June 4, 2011

I write for the oppressed (3)

By Habib Sulemani

Lo and behold!
The incarceration has awarded me with 
an invisible third eye and a sixth sense!

Tyrants're intellectually blind
They can't understand!

They talk nonsense… 
But never tolerate the common sense!

That—dictator’s the worst liar…
All tyrants’re destined to failure! 

O tyrants of my time!
You can attack me for writing the truth!

You can restrict me to my small house so that
I couldn’t interact with the youth—directly! 

You can send me to prison for being a humanist,
and opposing the fascist!

You can torture me at your safe-houses
for thinking the unthinkable!

But you can't ruin my life at all...
The words of a true writer're evergreen!

But the evergreen,
no blind has ever seen!

Keep this in your conscious mind:
A hoodlum can’t hood my power of imagination!

My words're an asset to the poor,
and the oppressed… 
I write for those facing atrocities...
Breach of trust—you’d never ever find!

© Habib R. Sulemani  

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