June 26, 2011

Cyberspace Bridge between East and West

PAKISTAN’S unscrupulous secret agencies are creating anti-western sentiments in the society as a part of their visionless ‘strategy’. But the roots of hatred are just skin-deep—only members of the sub-organizations of the spy agencies – mainly religious, political and journalistic groups – are involved in the hate crime. They are just a thin minority, which the masterminds are struggling to convert into a majority.

Currently, the majority of the people in this country are terrified by the armed minority. And the West has now realized the double-game of our corrupt and criminal ruling class—politicians and generals. The Pakistan of a general or politician is entirely different than that of the 180 million hapless and helpless people.

Here is a message to a moderator of The Terrorland from a very civilized westerner. It’s an effort of bridging the gaps between east and west in the cyberspace. It’s a message of love and peace to the Pakistani youth, which makes about 70 percent of the total population.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

Transformation and highest attainment of wisdom

By Johanne Gallagher

I pray now in strong faith and trust for transformation and for the highest attainment of wisdom and compassion for every man and woman in Pakistan and all over the world!

I pray for the vibration love and peace in the hearts of our leaders! I pray for the demonstration of this in our immediate experience, obvious signs of transformation in our daily lives.

I pray for the sacred and true knowledge that we are all ONE to be made aware in the minds of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and all over the globe and especially into my own mind each and every time I am challenged.

I pray for the ability to forgive from the heart the wrongs and injustices that we have done to each other and to ourselves.

I pray for truth and transformation through love in all experience and the ending of all that is out of alignment with the natural laws of the universe made by the Master Creator, God or whatever we personally know this Intelligence to be as radiated through our own connection through our Divine heart.

I pray that we can move the memory of these hurts gracefully into the distant past. That we can eventually erase the memory of destructive actions through ignorance and unconsciousness and live together in peace, joy and harmony.

I pray for love and beauty to be the common desire for us all on the new earth and that we strive to co-create out of pure conscious awareness of who we really are.

Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones!

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