June 9, 2011

“Yes—I was sexually assaulted,” says brave journalist

Special Report

Umer Cheema before, left, and after the assault
FINALLY the cat is out of the bag! The Terrorland group blogs in a post – Why ISI uses sex as a warfare tool in Pakistan?, on October 11, 2010 had shocked people in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan by revealing that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), after kidnapping investigative journalist, Umer Cheema, had sexually abused him on camera.

Later, in another postPakistan has become an uncontrollable conglomerate of generals on March 13, 2011 it was revealed that in the criminal attack on Mr. Cheema, one of his colleagues was also involved (who is known as a slavish stooge of the secret agencies and representative of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the Pakistani media). Many people asked members of The Terrorland Team (TTT) about the ‘unnamed sources’ but to this day, it’s a secret and will remain a secret as part of the journalistic ethics.

However, now, after eight months of that stunning post, Mr. Cheema has officially told the globally renowned Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) that he was “sexually assaulted in an Islamabad suburb in September 2010”. But this time, he didn’t take the name of his tormentor, the spy agency, directly for the obvious reason! 

In a special report, The silencing crime: Sexual violence and journalists, the CPJ says: “Few cases of sexual assault against journalists have ever been documented, a product of powerful cultural and professional stigmas. But now dozens of journalists are coming forward to say they have been sexually abused in the course of their work.”

The ISI scandalizes mental condition & female relatives of critics. And this is a typical tactic of the rogue elements in our military establishment. The recent murders of journalist Saleem Shahzad and writer Saba Dashtiyari indicate towards the Intellectual cleansing of liberals in Pakistan. The global community should take notice of it.  

With compliments, the CPJ special report’s paragraph regarding Mr. Cheema is being reproduced here:

Mr. Cheema's recent photo
Male journalists have also been targeted, typically in situations of captivity or detention. Umar Cheema, a prominent political reporter for Pakistan’s largest English-language newspaper, The News, told CPJ that he was abducted, tortured, and sexually assaulted in an Islamabad suburb in September 2010.

“As I was stripped naked and being tortured on the back with my head down totally blindfolded, the ringleader directed one of his fellows to molest me,” Cheema wrote in an email to CPJ, describing how he was sodomized with a wooden pole.

“Ten minutes after I was free, I started thinking about what I should do,” he said. “The decision was I had to speak up.” Speaking out, he said, “has made me stronger and made my enemies more cowardly. Their efforts to intimidate me backfired.”

Cheema has publicly blamed Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate for the abduction and subsequent abuse, an assertion the government denies.
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  1. Corps Commanders conference

    “The participants noted with regret that despite briefing the joint session of the Parliament and deferring the ultimate findings to the commission appointed by the government, some quarters, because of their perceptual biases, were trying to deliberately run down the Armed Forces, and the Army in particular,” the statement said.

    It cautioned that the campaign against the army would be seen as an attempt to “drive a wedge” between the military, organs of the state and the nation. “Nothing should distract them (the troops) from the job at hand (fighting terrorism).”

    The twenty-odd commanders led by their chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who till recently was credited with having bolstered the army’s image after his predecessor Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s departure, sent out a clear message: “All of us should take cognizance of this unfortunate trend (of slandering the army) and put an end to it.”


  2. shame on pak media for ignoring this brave journalist's courgious story.

  3. dont worry friend we are with you,one day there will be truimph,and then we could hange them,InshaAllah

  4. Why are you so surprised? Don't you know, all new good-looking young Recruits in Military are fucked by one or the other Instructor even in Military Academy Kakool? We are trained to commit that kind of Sin by our Military and Police and when we have authority we think, its okay for us to abuse others like we were abused to get even.