June 15, 2011

Pakistan relies on brave journalists: Shahzad, Cheema & Sulemani

By Y Khan

Dear Habib Sulemani! I wanted to email you to say that as a peace-loving Pakistani, I fully support your efforts in exposing the nasty and dirty nexus among the Pakistani civilian rulers, military establishment and extremists that is undermining our state and society.

We can only rely on brave journalists like you, Umar Cheema and Syed Saleem Shahzad to show the true face of our leadership to the Pakistani people.

I am a Pakhtun, but I live in [name of the European city withheld besides the writer's full name for security reason: Editor] and I have been extremely depressed first by the slaughter of Pakhtuns in my province and now by the complete chaos in all Pakistan.

I used to hear stories from my friends and relative in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (province) who used to tell me that they thought that our army was playing games and was not really interested in fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda. I never believed it but always wondered as to how a 700,000 strong army and a massive intelligence network could not handle a ragtag bunch of Taliban.

Now after the Osama bin Laden incident, the Mehran Base attack and finally the reports that while the CIA was giving intelligence to the ISI about certain bomb making factories, the ISI was giving the same information to the militants who would move out of those factories just before the raid took place.

Honestly, this news broke my heart because the same bombs from these factories would have been used to kill our soldiers and our women and children inside Pakistan.

Why would the ISI want to protect these beasts and murderers?

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  1. @The Terrorland, khuda gawa jitni tum karbanaian de raho ho ,koi maan ka lal de nahi sakta.you rock the world