June 19, 2011

Father's Day—brave daddy defeated coward generals & evil ISI

Special Report

TODAY is Father's Day. Journalist/writer Habib R. Sulemani is celebrating the day in solitary confinement. In a message to The Terrorland, he said: "My father (Suleman Shah) is not a coward man like our so-called generals and their criminal secret agencies, ISI and MI. He has defeated the traitors.

“My father has borne the pain of state-sponsored criminal attacks on us bravely. He is not just head of our family but also the strength of the family along with our mother. In this era of tyranny and oppression, they taught us to smile.

“And we all are committed to defeat the real culprits, the criminal minds behind the terrorists who have made Pakistan a terrorland for their own benefit. We’ll send them behind the bars for their crimes against humanity. Yes. It's not a joke!"

Among other siblings of Mr. Sulemani – who are currently living Rawalpindi as their parents along with other siblings are in Hunza and Gilgit – Ghulam Rehman said: "I wish my father perfect health and a long life. He is only 60-something now! I along my other brothers and sisters think that we are very lucky that our father survived the attack on my elder brother and sister besides himself at the Karakoram International University (KIU) and then the harassment in Rawalpindi. Thank you, God, my father survived the brain-hemorrhage and underwent a successful brain surgery. He is on the road to recovery.

Nasira Parveen, daughter, said: "I wish you long life, my dear father. Our father is the greatest blessing of God in our lives."    

Karim Rehman, the youngest sibling, said: "Daddy, I want to say that I love you so much. You are the greatest father in the world. Thank you so much whatever you have done for us. May God Almighty give you, along mom, good health, happiness and long life. Amen".

Suleman Shah, a happy father before the attacks.

Mr. Shah after the attacks and before the brain-hemorrhage.

Mr. Shah after the head surgery in Rawalpindi.

Mr. Shah's healing wound.

The in time surgery saved Mr. Shah's life.

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