July 14, 2011

Cyber Age challenges & Ismaili Muslims

   * Hunza is facing leadership crisis as society is being militarized and Talibanized 

The Terrorland Report

Prince Karim Aga Khan
THE over 20 million Ismā'īlī Muslims of the world celebrated the 54th Imamat Day on July 11. On this day in 1957, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV became the 49th Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismailis in Shia Islam. 

Instead of his father, Prince Karim succeeded his famous grandfather, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, at the age of 20 to meet challenges of the Atomic Age. And over half a century on, there're challenges of the Cyber Age

The majority of people in Hunza Valley are Ismaili. Currently, they're facing many challenges as the region is in transition from a traditional tribal to an urbanized society. Unfortunately, like other parts of the country, the Pakistani military establishment is fanning religious extremism in this mountainous region as well. For this purpose some unscrupulous government employees, especially those working with the secret agencies, are being used (The Terrorland group blogs had a series of posts in this regard over the last 16 months; if you had missed these historic articles earlier, you can read them now as links have been given at the end of this post, marked as: Related Articles). 

The conflict starts typically with the basics of a society. Marriage of Ismaili girls out of the community has become the main issue; even marriages within different ethnic groups of Ismailis are also being discouraged. The powerful traditionalists are trying to stop changes by force and many 'honor' related crimes have been staged in this regard. Any crime in the traditionally peaceful region is absolutely disgraceful but the criminal behavior of certain government officials, who are also leaders of the community, has shocked the intelligentsia. The worst thing is that those Ismaili leaders who are reportedly involved in crimes are having westernized education and are without beards... but they act worse than the Taliban.

This is against the preaching of the Aga Khan, who is known as the Silent Prince of Islam in the world due to his services in the fields of development and human rights particularly women rights. A man or a woman is free to marry anyone he/she wants under the laws, and this is a healthy trend for progress of any community or society. In this way, medically, the blood becomes purified in the next generation; and socially, it helps build bridges among different ethnic and religious groups in a country.

In the era of globalization, the secret agencies are using tribalism to enhance their sinister plan in the peaceful society. The rogue and visionless Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) have no idea how damaging their militarization and Talibanization policy could be for the country in the coming times—more devastating than the policies of ex-military dictator General Zia.

Pakistan is being militarized and Talibanized according an evil strategy to play a part in the assumed Great Game in the region. Therefore, the peaceful Ismaili youth are being betrayed by making them believe that an Ismaili leader, Hassan-i Sabbah, started suicide attacks in the history of the world... it's an inviting open-ended remark to justify the ongoing suicide attacks in Pakistan. In this regard, the ISI and MI have involved the Zaid Hamid/Ahmed Quraishi brigade, which uses billions of funds on breeding a Cyber Age Jehadists around the world. Thus secretly the minds of the new generation are being changed to create an Ismaili version of the Taliban.

Anwar Ali, a member of this criminal brigade, has formed a so-called Hunza-based All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) and is preaching for a Caliphate in the Hizb ut-Tahrir-style, which is also a sub-group of the ISI-funded Zaid/Quraishi brigade. The APML claims that it "conforms to the vision of Quaid-i-Azam (Founding Father of Pakistan), His Highness Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan, Allama Iqbal and Fatima Jinnah".

While explaining its mission, the APML says it would "promote theological and political consensus between (sic) different segments of people and stakeholders: Government, Parliament, Army, ISI, Political Leadership, Judiciary, Civil Society, Media, and the Muslim Scholars." 

It goes ahead and says: "The Islamic republic of Pakistan is the biggest partner of UN Peacekeeping Force. This great Islamic Nation wholeheartedly contributes to the UN Charter." 

This statement of the APML seems a press release of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Basically, the Ismailis are facing leadership crisis in Hunza. Government employees have been appointed honorary presidents and vice-presidents of the local and regional Ismaili councils, who are misusing their powers. "These so-called leaders are playing in the hands of the criminal secret agencies to get personal benefits. Many of them are fulltime employees of the ISI, MI, IB etc while some are on their payroll," says a native on condition of anonymity.

Locals say the community in Hunza has been divided into two groups: one led by Ismaili Council president Manzoor Ali and the other is led by Ghulam Qadir Baig of Khana-e-Hikmat, an NGO founded by famous poet Allama Nasir ud-Din Nasir Hunzai. Now the secret agencies are trying to divide the people on linguistic grounds: Burushaski of Central Hunza (Burushal), Wakhi of Upper Hunza (Gojal) and Shina of Lower Hunza (Shinaki). With fake identities, the spies are spreading racial slurs against the groups to cause rift in the region.

The agents of the agencies in Gojal tell the youth that their future is related to Central Asia, especially China... then they go to Burushal and say people in Gojal are less patriot... when they reach Shinaki, they say the people of Brushal are exploiting them even after end of the despot Mir System (Hunza State was abolished in 1974). In this way new conflicts are taking birth and if not stopped, Hunza could be the next Waziristan. It could be catastrophic! The Cyber Generation must resist the conspiracies of the elderly spies. This is what many educated people say.

Unfortunately, unknowingly, the youth is becoming victim of a conspiracy against the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, an Orphaned Land that demands representation in the Parliament of Pakistan. No one is resisting the hatched conspiracies due to fear of the secret agencies.

"The sons of many respected local leaders like Haji Qudratullah Baig, Al-Waiz Ghulamuddin and Al-Waiz Sher Ahmed have joined the secret agencies and now they're being used to divide our peaceful community. It's the worst era in our history," said an Europe-return social scientist.

According to sources, Ghulam Qadir Baig – a government servant who besides Radio Pakistan has also worked at the Pakistani Embassy in India – was allegedly used to create rift among the Ismailis of Hunza. He allegedly misused the creative power of the nonagenarian writer, Allama Nasir Hunzai, to create a new cult in the region. "But now he (Allama Nasir) has realized that he was betrayed for self gain," says a sympathizer.

The secret agencies are spreading their typical conspiracy theories on one side, saying that Jewish lobby is financing Allama Nasir's organization... while on the other side they say: Allama Nasir is a poet like Allama Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan. There is even a "We Hate Nasir ud-Din Hunzai" page on the Facebook. Everywhere is divide-and-rule policy... the double game has become a trademark of the ruling class in Pakistan.

According to locals, the establishment first gave space to the poetry of Allama Nasir Hunzai on Radio Pakistan, then he was given government awards. One day he was told: "Allama Nasir! Your poetic hypothesis of spiritual healing of complicated diseases is far better than the modern sciences... especially the healthcare services of the Aga Khan Development Network." This was enough to betray an elderly poet, who had no formal education but had become a self-taught religious scholar, and had made a name for himself as Father of Burushaski Language and Literature."

"(Ghulam) Qadir and his mafia-like group must be taken to task for dividing the people," said a college teacher. While talking about Manzoor Ali – president of the Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit and an assistant professor of physics at the Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit – the teacher said: "He's a notorious criminal. We're ashamed of such people in the Education Department. We're ashamed of Qadir and Manzoor for staging a horrible drama in Karimabad, when the Ismailis were divided into two groups to shed blood in the name of 'tradition' and 'religion'."

Manzoor Ali is also accused of getting a faked PhD degree from the physics department of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. "To get promotion or provide benefits to his family members, especially a brother in the military, he can do anything..." A community worker alleged that Manzoor Ali "provides copies of Frameen (Aga Khan's messages to the community) to the ISI and MI before delivering to Jamat Khanas (community centers)".

An unemployed university-educated young man in Gilgit said: "Sunni, Shia and every other community's leaders are providing protection to their respective communities, but only our leaders (Ismailis) make innocent people sacrificial goats on the orders of their masters..."

People say a boy was accused of committing blasphemy in Gilgit city, instead of saying that a Muslim in his/her senses can't imagine to commit this crime punishable by death in the country or seeking fair trial, Manzoor Ali demanded severe punishment for the accused even before his formal arrest. People could have killed him (the accused) but thanks to the Imam of the Central Mosque Gilgit, who told the people to disperse peacefully and let the law decide if the accused was guilty or not. After a Shia leader's statement to end of sectarianism, this was the most wisely act from a Sunni leader in the city.

Sources claim that Manzoor Ali along with some officials of the ISI and MI has made a gang that terrorizes people especially girls of different schools, colleges and university. Members of the alleged gang included Major Khushamdin (MI), Major Amin (ISI), Ahsanullah Mir (Registrar KIU), Manzoor Ali, movie-maker Javed, ASI (police) Karim Hayat and Khushamad Shishkat.

"The criminal gang is involved in honor-killing incidents besides making blue-movies of innocent women in the area," a source claimed, "after publication of blogs, the ISI and MI agents have terrorized relatives of the victims to keep silent... and have even fabricated some legal documents. But a crime can't remain hidden for so long."

People have requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice and start an investigation into the allegations.

NOTE: If you want to give your point of view on this post, besides the comments section of our group blogs, you can also email (hrwriter@gmail.com) us your statements so that we can publish it as a separate post in the future. AA from Hunza and ZG from Gilgit contributed to this report. Photo via Google images.—The Terrorland Team  

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    1. your article is a piece of shit i must say!! i was laughing my ass off while reading this crap!! have seen many
      pseudo intellectuals like you but seriously you are worse than them!! hhahaaha

    2. I wish this was not published... What a discouraging piece..

    3. I am educated enough not say 'a crap to an opinion' as other people have said above.

      I do not believe in the inference of Talibanization in Ismailism. But, look, you can take a person out of a Military,but you cannot take a Military out of a person. Since, 85% of people in Gilgit-Baltistan is directly or indirectly associated with Pak Army, you cannot reject the idea of Military mindset infiltration into academia, institutions, religions or anything else. In a society where careers are built and broken, based on association, fake Ph.D. could be possible too. Be honest, if in Gilgit-Baltistan someone has a good source in ISI, don't you see the cockiness and boldness in him? If yes, than ISI can mold, modify or alter things, even the gigantic ones. So far as, the cross-cultural marriages are concerned, they need a conducive environment or pluralistic societies. You cannot talk about healthy cross-cultural marriages and trends of Talibanization at the same time as it would be just a fallacy of self-negation.

      Obviously, Sunnis would not like their daughters go into westernized Ismaili families. Or Ismailies would not like their daughters go into Taliban sanctuaries and that would be a catalyst for honor-killings and other social evils.

      But no matter how hard you try to ignore, Gilgit-Baltistan has become a hell of Military and Intelligence games. Few years back, hardly any one knew what is ISI in ghizar or in Yasin. Now, you flip a pebble, the emboldened I.S.I agent would pop up. I do not know, why.

      Personal Opinion of the Khan of Yasin

    4. to be honest when i read this article and it made me feel like i am reading newspaper's page six(gossiping about celebrities) section. here in the state when you write about people with out any prove or evidence you can get sued for it... i feel sorry that a well educated person has written this gossiping article....
      amina khan USA

    5. Dude your essays are just a piece of illogical crap. You seemed to suffer some kind of mental disorder. I suggest you to do something else you are good at.

    6. I absolutely agree that the writer has some sort of mental issues...

    7. To: Amina Khan

      Amina which state of America you live where people are sued when they write or say something about others without proof? Why you did not sue Terry Jones when he said "Islam is an evil religion without any proof? Did anybody sue Washington Post or new york times when they said Sadam has nukes without any proof?

      Did Obama sue anyone when papers wrote that he is not a U.S citizen?

      Does anybody sue Fox news anchor Bill'o rally who shoots opinionated news commentary every day without any proof? You must be new to States, you have written what little knowledge you had about American society. Perhaps you did not like Khana-e Hikmat being mentioned in the post.

    8. In-fact this article should not publish. but i must say that some of the above are really happening in Hunza. the character of Allama Nasir uddin hunzai is not hidden. his journey from Yarkan jail(China) to Heston. in China he was put into prison, alleged as American agent in China. from the that time Jewish s are funding him. u can read an interview of Allama Naisir in his own book "book of healing" also known as "kitab e shifa" , where he said that Zia ul Haq enforce him to work on spritual healing or Islamic healing.... i can cay lot more with proof,but cant do so... now
      once again i say this should not publish..

      patriot of Hunza

    9. We need more facts and figures to believe on information given above. misinformation is not good, I suggest to the writier that you need to have more research on the topic before publishing your article. some of your points and arguments are so weak

    10. Yellow Journalism....nothing new...old tactics to gain some popularity...or TCing anti pakistani elements ....many foreign asylum seekers write same crap by showing they get threat from state and other sources....it will all go in vain..

    11. No doubt the author is an agent of ISI and MI and may be working for CIA

    12. A Jewish lobby & some of the in people in country are financing khana-e-hikmat for performing unethical rituals in the name of spiritualism. the main objective of the particular lobby is division of ismaili community According to a report of united nations year 2002 ismaili community is the most organized community of the world n people don’t want see the progress & unity of ismaili Jamat.

    13. A retired general has proudly said in a private meeting that no one could divide the Ismailiz and he did it in Hunza and founded Allama NASIRI cult within. He did it in the "national interest" to stop the outcome of an Aghakhani State.

    14. Kudos! The Terrorland. you rock. carry on your good work. it is reshaping Pakistan and the world, let the dogs bark. as some one has said not to be concerned with the doings of detractors, for the barking of dogs diminishes not the earnings of the beggar.

    15. @Habib R. Sulemani
      ..............We are very sorry for what happened to your sister at KIU, we know the story do you want us to share or a create a blog just like yours han????

    16. @Anonymous we welcome ISI new blog salam o alaikum ISI and Genral Pasha saahab

    17. Whenever the Pakistani nation becomes united in its thinking, it is punished. The last time it was united in West Pakistan after the 1970 election, the country broke apart. It was like Germans feeling the same way collectively under Hitler, or the Serbs under Milosevic. Nations seem to suffer when their minds become duplicates of a single doctrinal template.
      Under democracy, difference in thinking is basic; otherwise there would be no opposition in parliament. French magistrate De Tocqueville, on a tour of a newly freed United States, was put off by most Americans ‘thinking alike’ because he thought it might make the country more despotic than democratic. Under President Bush, America ‘thought alike’ on Iraq despite democracy.

    18. @post on JULY 20, 2011 10:39 PM
      He is he. You can criticize him how much you want. But what his sister said to you? If any person will tell your sister story to you. I think you will feel pleasure.

    19. @ Thank u Terrorland for exposing the ISI conspracy... the agents of ISI have exposed themself and conformed whatever u hv writtem. just see how they confess


    20. The global Muslim “Umma'' needs to develop a form of democracy that fits its social, ethnic, religious and economic structure, said Prince Karim Aga Khan, Imam of the Ismaili Muslim community.

      “We have to look at the nature of democracy because I don't believe that one shape fits all. I believe the Umma, like many other parts of the world, needs to develop its own form of democracy to overcome the issues Muslims are facing,'' he said.

      The Aga Khan noted that the Muslim Umma today is highly pluralistic and that it is going to function as a body of brotherly states.

      “Acceptance of pluralism and investing in pluralism is to be one of the principles we have to look at to resolve issues facing the Muslims,'' he said.

      In an exclusive interview with Weekend Review during his visit to Dubai, where he inaugurated the Ismaili Centre, the Aga Khan said the problems of extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam.

      “I personally don't ascribe these to Islam. I ascribe these to a portfolio of political issues — be it issues in the Middle East, Afghanistan or Kashmir,'' he said.

      The soft-spoken Aga Khan, who has a charismatic personality, has nearly 15 million followers around the world. Today, Ismailis live in some 25 countries — mainly in west and central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and in North America and Western Europe. The United Arab Emirates hosts some 5,000 Ismailis.



    22. A really leading artical that hit the real targets that became sour enough to be easyly identified. As is a Urdu saying : 'chour key dadi mein tinkaa'.

    23. i think and than i say that its only fiction not reality hunza is the land of people who have different culture but have one faith and belief that makes them one and this thing do matter

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    25. Habib.. if your sister had affair with non ismaili, than who has stopped you, allow her to marry. You r trying to justify her affair, it is not good.. your column is illogical piece of shit..

    26. Habib.. if your sister had affair with non ismaili, than who has stopped you, allow her to marry. You r trying to justify her affair, it is not good.. your column is illogical piece of shit..

    27. The Terrorland Team wants to say: we're so sorry, we can't delete abusive comments (unless they're about religion). We let people express themselves in anyway... so that later they observe their behavior and change it for good. Thank you very much.

    28. Mr author you have a good enough role in making your homeland a terrorland..... it would be better if u first make yourself and your family perfect..... then come to identify community issues....