June 6, 2011

Don’t expect any impartial inquiry... (5)

By Habib Sulemani

The generals give arms of equal length
to the military and militants...
On both sides they weigh up their strength,
and poor lives transform into dead bodies!

Acts of terror go on unabated
but the generals play like a referee... 
Don’t expect any impartial inquiry!  

Acts of terror’ve become reality shows on TV...
To divert attention of the people in distress,
Nazi-successors produce terrorizing programs…
Despots can do anything—cos they're the law!

Those humiliated, would come out of the stress... 
The intellectual terrorists’re now in the open...
They’ve shocked even the naïve press:
"What a bloody game for the big bucks!"

"Look, we've lost over 35,000 lives in the
war on terror—more than killed on 9/11,"
the gang bargains for more dollars (which goes to
personal accounts) with the U.S. Admin... 
When there’s no positive response,
then starts another killing spree…
This is the real story of my terrorized country!

Suicide attack’s a strategy to add
to the number of dead-bodies...
Life's valueless in this callous society,
and only dead-bodies count in the country...
Death's just a number game!

The American treasury would be empty
similar to that of the Pakistani kitty…  
Still the plunderers’re hungry,
and the masterminds’re very happy!

I write this poem in great pain
but I can see historians-to-come
digging out the media archives of my time...

They're expressing their disgust at 
the highly-funded ISI-produced foolish
write-ups and TV/radio programs...

Ah! I forgot my pain and my lips parted,
I felt the joy of a natural smile...
History'll never forgive the tyrants of my time!

© Habib R. Sulemani  

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  1. Hamid Mir picked this point very claverly in Capital talk on 13th june 2011