June 16, 2011

Accountability: 180 million Pakistanis want generals out of politics, businesses

Special Report

IN response to a post, Pakistan relies on brave journalists: Shahzad, Cheema & Sulemani, one person – who writes with the name of S Turkman to The Terrorland Team (TTT) – has reacted strongly. Yesterday, he had posted to The Terrorland Google Group:

Lying, cheating, blackmailing and backstabbing Pak Army has been attacking anti-Taliban Pakhtun tribe that the Taliban failed to subdue, and claiming to have been fighting with the Taliban for the last nine years, fooling Pakistanis and the world.

Pakistan Army has caused destruction in Afghanistan and deaths of 3 to 3.5 million Afghans since 1980, and now it’s causing deaths of thousands every year in Pakistan—killing Pakistanis through it’s mercenaries, the Taliban, while it (the Army) has been telling Pakistanis that Indian and U.S. agents have been killing them.

In Balochistan, the Army claims all Balochs have become Indian and U.S. agents just like the Mohajirs, Sindhis, Pakhtuns and Bengalis had. Only Punjabis have never been declared Indian or American agents because the Army itself is Punjabi.

After this email, a moderator responded:

Dear S Turkman,

We always talk in a rational way. We are not against any national organization but seek accountability of persons in these organizations especially those involved in crimes against their own people. This is now the demand of the 180 million hapless people not just The Terrorland Team.

Soon after, we got another longer response, which TTT decided to make a part of this post. S. Turkman wrote:

You wrote: "We are not against any national organization". Then, please tell us, who should we consider accountable for shaming all Pakistanis by sheltering Osama bin Laden in one of our Garrison Towns, when we had said, "We would leave no stone unturned in our endeavors to find the al-Qaeda leader" to qualify ourselves for billions of dollars of U.S. charity, if not the national organization, the Pakistan Military?

Who should be blamed for:

* ... Creating Taliban in 1994, if not Pak Military?

* ... Losing East Pakistan, if not Pak Army?

* ... Overthrowing elected governments of Pakistan, if not Army?

* ...  Discriminating against 56% of Pak population of 1971 and 56% of present Pak population that is not Punjabi?

* ... Armed Forces being 95% Punjabi?

* ... Police being 90% Punjabi?

* ... Employees of formerly nationalized and government owned industries being 2/3rd to 70% Punjabi?
*... Ruling Pakistan on Doctrine of Divide & Rule?

Could you please tell us, where in the Holly Quran Allah had said: “No national organization can be criticized, doesn't matter, it could be killing thousands of us every year...?”

The Terrorland group respects everyone’s views, including the Islamists and communists, but always tries to be rational. TTT agrees with Habib Sulemani who demands: “Let's bring those people to justice who use religion, race and nationalism as weapons against humanity, and those criminal minds who want to make planet earth a terrorland in the universe.”

It’s a fact that no organization is a “holly cow” in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and those which are considered so—are violating the Constitution, which is high treason, punishable by capital punishment. But it is also a fact that generals violated the Constitution but so far not a single one has been brought to justice.

The “silent revolution” in our country demands nothing but keeping the military out of the nasty power-struggle politics and illegal business—restricting the military to the barracks and accountability of military leaders especially generals is a must in the changed world. In this way the military could be a professional security agency of the 21st century. Only in this way generals could be stopped from shaming the country again and again. No doubt the future of the poor people in this country is bright unlike the despot ruling class.   

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1 comment:

  1. Lets go to Supreme Court and get all JehaaDi Militias and Taliban banned because Pak Army has formed them in violation of Section 256 of Pak Constitution that says, no Non Government Militias are allowed.
    All of them were created by Pak Army so, none of them are Non Government but when Army refuses to owe them officially, they are violating Pak Constitution. If Army claims, it needs them for its covert operations, it has to explain, why it should exist. By which clause of Pak Constitution Army can have 'covert operations' like invading Afghanistan, overtaking Kargil area, invading India on August 28, 1965 to start 1965 War endangering existence of our country without permission of any Elected Government of Pakistan?
    * Why had Army sold services of Pakistan to USA in 1979 without permission of Pakistanis to kill so many Afghan Moslims and to start Kalashnikov Culture in Pakistan?
    * Why is Army still at war with USA for last 9 years despite getting billions in Charity of Aid endangering existence of Pakistan again?
    * When had Pakistanis authorized Army to be at war with USA covertly, while promising to be on the side of USA in its war against Terrorism?
    * Why Army had screamed against Kerry-Lugar Amendments 'Sovereignty', when there was nothing in them that we already do not have in Pak Constitution?
    * When Pak Constitution does not permit Army, Police or any Government Employee to issue Foreign Policy statements, why Gen. Keyani could?
    * Why was he not at least dismissed by Zardari for that violation of Pak Constitution like Nawaz Sharif had dismissed Gen. Karamat following Pak Constitution?
    * Why USA has to discuss Taliban matter with Army Generals instead of elected Government?
    Its because Army has been real ruler of Pakistan ruling directly or indirectly for 47 years our of last 55.
    Its quiet clear that Military has been staging Democracy in Pakistan since 1988 just to keep getting Charity of Foreign Aid and Loans otherwise, a General would be President of Pakistan like before.
    * The world has changed and has not been permitting Military Dictatorships but still Army had imposed its rule in 1999 despite that. Economic Sanctions were imposed on Pakistan, Pakistan stood at the brink of International Bankruptcy and we were kicked out of Commonwealth. Thanks to Al Qaeda, aided by ISI 9/11 was caused to find solution of that problem. Army sided with USA to start getting all the Charities of Aid and Loan immediately despite having Military Rule.
    * On US Pressure, Elections were held again but Military refused to relinquish its rule and now it has brought Pakistan to the brink of destruction by USA.