embedded in the Pakistan Army that they (the Army) even had a uniform made for her (Ms. Schofield)."

      It says a lot!

      Now again the questions:

      1.      Did Ms. Schofield hide the names of the accused generals (who may have served her as typical hosts) for personal gain to be near the Pakistan Army and complete her book?

      2.      Did Ms. Schofield barter General Alvi’s letter for her book on the Pakistan Army unscrupulously?

      3.      Ms. Schofield refused to give a copy of General Alvi's letter to his daughter, Ms. Alvi, who says: "I contacted her (Ms. Schofield) asking a copy of the letter. She agreed but then refused." Why?

      In the past, Pakistani generals have commissioned many western journalists and writers, especially female, for writing engineered reports and books as a part of their media war (ground battles have become an impossible thing for the commercialized and politicized generals in Pakistan). 

      Slain journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad had hinted on the dangers from the ISI in emails and it has taken the country by storm. In his letter, General Alvi has taken names of the accused serving generals with details but shamelessly, the so-called independent journalist (Ms. Schofield) is hiding the names even after three years of the murder.

      After the assassinations of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Governor Salman Taseer, Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, General Faisal Alvi and elderly parents of a serving Supreme Court judge, Justice Javed Iqbal, people have been demanding independent investigation into the heinous crimes.

      And after the recovery and killing of Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan and attack on the Naval base... the 180 million people of Pakistan are now demanding accountability of the military that failed to defend the country although it digests 80 percent of the annual budget.

      Ms. Schofield’s revelation of the names of the accused generals can bring positive changes in the terror-hit country. And this would also affect the U.K. and rest of the world positively. Global leaders especially the U.S. should realize that there is no way but to bring the brains behind global terrorism to justice. Deals will never work in the long run!

      What is the truth? It couldn’t remain hidden for a long time in this cyber age as the global scenario is rapidly changing. Ms. Schofield’s book has been published. Therefore, now, the Pakistani people expect that she would make the unedited letter of General Faisal Alvi public. It's an opportunity for her to make her conscience clear! An intellectually dishonest person can't get peace of mind despite successes in the world.

      The edited version of General Alvi's letter

      Courtesy: The Sunday Times 

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            June 26, 2011

            Cyberspace Bridge between East and West

            PAKISTAN’S unscrupulous secret agencies are creating anti-western sentiments in the society as a part of their visionless ‘strategy’. But the roots of hatred are just skin-deep—only members of the sub-organizations of the spy agencies – mainly religious, political and journalistic groups – are involved in the hate crime. They are just a thin minority, which the masterminds are struggling to convert into a majority.

            Currently, the majority of the people in this country are terrified by the armed minority. And the West has now realized the double-game of our corrupt and criminal ruling class—politicians and generals. The Pakistan of a general or politician is entirely different than that of the 180 million hapless and helpless people.

            Here is a message to a moderator of The Terrorland from a very civilized westerner. It’s an effort of bridging the gaps between east and west in the cyberspace. It’s a message of love and peace to the Pakistani youth, which makes about 70 percent of the total population.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

            Transformation and highest attainment of wisdom

            By Johanne Gallagher

            I pray now in strong faith and trust for transformation and for the highest attainment of wisdom and compassion for every man and woman in Pakistan and all over the world!

            I pray for the vibration love and peace in the hearts of our leaders! I pray for the demonstration of this in our immediate experience, obvious signs of transformation in our daily lives.

            I pray for the sacred and true knowledge that we are all ONE to be made aware in the minds of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and all over the globe and especially into my own mind each and every time I am challenged.

            I pray for the ability to forgive from the heart the wrongs and injustices that we have done to each other and to ourselves.

            I pray for truth and transformation through love in all experience and the ending of all that is out of alignment with the natural laws of the universe made by the Master Creator, God or whatever we personally know this Intelligence to be as radiated through our own connection through our Divine heart.

            I pray that we can move the memory of these hurts gracefully into the distant past. That we can eventually erase the memory of destructive actions through ignorance and unconsciousness and live together in peace, joy and harmony.

            I pray for love and beauty to be the common desire for us all on the new earth and that we strive to co-create out of pure conscious awareness of who we really are.

            Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones!

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            June 23, 2011

            Bahrain, Pakistan (ISI) & one-eyed BBC (Urdu)

            The Terrorland Report

            BBC Urdu has jumped on the ISI
            propaganda bandwagon?
            Higher authorities must protect the
            neutrality of the public opinion-maker.
            INTELLECTUAL dishonesty is the main characteristic of the mainstream Pakistani media while some outlets are even involved in intellectual terrorism under the influence of the secret agencies: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI)

            There is nothing like freedom of thought and freedom of expression except an engineered wave to deceive the world. Besides the print and electronic media, now the blogosphere is also under the control of the secret agencies. The Terrorland is struggling hard to survive the tyranny and oppression of a unique kind! 

            The secret agencies are now trying to influence the international media as well. In this regard they have adopted different strategies and millions are being spent on this useless exercise in the name of the so-called media war.  

            It is a tradition that when the local media publishes/broadcasts something, people try to understand the “news behind the headline”. They know the secret agencies manipulate news and views, and to get true news and neutral views, many common Pakistanis rely on the BBC Urdu (radio plus website).

            However, a writer for the BBC Urdu website has shocked many educated Pakistanis recently. Wusatullah Khan wrote (the nitty-gritty of his Urdu write-up) that Pakistan is way much better than countries like Bahrain—where Ayat al-Qarmezi, a 20-year-old woman known as liberty-poet, was imprisoned for a year just for writing a simple poem. Mr. Khan then presented an incomplete Urdu translation of the Arabic poem to make his point.

            Unfortunately, according some journalists, the write-up seems a propaganda piece... written under the influence of the secret agencies or the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). In the 63-year history of Pakistan, for the first time the powerful Army is facing public demands for accountability and reforms in the military, especially after the killing of Osama bin Laden inside the country. So the ISPR's Military Media Manipulator is trying hard through the national and international media to save the “heads ready to be rolled”. 

            Mr. Khan, as well as Editor BBC Urdu, is a former employee of the Dawn Group, which is considered a sub-organization of the ISPR. Some journalists suspect that after this “favorable write-up”, the ISPR awarded BBC Urdu with the exclusive news of the arrest of a suspected terrorist one-star general from the General Headquarters (GHQ) of Pakistan Army. 

            Anyway, let us talk about some facts, which Mr. Khan has ignored.

            1)      Mr. Khan didn’t present the complete translation of the Arabic poem of Ayat al-Qarmezi. He omitted (consciously, unconsciously or due to ignorance) the critical points especially when the poet talks about the Bahraini regime and Satan. Therefore, the complete English translation of the poem is being given bellow, plus video of the original Arabic poem recited by Ms. Ayat is also available at the end of this post.

            2)      If a similar poem had been recited in a public place in Pakistan, then the ISI must have picked the poet like Saleem Shahzad and then his/her body would have found from somewhere near Peshawar (with a note in the name of Taliban). Mr. Khan wants to present a false picture of Pakistan, trying to make the people believe that they should not seek their rights rather thank God and keep silent... The writer is also ignoring the Pakistani agencies' thought policing. Why? 

            3)      No mainstream media outlet in Pakistan is ready to publish the daring poems of Habib Sulemani, who survived three attacks and lives in solitary confinement for about 15 months. Even the BBC is not taking risk of publishing something about his plight. Only The Friday Times published one of his poems. In such a situation of oppression and tyranny in the militarized and Talibanized Pakistan, where do you stand with this write-up, Mr. Khan? The authorities (English) may be but the readers (Urdu) are not fools!!

            4)      Like the journalistic atmosphere, the situation of the Pakistani literati is also under the influence of the secret agencies. Iftikhar Arifs (poets) and Fakhar Zamans (fiction writers) are enjoying perks and privileges of their government jobs. Whenever needed they recycle the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib of the gone century... (They don't know the 21st century needs cyber age writers)... The poor common writers, especially poets, keep silent out of fear... no one dares to write about the tyranny of the generals. Can you, Mr. Khan, give the example of a single critical poem, especially in Urdu, published in any newspaper or magazine (public recitation is beyond imagination)? You know it all... but still you write a husky bullshit!

            5)      At least BBC should avoid the fool’s paradise... People still trust the BBC and it should not become the “one-eyed channel” like the Bahrain TV!

            Here is the poem of Ayat al-Qarmezi that led to her imprisonment. First she says introductory remarks and then recites the poem. This is the translation:

            The Poem

            By Ayat al-Qarmezi

            Ayat al-Qarmezi: Pakistanis are with you and the
            people of Bahrain seeking liberty.
            [First of all I wish to send a short message to those who think they are able to dance over our pains and base them upon sectarian strife and above all to the one-eyed channel (Bahrain TV)]

            We do not wish to live in a palace nor do we yearn for leadership,
            We are a nation that slays humiliation and assassinates misery,
            We are a nation that demolishes injustice peacefully from its foundations,
            We are a nation that doesn’t want this nation to remain at a constant setback,

            [I shall start reciting my poem and will prey upon an individual who is the one of the main causes of injustice in this country: Yes, it is their King Hamad!]

            At the dining table of this nation’s calamities sits Satan and Hamad,
            And from there this conversation takes place:

            O Hamad! Fear Allah when you deal with them!
            For my heart is breaking over what you are doing to them,
            Despite being Satan you have made me side with them!
            Do so now before I turn against you and prostrate to their Prophet!
            And return to my Lord I shall for I am bewildered by their struggle.

            O partner you have taught me of how discredit them,
            With humiliation, insults and calamities I have learnt from you bestow upon them,
            And now O Satan you have come to intercede for them?!
            It seems their awareness and ability to disobey has shaken your identity!

            Yes O Hamad your nation has shocked me!
            And yet you do not pay any attention to what they say!
            Do not pay any attention to their chants, calls and the sound of their horns.
            “Down with Hamad!”
            Do you not see the masses of people gathered together?
            I will not be surprised if the Messiah is amongst them!
            Who listens to their complains, their struggle,
            Their each and every footstep,
            Be careful O Hamad! For I warn you.
            With all your wealth you will never be able to bribe your nation.

            Hold on O dear Satan,
            I have not yet finished filling my stomach with their blood,
            I have not yet naturalised the rest of my family, friends and their women,
            I have not yet instructed all my fellow thugs,
            To become birth-giving machines where mother and father work together while my other thugs collide with them also!
            I have not yet finished forcing every candle of dreams (youth) on this motherland,
            To each traffic light he stands,
            Begging each passerby,
            “Please buy these water bottles from me”
            While nobody responds to his call,
            I have not yet finished torturing every turbaned man on this land,
            Every youth and child,
            Nor have I yet finished stamping upon the flowers of youth inside my prisons,
            I have not yet finished opening a million routes to humiliation,
            Nor have I yet finished putting this entire nation into a state of lamenting,
            Not yet O Satan has the number of youths with martyrdom upon their chests heightened!
            With no job nor occupation held
            Forget them! They deserve it!

            I have not yet finished paying each south-Asian on this precious land,
            To hold our flag up (at pro-government rallies) shouting
            in a poor Arabic accent: Long lives the father of Salman!
            I have not yet finished sucking blood from flat to flat with the burden of bills,
            Meanwhile the thugs have lands and houses,
            But not to worry those affected don’t exceed 120 in number,
            I doubt anyone will be able to hear their cries.

            [Sarcasm: Hamad hasn’t yet received the new figures from Bahrain TV. He still thinks we at Pearl square are only 120 and doesn’t know we’ve actually increased to 320!]

            Who are you kidding buddy?
            Are you saying all these people are just 120 and no one hears their cries?!
            Look here my over-confident apprentice O father of Salman,
            O he whose level of treachery has exceeded that of his teacher,
            And made his heart soften over their cries,
            Your revolutionary unified nation has worn me out fully!
            Sunnis and Shias are brothers there are no conflicts for Allah has preserved them,
            Sunnis and Shias are brothers and we shall never sell this nation!
            They have sacrificed seven martyrs from amongst them,
            Seven for the sake of this land,
            Hasn’t your stone-heart softened yet over their bloody uprising?!
            Can I as a partner make a suggestion?
            Gather up that trash of a useless regime which has brought no satisfaction,
            Because your nation O dear beloved one,
            They are way out of your league!!

            Poet Ayat al-Qarmezi recites her Arabic poem in a Bahrain gathering

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            The Hawker Revolution — Arab world sings for democracy

            June 22, 2011

            "We're everywhere as symbol of death," says ISI site

            The Terrorland Analysis

            The symbol of terror in Pakistan
            THE number of people using Facebook may have dropped in the West recently, but in Pakistan, the social networking website is doing great. That is why the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has also started an official Facebook fan page

            This is the first official presence of the country’s premier spy agency in the cyberspace but still the mainstream media has not taken notice of it.

            Currently, the ISI is facing the wrath of the 180 million people of the country as it is being accused of committing crimes against its own public.

            Unlike the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the ISI never claims running any official website, but is supervising hundreds of propaganda websites, run through different brigades of “cyber jihadists” especially the one under the command of Zaid Hamid and his lieutenant Ahmed Quraishi.

            For journalists, the ISI Facebook page is very important. It has all the ingredients of the sick culture the spy agencies have developed in the country. The page eulogizes and glamorizes ISI chief Lt-Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha, and uses Time Magazine's meaningful portrait of the General in a very stupid manner... without citing the original source. (Who cares for such minor things in the Land of the Pure!)

            The comments section and posts say many things particularly about the assassinated Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, and others. ISI's evil guru Lt-Gen. Hamid Gul has been given a proper space quoting him: "Fear is No Police, Surrender is No Option." 

            The introduction page gives a history of the ISI: "The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (also Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI) is the largest intelligence service in Pakistan. It is one of the three main branches of Pakistan's intelligence agencies."

            The major departments within the ISI counted are: Joint Intelligence X (JIX), Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB), Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau (JCIB), Joint Intelligence North (JIN), Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous (JIM), Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau (JSIB) and Joint Intelligence Technical (JIT). But there is no mention of the Information Management Wing, where slain journalist Saleem Shahzad was reportedly called and threatened to mend his ways!

            The ‘About’ section of the page says: “Purpose of the Fan Page is only to Praise ISI Heroes, and to Update the Fans about the Current Problems facing Pakistan.”

            The ‘Introduction’ section says all about the reign of terror. “Inter-Services Intelligence does not need to be Introduced. It is a Death Sign for Enemies. Only three words for enemies and they would Run away...ISI.” However, the ISI page doesn't explain who is an enemy: journalists, writers and common Pakistanis probably. It indicates the mentality of the secret agency: the ISI agents have assumed killing as their main task not intelligence/information gathering. That is why the agency has shamed the country and has confessed to its failure in the Parliament. Still it wants to be praised like God as the Pakistan Amy did even after the fall of Dhaka.

            While talking about the ISI officers, the fan page says: “He could be posing as a ‘rayrhi wala’ (street vendor), coming everyday around your area, and you wouldn't note. He could be someone unloading the luggage from a busy bus terminal. He could be as professional in his undercover espionage, as can be. Who is it? An ISI officer.”    

            But where are the ISI guys when terrorists attack or why they let them attack? Questions like this including the Osama bin Laden, have not been answered. May be because they are universal truth now!
            How tactfully the military establishment uses verses of the Holly Quran in their own favor, just read this:

            “Is it they who would portion out the Mercy of thy Lord? It is We Who portion out between them their livelihood in the life of this world: and We raise some of them above others in ranks, so that some may command work from others. But the Mercy of thy Lord is better than the (wealth) which they amass.” [Al-Qur'an, (Az-Zukhruf [Ornaments of Gold, Luxury]) Ayah 32]

            ISI chief Gen Shuja Pasha--Time
            Then the ISI fan page tries to interpret the Quranic verses. It says: “Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Allah Has been sending forth pious, humble men from amongst our own ranks to watch over us, take care of us. We never bother to note. Since the inception of the "awaara" (not azaad) media in 2002 onwards, the Pakistani masses have been constantly fed a combination of mixed emotions, stories. All either confusing, sometimes plain provocative, some very bizarre. Behind all these facades, are those men. In ordinary kameez shalwar, they often roam about gathering information from sensitive points for reconnaissance and updates. They do not care about ‘fame’ or ‘fortune’.”

            Then there is the traditional religious rhetoric in Urdu mixed with English. Religion has nothing to do with their practical lives as people believe the secret agencies use religion to legalize their illegal actions in a criminal way. The ISI is working against the spirit of Islam, which teaches love and peace.

            Looking at the rhetoric, one wonders if it’s the so-called fan page of some clergyman or a secret agency?

            Just try to understand these paragraphs:

            [And from the most part of them, 5 waqt k namaazi, jo Allah k huzoor girgira kar Pakistan k liye din raat duaen maangte hain aur undercover rehte huwe hi iske liye din raat apna waqt aur apni koshishein sarf karte hain. In one diplomatic and bureaucratic circle, we had an astounding personality of Qudratullah Shahab, a faqeer of Allah who was amongst the echelons but his true identity and status was noticed and fully realized after he passed away.

            Kitne hi log hain, Institute mein, kuch maujooda, kuch retired, jo naik niyyati se aur jazbe se mulk o qaum ki khidmat kar rahe hain. Jin ki shaklein aap ne TV pe nahin dekhi hongi, jin ki awaz aap ne kabhi suni nai hogi. So much and more. Maybe you did come across them, or they happened to pass you by in their regular clothes and kameez shalwaar, and you would never have even hinted or noticed who they really are.

            They are those who do not want a name. All they know is that for you to sleep peacefully at night and be alive the next day to spend time with your loved ones, to make this possible they have to sacrifice their time for you. Even at 3 a.m. early morning, when everyone is sound asleep, they observe and monitor internal/external threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all round the year. Their existence is our living. Allah Has blessed many of them with the power of special insight and caution.]

            Then the ISI page tries to be ‘practical’ instead of ‘spiritual’ and mentions the current critical phase it is facing inside and outside Pakistan particularly after the death of Osama bin Laden last month. It says: “The Armed Forces operate by devising strategies based on information gathered from the ISI and MI (Military Intelligence). And today, these same unnoticed, unsung heroes, are also being targeted and getting martyred by those who claim to be ‘Muslims’, whereas their sole intent is nothing but fasaad. They can be among you, and you wouldn't know. Unsung heroes, determined to protect you all and Pakistan from vile enemies.”

            Military Media Manipulator
            Gen Athar Abbas--ISPR
            Then there is a confessional paragraph about the "bad guys" inside the ISI. “There are good and bad people in every organization. Both. What people forget, is that as long as even a handful of few noble and dedicated Men of Allah are in the ranks of an institute, Allah will never abandon or punish that jamaat. Alhamdulillah, so is the Institute and it's officers. They are humans too. They fail sometimes, but that does not mean they have made mistakes after which people should start wrongfully cursing them or doubting their loyalty and jazba. Ask the officer who is near the border at 2 a.m. night-time in frosting cold, posing undercover as a member of some group who are against Pakistan, and he stays with them just so that he can get firsthand information to transmit.”

            After the “silent revolution,” now the Pakistani nation is determined to start an “operation clean-up” to restore the credibility of the military and secret agencies as constitutional organizations under the control of an elected civilian government. The military men are public servants not masters.

            Then the ISI gives a brief history of espionage in the context of Islamic history. It says:

            [Espionage (spying) is not a crime. There are wonderful examples in Islamic History:

            RasulAllah sallallaho alayhi wasallam used informants in most of his expeditions. As Abu Sufyan's caravan, that was coming from Damascus, was approaching, RasulAllah sallallaho alayhi wasallam wanted to know the caravan's destination. While the prophet was in Madina, he sent Talha Ibn Obaidallah and Said Ibn Zaid to the Damascus route to gather information about the caravan. On their way back to Madina, and at the conclusion of the Badr battle, they met RasulAllah sallallaho alayhi wassallam in Terban, as he was descending from Badr to take Madina.

            Omar Ibn Al-Khattab radi allaho ta'ala anho advised his commander Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas -may Allah be pleased with him -saying, “If you step foot on your enemies’ land, get spies for them. Choose those whom you count on for their truthfulness and advice, whether Arabs or inhabitants of that land. Liars' accounts would not benefit you, even if some of them were true; the deceiver is a spy against you and not for you. "Khaled Ibn Al-Walid -may Allah be pleased with him -used to take informants and spies with him in each of his wars against the Christian Orthodox. He chose them carefully and treated them well.

            Concerning the issue of clothing and appearance (appearance of true religion), Ibn Taymiyyah said, "If a Muslim is in a combat or godless area, he is not obligated to have a different appearance from (those around him).The (Muslim) man may prefer or even be obligated to look like them, provided his action brings a religious benefit of preaching to them, learning their secrets and informing Muslims, preventing their harm, or some other beneficial goal."

            At the end, I would like to say, if you disagree with the Institute as a whole, you are being ungrateful from your part. You should always remember those in prayer who are sincere and just. And as long as there are hidden gems of Allah in the land, you cannot point fingers at them as a whole. Learn to be grateful, appreciative and helpful.]

            In the ‘Questions’ section, the ISI page has asked three tricky questions and has found the answers, which are:
            1- Who is responsible for Drone attacks in Pakistan?
            a- Terrorists (41);
            b- Pakistani Political Government (1105);
            [one can ask if there is a parallel military government as well?]
            c- USA (104)

            2- Do you want to join Inter Services Intelligence?
            Yes (688);
            No (76);
            Will think (51)

            3- People's of Pakistan:
            Love ISI (38);
            Like ISI (14);
            Proud of ISI (264);
            All (351) 

            The ISI fan page has over 13,000 members and is being moderated by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), headed by Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas, the military's media manipulator and chief spokesman of the military as well as the ISI. Let us see what changes could be seen in the collective behavior of the military and ISI, and in this so-called fan page with the passage of time.

            June 19, 2011

            Father's Day—brave daddy defeated coward generals & evil ISI

            Special Report

            TODAY is Father's Day. Journalist/writer Habib R. Sulemani is celebrating the day in solitary confinement. In a message to The Terrorland, he said: "My father (Suleman Shah) is not a coward man like our so-called generals and their criminal secret agencies, ISI and MI. He has defeated the traitors.

            “My father has borne the pain of state-sponsored criminal attacks on us bravely. He is not just head of our family but also the strength of the family along with our mother. In this era of tyranny and oppression, they taught us to smile.

            “And we all are committed to defeat the real culprits, the criminal minds behind the terrorists who have made Pakistan a terrorland for their own benefit. We’ll send them behind the bars for their crimes against humanity. Yes. It's not a joke!"

            Among other siblings of Mr. Sulemani – who are currently living Rawalpindi as their parents along with other siblings are in Hunza and Gilgit – Ghulam Rehman said: "I wish my father perfect health and a long life. He is only 60-something now! I along my other brothers and sisters think that we are very lucky that our father survived the attack on my elder brother and sister besides himself at the Karakoram International University (KIU) and then the harassment in Rawalpindi. Thank you, God, my father survived the brain-hemorrhage and underwent a successful brain surgery. He is on the road to recovery.

            Nasira Parveen, daughter, said: "I wish you long life, my dear father. Our father is the greatest blessing of God in our lives."    

            Karim Rehman, the youngest sibling, said: "Daddy, I want to say that I love you so much. You are the greatest father in the world. Thank you so much whatever you have done for us. May God Almighty give you, along mom, good health, happiness and long life. Amen".

            Suleman Shah, a happy father before the attacks.

            Mr. Shah after the attacks and before the brain-hemorrhage.

            Mr. Shah after the head surgery in Rawalpindi.

            Mr. Shah's healing wound.

            The in time surgery saved Mr. Shah's life.

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            June 16, 2011

            Accountability: 180 million Pakistanis want generals out of politics, businesses

            Special Report

            IN response to a post, Pakistan relies on brave journalists: Shahzad, Cheema & Sulemani, one person – who writes with the name of S Turkman to The Terrorland Team (TTT) – has reacted strongly. Yesterday, he had posted to The Terrorland Google Group:

            Lying, cheating, blackmailing and backstabbing Pak Army has been attacking anti-Taliban Pakhtun tribe that the Taliban failed to subdue, and claiming to have been fighting with the Taliban for the last nine years, fooling Pakistanis and the world.

            Pakistan Army has caused destruction in Afghanistan and deaths of 3 to 3.5 million Afghans since 1980, and now it’s causing deaths of thousands every year in Pakistan—killing Pakistanis through it’s mercenaries, the Taliban, while it (the Army) has been telling Pakistanis that Indian and U.S. agents have been killing them.

            In Balochistan, the Army claims all Balochs have become Indian and U.S. agents just like the Mohajirs, Sindhis, Pakhtuns and Bengalis had. Only Punjabis have never been declared Indian or American agents because the Army itself is Punjabi.

            After this email, a moderator responded:

            Dear S Turkman,

            We always talk in a rational way. We are not against any national organization but seek accountability of persons in these organizations especially those involved in crimes against their own people. This is now the demand of the 180 million hapless people not just The Terrorland Team.

            Soon after, we got another longer response, which TTT decided to make a part of this post. S. Turkman wrote:

            You wrote: "We are not against any national organization". Then, please tell us, who should we consider accountable for shaming all Pakistanis by sheltering Osama bin Laden in one of our Garrison Towns, when we had said, "We would leave no stone unturned in our endeavors to find the al-Qaeda leader" to qualify ourselves for billions of dollars of U.S. charity, if not the national organization, the Pakistan Military?

            Who should be blamed for:

            * ... Creating Taliban in 1994, if not Pak Military?

            * ... Losing East Pakistan, if not Pak Army?

            * ... Overthrowing elected governments of Pakistan, if not Army?

            * ...  Discriminating against 56% of Pak population of 1971 and 56% of present Pak population that is not Punjabi?

            * ... Armed Forces being 95% Punjabi?

            * ... Police being 90% Punjabi?

            * ... Employees of formerly nationalized and government owned industries being 2/3rd to 70% Punjabi?
            *... Ruling Pakistan on Doctrine of Divide & Rule?

            Could you please tell us, where in the Holly Quran Allah had said: “No national organization can be criticized, doesn't matter, it could be killing thousands of us every year...?”

            The Terrorland group respects everyone’s views, including the Islamists and communists, but always tries to be rational. TTT agrees with Habib Sulemani who demands: “Let's bring those people to justice who use religion, race and nationalism as weapons against humanity, and those criminal minds who want to make planet earth a terrorland in the universe.”

            It’s a fact that no organization is a “holly cow” in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and those which are considered so—are violating the Constitution, which is high treason, punishable by capital punishment. But it is also a fact that generals violated the Constitution but so far not a single one has been brought to justice.

            The “silent revolution” in our country demands nothing but keeping the military out of the nasty power-struggle politics and illegal business—restricting the military to the barracks and accountability of military leaders especially generals is a must in the changed world. In this way the military could be a professional security agency of the 21st century. Only in this way generals could be stopped from shaming the country again and again. No doubt the future of the poor people in this country is bright unlike the despot ruling class.   

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            June 15, 2011

            Pakistan relies on brave journalists: Shahzad, Cheema & Sulemani

            By Y Khan

            Dear Habib Sulemani! I wanted to email you to say that as a peace-loving Pakistani, I fully support your efforts in exposing the nasty and dirty nexus among the Pakistani civilian rulers, military establishment and extremists that is undermining our state and society.

            We can only rely on brave journalists like you, Umar Cheema and Syed Saleem Shahzad to show the true face of our leadership to the Pakistani people.

            I am a Pakhtun, but I live in [name of the European city withheld besides the writer's full name for security reason: Editor] and I have been extremely depressed first by the slaughter of Pakhtuns in my province and now by the complete chaos in all Pakistan.

            I used to hear stories from my friends and relative in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (province) who used to tell me that they thought that our army was playing games and was not really interested in fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda. I never believed it but always wondered as to how a 700,000 strong army and a massive intelligence network could not handle a ragtag bunch of Taliban.

            Now after the Osama bin Laden incident, the Mehran Base attack and finally the reports that while the CIA was giving intelligence to the ISI about certain bomb making factories, the ISI was giving the same information to the militants who would move out of those factories just before the raid took place.

            Honestly, this news broke my heart because the same bombs from these factories would have been used to kill our soldiers and our women and children inside Pakistan.

            Why would the ISI want to protect these beasts and murderers?

            June 13, 2011

            A slap in the face of Indian democracy

            for MF Husain 1915—2011   

            By Habib Sulemani

            India! You're a callous assassin, who declared
            Maqbool Fida Husain a blasphemer and killed
            him mercilessly outside his home!

            Don’t be street smart. The nonagenarian artist
            with boyish enthusiasm didn’t die a natural
            death—your gangsters forcibly sent him into
            exile, which was like separating a newborn from
            the mother to die a painful death!

            India! You destroyed the barefoot painter as if
            he was a grotesque painting of Mother Nature!

            You acknowledged the artist as a Desi Picasso
            but where the genuine maestros are in this fake
            society? I know you really don’t know! The only
            thing you know is butchery—killing at state and
            communal levels without a ceasefire—that is what
            we’ve seen since the supposed independence!

            You killed the iconoclastic artist born to a Muslim
            family. He had committed no crime—had fallen in
            love with the legendary charming Hindu goddesses.
            The only thing he could do in this forbidden love
            affair was to rely on his imagination—and paint the
            deities in nude—but he was not bawdy rude!

            The dead artist considered Hinduism more tolerant
            and used nudity as a metaphor for purity!

            The world went crazy when the artist painted 
            and paid in millions for his masterpieces. The 
            fakir flourished and soon was in a Ferrari and, 
            India, your goons developed criminal jealousy!

            You killed an artist with the help of your holy 
            gangsters in such a tactful way (like the ISI)
            that neither we can call him a martyr nor
            register any criminal case against the assassins!

            You killed him in a painful way—and our wicked
            security forces, who killed an unarmed young man,
            Sarfraz Shah, brutally in Karachi, are also
            ashamed of your cruelty to an elderly artist!

            India! You deserve capital punishment.
            Don't be shocked. Death penalty is for
            brutal nation-states not human beings!

            India! You've become a country of the Hindu Taliban.
            There is no more place for any Rabindranath Tagore,
            C. V. Raman, Amartya Sen or Khushwant Singh. Now
            you totally belong to the Bal Thackerays (similar to
            Pakistan, where an Abdus Salam has no place, and the
            Islamic Republic belongs to Maulana Fazlus and their
            godfather generals). This is the level of intellectual
            bankruptcy of a democracy. What a fall from grace!

            India! You didn't allow an artist, with a bohemian
            lifestyle, to live in his birthplace with all his creative
            curiosity, but you officially facilitate televangelists to
            spread sectarian, racial and nationalistic hatred
            beyond your borders. WTF!

            You can't provide bread to the poor but proudly
            claim that you’re the would-be global power
            (probably with nukes under a loose dhoti).
            India! It sounds ridiculous!

            You couldn't produce a single leader despite being
            the most crowded democracy globally. You’re not 
            a country but a family’s personal property—that
            can be controlled through puppets or even a puppy!

            Nehru betrayed the Gandhi, and hijacked the fakir-like 
            founding-father’s surname besides you—the country. 
            What a gimmick. It shows a typical ghetto mentality!

            India! Where is liberty—the essence of a real democracy?
            What was the aim of the self-styled independence: to get
            rid of the British colonial rule or adoption of a new type of
            slavery? Did the Subcontinent lose over a million lives in
            communal violence for this biggest bigotry?

            Persecution of writers, poets, painters, sculptors,
            scientists and intellectuals is a situation beyond
            embarrassment. It’s criminal. Do you understand?

            (Oh my gosh! The entire region has got a silly face:
            from Bangladesh to Pakistan, and Sri Lanka to
            Bhutan, South Asia has become a Talibanistan!)

            India! Listen to me carefully! If Scotland can
            seek independence from an aging monarchy in
            a democratic way—then why not the subdued
            South Asians can reject the current toothless
            democracy? Soon the younger generation
            would be free of the traditional tyranny!

            My prose poetry may cause offense to you or other
            countries in this tribal region, where everyone has
            got a gun and is scanning the neighborhood from
            the balcony. Enemy, enemy, everyone is an enemy!

            You can laugh at me—I know! But come out 
            of the fantasy world (you better leave it for
            creative writers) and face the harshest universal
            reality. You've to prove yourself as a visionary!

            South Asia! Get shot of your weird desi mentality
            to get liberty. Talking about liberty is not my
            typical poetic rant—it’s a universal decree!

            © Habib R. Sulemani 

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