June 7, 2011

Desi butchers on way to The Hague (6)

By Habib Sulemani

During the last fourteen months,
smell of explosives (and blood)
has spread everywhere...
It irritates me a lot when the
intellectual terrorists try to cover it up!

The culprits’re using water canons,
still crime-site evidence speaks louder...
Sometimes they foolishly use air-freshener
to deceive a professional detector!

They're fools with barbaric ideas
but barely know how to assemble 
the stolen nuclear arsenal...
Their evil genius humiliated the nation!

They keep telling foolish lies repeatedly,
but the world doesn’t believe them anymore...
The staged horrific dramas and their production
teams’ve been exposed in the world...  
The terror script writers, actors,
and producers can’t hide anywhere!

They're committing crimes against humanity
shamelessly in their own poor country...
Hey, butchers of my land!
Stop the years-long butchery now...
The people've refused to give more sacrifices...
Fat bulls!
It's your time to shine!

Hey, folks!

Don't you worry!
The desi versions of
President Milosevic
and Army Chief Mladic’re
on way to The Hague! 

© Habib R. Sulemani  

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  1. What is the meanings of liberal in your mind can you please define?

  2. waao thats great we are with you and i hope you will continue your struggle against terrorist..

  3. thats great but one thing is very important that in recent days army supporting Mullas and chief justice for establishing new groups at village level..