July 31, 2011

Comments — sexual assault on journalist and other stories

The Terrorland Report

THE Facebook comments section would no longer be available on The Terrorland group blogs, but the original blogspot comments section is open to all. So the Facebook comments are being archived in this post.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)
Asarulislam Syed: This is a great website. We need more than verbal catharsis. Lets Rise and Organize. A hundred thousand intellectuals will not achieve what a single committed activist will. Rise and Organize against Mullahs like first generation MOMINS did against the forces of Abu Jahal. Give Mullahs the Medicine which the Quran recommends for Kafiroon. That is the only solution. www.QuaideAzam.com (March 20, 2011)
Msm Khan: i totally agree with you, sir. (March 24, 2011)
The Terrorland: @ Mr. Syed. Thank you very much for your scholarly comment. One of our moderators had earlier visited your website, and his short communication with you is also very valuable, which, we want to reproduce here for the benefit of our readers.
Dear Sir,
I really want to know why you have chosen three things: Jinnah, Quran & Pakistan Army?
Dear Rahman:
Thanks for the nice thoughtful comment. I love Pakistan, its founder Jinnah the secular, Quran the greates secular ideology that challenged religion 14 centuries ago though its ideology was 'crucified' by the Judeo-Christian Hadith manufacturing Mullahs. And, and of course I love Pakistan Army. Our soldiers are simple, honest, dutiful and loyal but have been misguided, abused and corrupted by the pseudo-secular generals.
I want to educate and restore Pakistan to its great ideals. The underking is hard, painstaking, arduous and has been likened to 'contracting to do the airconditioning of hell.'
You have a great website.
Lets corroborate. We have similar ideals.
Asarulislam (March 27, 2011)
Rehman Pak: ...and The Terrorland blogs are available for Facebook comments as well. http://theterrorland.blogspot.com  (March 8, 2011)

The Terrorland: Thanks, Rehman. Hope others would also dare to express themselves in the times of oppression and tyranny in Pakistan! (March 8, 2011)
Jyoti Prakash Haldar: Though I'm an hindu and belongs to the other country but I think that. We're misunderstanding the current position of pakistan.i think what. Is happening that'll get happiness for everybody in pakistan in the near future.just wait & see.it is & it'll hurt only criminals(of their motherland) and nobody else. Thank you. (March 14, 2011)
The Terrorland: Yes. We are optimistic and spreading optimism about our country, region and the whole world. But everybody knows: it's the end for the tyrants and oppressors in Pakistan. Thanks for the comment. (March 24, 2011)
Kota Atul: Dearest Ms. Khan, I know you always wnated me to reply here for over 2-years now & today I'm adding here - what I always wnated & felt @ Pakistan for over 20-years now, I met in Europe lot of wonderful natured pakistani friends/families wealthy & middle class too, in our both homes where we dined/wined & had lot of fun - when I was in England till-yr'-1991 & the pakistani-folks always expressed me a wish to merge with India & felt it was a mistake that muslims needlessly separated from India to make pakistan - so my feelings since then are the same & even today I feel Pakistan & India s'd simply become one-nation as before & all'll become wonderful for the entire-world; let alone just 2-nations & the TerroLand & terrible/bloody activities'll sort out naturally once best of best Pakistani civil-society-folks&citizens sit on rail-route & block the rail-traffic & don't give up till the day both nations merge fully - ComeWhatMay-&-NoMatterWhat. Nothing More/Less - that's the only solution & there simply isn't any other solution. Thanx for acknowledging the above. (March 14, 2011)
Ms. Khan: @Kota, actually I wanted people to talk on controversial topic... it's useless for a pro-Pakistan and pro-India to fight irrational... Pakistan is a reality like India... Akhand Bahart is just an illusion... do you know how many separatist movements are there in India.. so take care. thanks. (March 15, 2011)

The Terrorland: @Kota. We respect you and your views. We believe in freedom of thought and freedom of expression, which is better then freedom to use weapons. Hope you will take part in debates on taboo topics. We always encourage rational debate on any and every taboo topic in these pages. (March 24, 2011)
Turkman: Why are you so surprised? Don't you know, all new good-looking young Recruits in Military are fucked by one or the other Instructor even in Military Academy Kakool? We are trained to commit that kind of Sin by our Military and Police and when we have authority we think, its okay for us to abuse others like we were abused to get even. (June 9, 2011) [“Yes—I was sexually assaulted,” says brave journalist
Usman Aslam: Cannibalism is nothing new to the world. If the root causes of that are to be tracked back to "ignorance", "poverty" and "terrorism" and Pakistan to be inferred as a country full of ignorant poor terrorists because of this extremely isolated case of cannibalism then Germany can be classed as having bigger problems with terrorism, poverty, and ignorance.
Don't believe me? Just type in German cannibals in Google and enjoy the ride. Germany and cannibalism together are almost stereotypical. Want to go further? Check out the stories where people voluntarily wanted to be a eaten by cannibal and got killed and eaten as such. All in the "tolerant", prosper, and "educated" western cultures.
This incident, no matter how sad and pathetic, has got nothing to do with Terrorism, Poverty, Religion, Jinnah etc. etc. And there is no intellect or intelligence or objectivity in this blog. Its pure sh*t stirring just for the sake of it. (April 8, 2011) [Pakistan has become a country of cannibals
The Terrorland: @ Usman, thanks for your feedback. We respect and value your critical point. We hope hope you'll do so in the future as well. Be blessed. (April 8, 2011)

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  1. Sexual abuse against journalists is getting rampant nowadays especially on territories that are currently having unrest in terms of regime or those whose rulers are being ousted by its citizens. And so issues such as this is not given enough attention as the focus is with the unrest.