July 25, 2011

Freedom of expression — spit the venom out and be peaceful !

The Terrorland Report

Poison-spitting snake.—via Google
“IF you want peace and prosperity in this country (Pakistan), then allow the terrorized people to think freely, and express their thoughts without any fear of direct or indirect persecution. This will calm down the frustrated people especially the youth—and they will not indulge into violent behavior. In this way you can bring an end to terrorism.”  

This is what Habib Sulemani had said in a blog: Freedom of expression can end global terrorism, adding: “Allow journalists to visit and report from the Balochistan province freely. Don't go after the websites and social media pages of the angry young Baloch people—rather let them say everything—so that there is a way to continue dialogue and arguments.”

The Terrorland's previous post, Cyber Age challenges & Ismaili Muslims, has been declared historic and widely appreciated as a catalyst for positive change not only in Gilgit-Baltistan but the entire militarized and Talibanized Pakistan. Analysts say that the generals must change their traditional tyrant behavior now otherwise they will perish!

In the meantime, however, some people from the Ismaili Shia Muslim community have misunderstood the post and reacted strongly. A sincere aim of the post was to warn the new generation of Hunza that they are being made emotional in a tactful way by the Pakistani secret agencies—so that they could be used for violent purposes like the Taliban. If these angry people try to reread the post with an unbiased mind, they would indeed change their previous negative opinion.

Here is a cyberspace discussion on the post without any editing or comments which started on July 17, 2011 and ended on July 22, 2011. The views presented here are of the individuals’ personal opinions, not of a whole ethnic or religious community. There should be open-talks on “sensitive” and “taboo” subjects at every level in society, especially in the cyberspace, if we want peace and prosperity in Pakistan’s different regions.
After reading the long and tensed discussion below, you must watch the video of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan at the end of this post. You will see the pluralistic culture within Islam. After listening to his speech, you’ll feel that The Aga Khan is a Ray of Hope in the Muslim World. The leadership crisis is at local level.

"The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) is the greatest think-tank of the community, which is being headed by a Shia Asna'ashri scholar while the Sunni scholars dominate the organization," says a man from Hunza. "Non-Muslim scholars are also a part of the research team. The era of taqiyya is over! Our Imam (spiritual leader) thinks globally to build bridges among people of different cultures. But, unfortunately, our visionless local leaders are violating the teachings of the Imam."

Azlim Virani: Thanks Rehman for the post. It appears that this article has a lot of false information and is full of lies and sender...We question the biased of the author and his true intentions.
Rehman Pak: Thanks, Azlim, it seemed a 'provocative' blog so I posted it here. Can you, please, explain your allegations of: 1) biased and 2) false information??

Azlim Virani: I am following up on the allegations which so far which appears baseless on the Hunzai Tribe group on facebook. Please follow if you wish to observe the comments at (Link Hunzai Ttribe).
Rehman Pak: Thanks, Azlim.
Azlim Virani: welcome Rehman.            
Ghilman Nasiry: ‎Rehman Pak (Link to a blog about Allama Nasir)


Azlim Virani: Dear brothers and sisters of Hunza. I have noticed some questions and issues here are not allowed to be discussed in this group. I am the moderator of the facebook group "Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir Hunzai Study Group" Today this article entitled "Hunza is facing leadership crisis as society is being militarized and Talibanized" was shared in the group by a member. http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/07/cyber-age-challenges-ismaili-muslims.html The article seems very biased yet still of a serious and great concern, I invite someone here to enlighten me on the true facts and answers on the matter in a civil and knowledgeable manner to me directly, here or at my group. Thanks in advance. Azlim
Dewako Hunzai: what that article has to do with allama sahib.! Alhamdullilah Imam of the time is our LEADER ! As far as discussing things related to Faith on platforms like this is concerned, it is been discouraged by Naamdaar Council for they witnessed an enormous amount of information on faith being shared online in an uncontrolled manner, mostly inadvertently.! The world knows us whether we are going through a leadership crises or we are being distinguished as the followers of Imam of the Time - NOOR.!
Azlim Virani: Thank you Dewako, I understand what you are saying. Yes i agree with you about the points you make but the Naamdaar Council has not provided a manner of answerability in a controllable manner that the Imam has asked us to do. The policy "Silence is Golden" is a way of hiding the truth which just wont work.    
Dewako Hunzai: pardon me for not going through the whole article.! it equally targets both institutions as well as allama sahib.!
Azlim Virani: Yes the article seems Sunni biased
Dewako Hunzai: even within khana-e-hikmat it tries to create a division by differentiating ghulam qadir from alllama sahib.! again this is tactfully written, it includes all the prominent name of our jammat and aims at vilifying them so that a common memb...er of the jammat might be emotionally captured by hitting on the soft corners like it says, institutions are ruled by incompetent/govt servants. all it technically coins the word sects / groups in ismailism so that we may carry such terminologies in concepts forwards. I think we must not let our emotions rule our minds as we have already witnessed such spurious articles and literary attacks before.
Azlim Virani: Dewako, I am glad that you and others can see this article for what it is, I think with consensus here, we can establish any false facts and establish the truth. Here are my Questions to Start

Who is Anwar Ali? the so called "member of this criminal brigade"
I know Ghulam Qadir Baig as a good person, Does any one know any of his activities being "mafia" like?

I don't know Manzoor Ali, but respect his position, i don't understand why he is calling for the "death sentence" for a religious interpretations that differs from his?

Was there, or anyone have the details of a confrontation between Manzoor Ali and Ghulam Qadir Baig?
Sajid I. Barcha: Such a fallacious group of paragraphs. The writer makes an effort to divide people while all along blaming agencies of doing so. A critical look at what he has written reveals that what he is trying to do is exactly what he says agencies are trying to do, which mathematically makes him (part of the) agency. What other way to prevent people from assuming that? Speak against agencies. Anyway, that is what appears to be. But I personally believe the writer is suffering schizophrenia, therefore should be treated in a mental facility.           
Rizwan Karim Hunzai: To overcome every problem in our homeland we need to bring awareness and education in youngsters and youth both man and woman. Yes I agreed with Sajid I. Barcha and Dewako Hunzai bro that this is totally deceptive paragraph, but there are many real problems in our homeland which need to be solve immediately by our responsible people and leaders of jamat.
Azlim Virani: Can you elaborate on the problems or issues brother Rizwan.
Piyar Ali: This article has been written in a very sharp, technical and purposeful manner which has manifold Agendas...you can say it "negative-intelligence" in other words...it has 2 main aspects and unfortunately both are destructive...its 1st purpose is to create gapes and misundestandings between people of hunza and security agencies of the country (to whom people of hunza respect wholeheartedly)...and the 2nd purpose which is more dangerous than the first, is to divide the peaceful people of hunza on "linguistic" bases by creating the misunderstandings between them... The "Aim" for which this writer is blaming ISI and MI doing, actually he himself is doing it... it is an episode of Blaming Pakistan's security agencies internationaly, nationaly and locally by Pakistan's enemies nowadays...they want to destablize pakistan...the only peacefull region in the pakistan is GB and specially Hunza, so writer wants it to be like other regions...(its a common sense that country has never faced any problem from this area, so why its security agencies going to create a new front here unnecessorily...totaly lieing)..i request my brothers and sisters to be careful of these "blacksheep-advocates" of our peaceful region.
Azlim Virani: ‎@Piyar Ali: Good Analysis of the Article Pyar Ali, very disconcerting that their may be these "Blacksheep- Advocates" among our fold. Do you think there is any bases for the Article?
Rizwan Karim Hunzai: Azlim bro, thanks to our Beloved Hazir Imam S.W.A we have everything in our homeland, as I don’t want to discuss this issue but because it is been raised I want to say (with due respect and no heart feelings) I heard few days ago that some ...leaders announced in Hunza that whoever is reading Ginans or books of Allama Sahib they are out of Ismailism. I know there are many misunderstandings between our Hunza Jamat about literature and books of Allama Sahib, but as a common man in hunza my question is that when such leaders who are also humans like those who respect Allama Sahib literature and books, why all those people follow leaders orders when they don’t have any proof or Taleeqa from our beloved Hazir Imam that Allama Sahib’s literature and books should be banned, and whoever is reading Allama Sahib literature and books should be thrown out from Ismalism, when leaders are so keen to play sentiments of millions of Hunzo-e-jamat and worldwide jamat who respect literature and books of Allama Sahib. Instead of trying to take this issue to Moulana Hazir Imam once and for all and try to settle this issue, what kind of authority our leaders have without any single Taliqa from Hazir Imam against Allama Sahib that they are saying whoever is reading Ginans or books of Allama sahib they are out of Ismailism, why and what for they are playing with the sentiments of Hunzo-e-jamat and why give others chance to laugh on us that this was the only community who has unity among themselves, now they are dividing? See our Beloved Hazir Imam made institutions to solve problems not to enhance problems and not to confuse Jamat on any aspect.
Piyar Ali: His very first argument itself is wrong... people of hunza are not leaderless (only a mad can says this)... whole world knows our "LEADER"...world acknowlegdes his leadership and services for humankind...political leaders only are not considered as leaders (although we have political leaders too n will see new leaders in near future inshallah).... Its not necessory that a man sould be standing their as a leader/master...we are not animals...and someone should know the differnce between a LEADER and a supervisor.... We have international standard institutions as a leader which guide our nation every day at every step...these institutions guide their people religiously, socialy, economicaly, in the field of education, even these institutes tell their people how to cultivate their crops and even how to sow a seed...so nobody should bother of our leadershiplessness....we have Alhamdulilla...they should be worried of themselves
‎@ Azlim Virani...this article is totaly baseless...tiny differences of opinions in a nation/society is natural....even two brothers may have different opinions on a single issue...but it doesn't mean that our society is going to split (Nau...zubillah)...if you deeply analyse the teachings of our LEADER, you will see our faith has a lot of room for pluralism...we are giong to build bridges across religions, across nations, we have capacity to do it, so, how is it possible that our people become so intolerant, so rigid that they can not understand eachother???
@ Rizwan... i request you not to discuss such topics on this plateform...because its vulnerable....and furthermore you know what i mean...1 day it will all be cleared... let the dust be settled down. i just simply suggest you not to bother an indivduals opinion..just obey the ismaili institutions and leave all for tomorrow...thanx
Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai: please you all never need to discuss this issue here social community, what sort of education you are discussing about?, sometimes we ourselves declared as educationist, on other we are talking about education, if our masses felt their selves educated and civilized then find the truth by their selves, and never need a further rift among regions....
Piyar Ali: A lot of thanks to Dewako Hunzai ,Sajid I. Barcha, Zahida Baig, Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai, Nad Eem, Appa Hunzai, Azlim Virani and Rizwan Karim hunzai for your devoted efforts to discourage ongoing Media War against unity of Hunzais...i hope you... further convey message of unity peace and maturity to whole youth of HUnza in particular and people of HUnza in general...and also contribute to inculcate awareness about internal and external threats to our homeland...with best wishes Piyar Ali Hunzai.


Rehman Pak: On behalf of The Terrorland Team (TTT), I want to say a 'thank you' for discussing this post critically earlier. However, I want to request you, please, re-read this post in a holistic manner. Plus, reading the related links at the end of this post is a must to understand the article, which has been written after months of research. It's written in good faith, so that the new generation thinks critically and behaves creatively. But, anyone, who wants to write a full blog post, TTT is ready to publish it, no matter it accuses or abuses us. We believe in freedom of thought and freedom of expression, which is the only 'tonic' to get rid of extremism and terrorism. Thank you once again. Now please click the link and start reading before any comment if you needed: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/07/cyber-age-challenges-ismaili-muslims.html
Sajid I. Barcha: ‎Rehman Pak: You call this an article? Suleimani has wasted his time and energy writing this. The whole article is flawed from top to bottom. Although it does have "sound" premises in between, but the conclusions deduced from those premises... is entirely illogical. A native's statement has been quoted, how credible is a statement of an anonymous "native"? First off, it can be fake. Secondly, even if it is actually said by a native, you can easily find some other native who says the exact opposite, so why have you chosen this particular native to quote in your article? I will tell you why, because this particular native said what served your agenda. If you were writing in "good faith" as you claim, you would have quoted other "natives" who don't agree with whatever BS you are throwing around. You have made allegations but you have proven nothing. You blame ISI/MI for conspiracy theories (which is pretty true when it is about national level theories) but funny how over-all your whole write up is nothing but a conspiracy theory itself based on "hearsay" instead of concrete evidences.
I would like to know your sources when you say "sources claim that....". How many "honor killings" have occured in Hunza? How many have occurred elsewhere outside Hunza? Suleimani apparently is hell bent against Manzoor for some personal reason, my "sources claim that and confirmed that". There is no rift as presented by this terrorland bedroom blogger. There is no rift, unless you succeed in creating one. Which you will not. Your citing of nameless faceless "sources" fails everything you conclude right on its face. You support your "claims" with "claims" of other anonymous people. How foolish to support one claim with another. Next time when you make a claim based on other claims, make sure your each subsequent claim is logically based on "reason". Evidential reason, not circumstantial reason. Something the writer might find useful in writing a "novel", or else his novel will fail as badly as his "article" does.
Rehman Pak: ‎Sajid I. Barcha, I'm sure, TTT would be glad that they have easily found "some other native who says the exact opposite" here in this virtual 'tribal' region... Lolz... By the way, Sajid, did you read the article again with related-articles?
Sajid I. Barcha: I have read all the articles by the same author, and I have also read one written by his sister. They are all in the competition for the most illogically written 'articles' of the year. Post it on the walls of TTT that Sajid has found a whole brigade of natives who would like to negate your each claim, one by one.    
Rehman Pak: Lolz
Sajid I. Barcha: What else can we do under this article, other than, "Lolz". http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-escaped-death-but-she-was-killed.html  Narrate to us what lead to this event in the mentioning.    
Rehman Pak: ‎Sajid I. Barcha, please, be sweet, don't act like a despot 'tribal' leader... let other rational and civilized members also to read them in an 'unbiased' way and comment, if they felt the need. Thanks for your time. Bye.
Sajid I. Barcha: is "despot" you favorite word or what? If you are expecting unbiased readership, write in an unbiased way. Start with mentioning reasons with evidences, put them in a logical structure, and then conclude. You have not done that. You have alleged, accused, then you have mentioned other people have have alleged, accused, and then you have concluded as if you provided any evidential reasons to whatever you claimed. When in reality what you have done is, "I think this is how it is, here are some local faceless nameless natives who also think this is how it is, so therefore, this how it is". Bullsh*t.
Piyar Ali: ‎Rehman Pak you are knocking at a wrong door..!! i know what outcome you want of this all propaganda...that outcome is impossible...dont waiste your time,.. sleep well. you call youself TTT but i refer you as TTP. you know what stands for TTP??? go and ask any Pakistani
Rehman Pak: Thank you, Piyar Ali.
Piyar Ali: ‎Sajid I. Barcha you are absolutely right...i was going to post some similar words but you precede...thnx

Mariyum Saeed: sorry to intrupt here without reading the above post. you people have propely started to compte with oneanother that who will lead in this debate? come on guys what is this? yesterday i said the same ke me hunkuzky guty to kambakhte billa ke me mekharaer e her fan Mawala samja aychaa baan. kamen jab cheecn jkako charoo...................... i have just seen the word TTP and TTP is far far better and this is what i want in our Hunzkuch youth ... you will amazed to here this but it is true our majority Hunzukhuz girls have started to elope with others:( i dont know why our youth became so much moderate that they have started to forget their tradtion and cluture.

Piyar Ali: @ Mariyum Saeed im not allowed to send you a message into your inbox (i think you hav not authorised it)...otherwise ma aap ko actual story batata k Rehman k sath ye behes kyun ho rahi ha

Mariyum Saeed: ok ok.cool down cool down. but m generally talking about our Hunzukuch regading elopeemnt issue that thing demand TTP kind of your youth

Mariyum Saeed: hunzukuch dasewanch. sorry i dont know what i am typing, sorry network problem, for hunzukuch dasewnch we need TTP [Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan] kind youth.

Piyar Ali: no Mariyum, im not supporting this kind of idea at all...their are tens of other ways to solve this issue....To deal with the hardware is always temperary and uncivilised, we have to refresh the softwares

Mariyum Saeed: hmm m getting but i get emotional when i see things like elopemnt in our girls, i know its not the way to slove issue we have to slove through soft power not by hard power but when things go byoud limits thn one should do what?
Piyar Ali: our society is very much interlinked and a ping vibrates tens of the time in the valley very quickly and keep on doing so... thats y we feel it tens of the time more than the people of cities like karachi and become emotional..."what to do" varies with the individual cases...but the common way to counter is " Gud Tarbiyat" and keeping an eye on the students (girls and boys as well)

Mariyum Saeed: now i got the whole picture of this nonsense Habib Sulemani. i now why he is doing all this. his sister was being expel from university on the basis of true facts and his sister is also running a group on Fb by using other name where she randomy post her so called journalist brother's articles specifially targetd by our respectful Sir Manzoor ALi 9my teacher0

Piyar Ali yes you are right this is the message what i wante dto tell your people(brothers) that kindly keep an eye on your sisters and other family members.i am not saying that keep them under certain restrictions but give them freedom as much as you trust but always keep an eye on them. Tarbiyat start from our home so hopefully you got my point. thnx

Piyar Ali: Ohhh @ Mariyum how you come to know about this story?? would you plz give me a hint??

Mariyum Saeed: i knew it early. kiu

Piyar Ali: was it true or???

Mariyum Saeed: offcourse true story that is why he is targeting sir Manzoor and Registrar Ahsan. he says that authorities have blamed on my sister etc she is not like that and nothing happened. you can ask from any kiu faculty member they know the whole story. this person frequenlt publish articles regarding her sister on the name of justice and his siter has wrritten and emailed to many lawyers to get justice.

Piyar Ali: mmmm this Habib sulemani is her real brother??

Mariyum Saeed: i think so he is her real brother that is why he using his pen power in media.

Piyar Ali: at the front page of "terror land" when i saw a man with a gun taking shelter of a vehicle with a fake military number plate, i hardly control my laughter... ISI is so stupid that it has started target killing using military numbered vehicles??? in the very next photo he shows a "Target killer in the seach of a prey" sitting on a Honda 70cc bike...!!! look at this drama...He must know target killers never search for an unknown prey, when they do it is all precisely worked-out...2nd and more interesting point, killer is sitting on a 70cc bike...which has max speed of 60 km/h with double sawari...it is even not used by the mobile snatchers in Karachi.

Rehman Pak: @Mariyum Saeed & @Piyar Ali, thanks for taking your time to give your reaction on The Terrorland group blogs while ignoring the content of this post under-discussion. I want to request you, please whatever KIU stories you have, take the moral courage and post them right here. As a member of TTT, I'll appreciate it. We never hide anything, that's what we stand for... brutal truth! So, be brave and tell your side of the truth. Thanks again.
Sajid I. Barcha, If you've a different narration regarding this post: ttp://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-escaped- death-but-she-was-killed.html, then, please, tell us that right here. Thank you very much.

Piyar Ali: Rehman Pak sorry dear independence of speech doesn't mean you put every thing on the desk..."

Masaidullah Baig: i just gone through some paras,,,,coz i got boaring reading misleaded or mis directed theme of articale,,,Okay leadership crisis agreed! but mostly is fabricated storry,,,We are locals and when kn ins and outs of society atlest some extend ,,,so sorry dude ! ur article is busted for its theme!

Azlim Virani: @ Rehman Pak: There is over 1078 members in this group that have some association with Hunza, direct or indirect, and everyone who has voiced their opinion has clearly this disagreed with the views of the TTT article. Credibility of TTT ...is in serious question of it's credibility. You, as a team member of TTT, should either issue a retraction with an apology or back up your Team with hard facts with concrete evidence. I think, the opinions of this group as a whole is a more accurate representation of the situation in Hunza, and your teams blog has done a disservice to the community.

Piyar Ali: @ Azlim Virani bravo

Rizwan Karim Hunzai: very true Azlim bro.

Appa Hunzai: its FLAWLESS, after reading the article i can say the writer is paid by either RAW or mosaad,cause the tone and language used by him is totally used by by these two,its another attempt to build a gape b/w army & the people,YES there are some issue should be tackle with care and according to the ethical values and social norms of the people of hunza,it doesnot mean what the writter is saying

Saranjam Beyg: Everyone has the freedom of speech but not at the cost of the 'integrity' of a nation. We need to distinguish between freedom of speech and abuse of freedom of speech.

Masaidullah Baig: his introduction is as novlist and fiction writer,,,And he did his best in above article,,,with addition of humor too.


 Rehman Pak: How an honest and civilized Ismaili, Hunzai, Gilgit, Pakistani or human being reacts? Reason! Here is an example from Ghizer valley. Please, point out the 'objectionable' points in blog, Cyber Age challenges & Ismaili Muslims, in a similar way. You'll get the answers.

NOTE: If you want to give your point of view on the post, besides the comments section of our group blogs, you can also email (hrwriter@gmail.com) us your statements so that we can publish it as a separate post in the future. AA from Hunza and ZG from Gilgit contributed to this report.—The Terrorland Team. Here is a link to the original post:

Salman Qadir Baig: get a life

Azmat Hussain: Rehman Pak man are you the head of the promotion department of the terrorland blog?

Rehman Pak: AA from Hunza and ZG from Gilgit are afraid about their lives and the sources they had talked were also reluctant to be named in the blog. They can be here, anyway, The Terrorland Team had edited many things but still people are angry. It was 'Shikwa' and the 'jawab-e-shikwa' may please all of you angry men and those from the MQM platform who are sending 'special' messages. We're really waiting for your feedback in the form of an article, if possible, please, send us we will publish it without any editing (we claim we publish even those comments in which we have been abused) so that things could be clear. Thanks for showing the tolerance. May God bless you all. Bye.

Sajid I. Barcha: Publish it? You think you run a leading periodical or a journal? my friend you blog at blogger, a free blogging domain of google! anyone who can write an article can also create a blog for himself! Instead of doing the favor of 'publishing' articles for others, do yourself a favor, find a publisher for your schizophrenic novelist

(And they cut the line by expelling Rehman Pak and deleting the whole debate as it had touched the 'taboo' subject: ISI-MQM joint venture in Gilgit-Baltistan!)


(In the meantime, a hot discussion was going on among the women of the region in a female room in the cyberspace.)

Nasira Parveen: Try to recognize the enemies within who are dividing our people to get promotion and raise in salary, hell with the nation... a must-read: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/07/cyber-age-challenges-ismaili-muslims.html
Dil Shad: Madam Nasira Parveen! it is very much flawless article, totaally failed. how much Sulimani sahb has made allegations on respected Sir Manzoor Ali. MashaALLAH MASHAallh sir is topper in PHD. HOW DARE TO BLAME ON RESPECTED SIR MANZOOOR ALI. for God sake dont post your brother's artcle here. we would be very much thank ful to you. illogical writting totally failed article. thousand times unlike unlike unlike. ‎MehPara Qadir check out dear. its totally flawless article   
Uzma Shah: As far as i know, this article is not flawless. woo kahtain hain na ki sachi bat hamesha kharvi lagti hain. Nasira parveen feel free to share any things with us.its too much informative.       
Appa Hunzai: yes you are right its not FLAWLESS, after reading the article i can say the writer is paid by either RAW or mosaad,cause the tone and language used by him is totally used by by these two,its another attempt to build a gape b/w army & the people,YES there are some issue should be tackle with care and according to the ethical values and social norms of the people of hunza,it doesnot mean what the writter is saying   
Aima Kiran: miss uzma shah.would u luv to prove all that......
Appa Hunzai: i agree with Aima kiran,step should be taken against the wrtier    
Amina Khan: to be honest when i read this article and it made me feel like i am reading newspaper's page six(gossiping about celebrities) section. here in the state when you write about people with out any prove or evidence you can get sued for it... i feel sorry that a well educated person have written this gossiping article....
Aima Kiran: after reading this stuff...i felt that i have read a third class story from third class novel.......flawless......
Amina Khan: and one more thing, why is this when you don't agree with some one you accuse them being ISI, MI or as @appa said RAW or MOSAAD agent... may be we don't want think beyond them....let's be open minded people       
Appa Hunzai: amina how can you call this person educated he must have a degree but he does not have any sense,its a common talk around us now a days and with out any prove people say it ISI or MI is behind any event or group,its a big bull shit and about working for moaas or raw i didn't used the word "agent",what i meant was he used the same language used by the articles written by the paid writers or news papers who are working against Pakistan and demoralizing the nation and building the gape b/w armed forces,we should be OPEN MINDED totally agreed but NOT at the stake of values, honour,dignity and Pakistan       
Amna Zamir: I can't get my head around, what's the purpose of this article? Calling khan-e-hikmat [or whatever it is] an NGO is an undigestable theory. Prof. Manzoor sb. is a well educated and a cultured true Ismaili leader, and upon the writers wording he can claim a defamatory suit. One more thing, why we are always ready to point on army for our self created shit. Need of the hour is that, stop blame game. I request the writer to do some research before anything, its even a shame to call this 'material' an article. My words are not to hit any person in perticular. Thanks!       
Amna Zamir: Lastly, am proud to be a part of a community where leaders like Haji Qudratullah Baig, Al-Waiz Ghulamuddin and Al-Waiz Sher Ahmed exists. May God bless them.       
Zohra Karim: Just a friendly advice to Nasira. Please be aware that this attitude won't do any good to you. I understand what you have gone through is huge and needs a lot of courage to face it, and I have always admired your courage and the support that you received from your family in those difficult moments of your life. But I am sorry to say that articles posted on this particular blog are very confusing and far away from reality. I will request you to anticipate the negative and hateful attitude of mass towards you and reconsider posting such articles. What I am saying is not a theory; it is even very obvious from this forum . The members of this forum who seemed very keen to know about your problem, appreciated your courage, and were very eager to help you in any what way have started giving negative remarks. And I don't blame them for doing so. Please understand that I have no intentions of offending you in any way it is a piece of advice I would have given any loved one.     
Shahida Aziz: Lets not be judgemental or emotional for a while...what is the truth?A personality disorder I.e paranoid type where some on is always blaming others for his or her paranoidal thoughts or actions..OR..is there is some thing really going on?who will determine?probably us.We need to carefully analyse things before we get to a conclusion.Gathering on a platform and solving issues. which ever side of the story they belong to will be helpful.And we must remember the naive nature of our people.      
Seemi Ali: A reader may not easily believe on the statments and arguments given by the writer in the article...this article is full of random statments without facts. I must say Lack of research work and poor knowledge on the topic.

(After blocking Rehman Pak from the Hunzai Tribe, he gets copies of posts from the room and gives personal message to Sajid I. Barcha to cool him down.)

Rehman Pak: Dear Sajid I. Barcha, Do you recognize this comment: "I would agree with Roderick Trotman. Muslim society lacks tolerance, which is very ironic since one of Islam's basic teachings is tolerance. I am a Muslim, and I don't behave like these not so rarely available bigots. There are many muslims like me, who would agree with you. I don't directly blame Islam, though many muslims of today have made Islam something it wasn't supposed to be. I do not understand where the supposedly basic teachings of tolerance, forgiveness, brotherhood, and knowledge have gone."

Sajid I. Barcha: Yes I do. So what's you point mate? So you have been stalking the internet for what I have said on different? Dude, you are so depressing, get a life, get outside, go to a khokha and have some tea in fresh air, ISI won't to kill you, if ISI want to kill you, your load-shedding affect apartment or the basement room is not something they can't penetrate, so, get a treatment for schizophrenia.

Rehman Pak: No. I’ve not that much free time. You have mistaken me. Your comment was sent to me by someone, pointing the difference between what you preach and then react in real life…

The double game is a part of our culture in the militarized and Talibanized society. This culture through the media especially internet is being spread by the ISI’s Zaid Hamid/Ahmed Quraishi brigade, through their stooges at different levels including Hunza and Gilgit. You may be representing this brigade in the United States? It is said that their members are now working on natives in America… to complete their ‘jehadist’ mission! They make young people emotional and then tell them to wear suicide-jackets or give them explosives/guns with targets...

Hay, after receiving threats from the MQM, one person has messaged me that the ISI and MQM have joined hands in Hunza as well… the Shias in Gilgit-Baltistan are devoted PPP loyalists so the terror game is now in the hands of a group of Ismailis…

And the Hunzai Tribe is run by them. They have blocked me without waiting for my answers. They behave like ISI-MQM goons. Cowards. They attack only when riding the ISI horse… Their terrorism works only using state agencies. But now the whole world is observing every move of them... they can’t can’t escape the laws. Remember, dear brother.

I personally want to ask you a question, Mr Sajid I. Barcha. What makes you so angry when you hear name of The Terrorland? Your profile says you are currently living in Warrensburg, Missouri, where you are studying computer information systems at the University of Central Missouri. So what on earth makes you an expert in the behavior sciences and you become judgmental as if a psychologist or psychiatrist. Why have you declared one of our respected bloggers schizophrenic like the stooges of the ISI and MI (ISI scandalizes mental condition & female relatives of critics). Tell me truthfully: any of your relatives is among the accused?

Sajid I. Barcha: This is interesting. First of all, I would like to know where I differ in my preaching and my acting. (I am so curious to know who would send you my comment from some months back that I even had to think strong to remember that It is something I wrote).
Dude, you simply don

Dude, you simply don't understand me. What you think as my "anger" is my natural style of writing. I have been debating on such forums for almost 7 years now, and I have a very straightforward style of expression, where i don't believe in "being nice" when the subject or the theme itself is not nice. I just say it straightforward and I don't really care how the person receives it like, usually, most idiots think I am fighting with them, but those who know me from the start know that already that that's how I write, even when i have to wish them a Birthday, that is how I write, so your judgement that I am "so angry" is wrong.

Zaid Hamid is an idiot. Everybody knows that. But you too are an idiot, everybody doesn't know that yet. Thankfully, you posted your article on Hunzai Tribe and many people got to know that. But your articles were deleted and you were removed, and It was me who objected to admin's this step and called it "stupid" for deleting you. He said you were spreading hatred against Imami Institutions, while all you were doing was just making a fool of yourself, and everybody was laughing at you. The admin is more likely to be your partner haha.

Let me tell you something, I have been into these political and IR related shit since I can't even remember when. I know more than you think I do, I am aware of all the sentimental and emotional rhetoric that goes around and also aware of the objective and sensible analyses that comes out every now and then from likes of Ahmed Rashid. And by the way,

Finally, Let me tell you what makes me an expert on behavior sciences: My innate abilities. I was born with a skill to analyse everything, especially behavior, physical as well as emotional. Besides that I have top-notch sociologist friends with whom we have discussed ALL ASPECTS that you can imagine of GB. If you can gather all the hours that I and my SOCIOLOGICAL, ANALYTICAL, PHILOSOPHICAL friends have spent BRAINSTORMING, Arguing, and Reasoning about Sociological, Cultural, Biological, Political and Mental issues concern GB and its people, the hours would reach upto 1000. By the way, we have discussed with reason, and we do not make assumptions, nor do we pass sweeping generalizations. During one particular even at KIU, me and 2 of my friends were co-incidently just outside the KIU campus having a tea and smoke, and we pretty much know what we are saying. In a nutshell, all you have done is made claims boy, as I told you, you have "claimed" many things, and proved not even shit.

I am a student of Critical Thinking, I studied Logical Argumentation as a subject for one year in an American High School when I was 17, I studied Critical Thinking Skills as a subject when I was doing A-Levels, I studied Sociology and A LOT related to it when I was doing A Levels, I studied Psychology and Philosophy as subjects here at this University of Central Missouri, I have stood at top on all those classes. I have scored 99% on all tests that test your critical thinking skills. I know what I am talking about. I don't need you to be confident in what I say, because I am confident in what I say. You have POORLY reasoned whatever you have written on terrorland blog, and come on, you are probably Habib Suleimani stop pretending.

By the way let me tell you something you are wondering about. In American education, no matter if you are studying Computers or Medicine or Accounting, half of your course is general education which aims at making you a thinking person. So out of about 48 subjects/courses I will take during my course, about 20 will be subjects like Philosophy, Sociology, History, Geography, Public Speaking, English Composition, Literature etc. So the fact that you wondered what makes a Computer Science graduate expert on Sociological aspects of certain things proves your unawareness of how things are going around in the world.

There are countless brilliant people from Hunza out there. When I say brilliant I don't mean Dr's, ACCA, CA or other technical people. I mean, Social Scientists, exceptionally smart and intelligent and Logical, and at such a time and crowd, my friend, you are simply going to fail.

Rehman Pak: Sajid I. Barcha, you are avoiding my points. Come to the unanswered points and question. Take the courage and tell the truth like the Americans do.

Sajid I. Barcha:
You are talking about the courage. I am trying to get you back into Hunzai Tribe, so that we can talk at an open table, like Americans do. There, I and you can actually have our debate. I will tell you why your article is basically nothing but yap-yap-yap, and there, I can tell answer all your questions, "like Americans do", haha, instead of this behind-the-wall talk that YOU started.

Rehman Pak: the person who had sent me your piece from the CNN webpage has sent the full discussion to our group saying that he had also sent copies of it to the spiritual leader of the Ismailis and many others as a sign of protest where the so-called educated lot of Hunza was destined to take the innocent people… the most surprising thing is that the admins are highly educated people from the West and some are living in the USA but, unfortunately, they act like clean-shaven and suited-booted Taliban… let me see what the message says....

Among the admins are: Tassawar Karim who works with the VOA in Washington DC, Saranjam Beyg is at Harvard University, Izhar Hunzai is heading the biggest NGO of the Aga Khan in Gilgit etc. Thus the person proves that whatever The Terrorland has been writing for over a year is true. The military establishment plans to make an “elusive Ismaili Taliban” after Shia and Bralvi brands of the militants. TTT may publish it… because you guys want it. 

You guys are mad at the blog even though a lot of it was edited. If TTT had published it entirely as it was sent from Gilgit and Hunza, mostly in Urdu, what would have you guys done with your ISI-MQM joint death-squad…?

What would have been your personal reaction about this edited matter if it were published:

1) the ISI-MI Majors’ gang was particularly making Gojali girls target who are bolder than many others. 2) the MQM has brought racism to Hunza and the gang was trying to create differences between Burushaaki, Wakhi and Shina people as a part of the ISI-MI plan so that the people could not demand their basic human rights. 3) how the son of a photographer had been molested by security personal; what is the school-time story of Manzoor Ali and his blond brother known as “Truck Boys”. 4) how a medical doctor working with an NGO used his woman to get the high-ranking job at the Karakoram University. 5) demands of raids at the ISI headquarters in Gilgit and shop of Javed moviemaker to recover “blue” movies and photographs hundreds of innocent boy and girl students besides housewives.

TTT deleted all these bullshit as most of them were written in Urdu, but even than you guys are angry, full of venom? What can make you guys happy: to follow the ISI-MI criminal line?

No. We can’t be like you. We are not opportunists like you and your ISI-MI handlers whose patriotism is limited to get promotions and extensions in jobs plus scholarships for their children... when it ends they can do anything and work for anyone... this is your level of patriotism...

We love Pakistan and as a post on our site says we represent the 180 million helpless people of Pakistan who are suffering at the hands of our corrupt and criminal ruling class. We seek justice and accountability of the military and political establishments in the country. Only in this way peace and prosperity can be possible not only in Pakistan but the whole world.  Goodbye! 

Sajid I. Barcha: I would like to talk to the person who sent you that comment. First off, is there something wrong written in that comment? I couldn't entirely comprehend what you want to say in the first part, Admins of which page? How do they act like Taliban?

Now about your second comment:

1) ISI-MI Majors have solved all their problems and now their main issue is the "bold" Gojali girls? Are you in your senses? Rehman Pak jee, I would like to know what is your definition of "bold", I spent about 2 years in Gilgit recently, I know what kind of boldness some girls of Gojal are showing. I used the word "some" because I do not want to stereotype of generalize all Gojali girls because of 'some' rotten apples. There are rotten apples from central and lower Hunza too, but for some* reason, the ratio is higher among the Gojali girls, may be they come from a culture that is rather more naive and lax than the one they finally fall victims to (the culture that is in Gilgit).

2) I am not sure how can you claim that about MQM, I have great friends from Hunza, upper, central, and lower, who voted for different parties, and still we sit together and talk in a friendly way. In Hunza, differences do exist from street level up to Tehsil level, but connecting it to a bigger "game" is unreasonable. There are differences between Ganishkutx, there are differences between groups in Altit, so are in Baltit, so are in Aliabad. When we zoom out, we see differences and (clashes of interest) between Ganish and Altit, Altit and Baltit, Aliabad and Hasanabad, Altit and Ahmedabad etc. When we zoom out further we see differences between Brusho's and Wakhi's. Brusho's of central Hunza and Brusho's of Nagar. Then there are differences and divisions between people of Nasirabad. Then there are differences between Shishkat and Gulmit. Then there are differences between Lower Nagar and Upper Nagar. If we zoom further out, we see differences between Hunza region and whole Nagar region. Then there are differences between Hunza/Nagar and Gilgit. Then there are divisions between Punial and Gupis. Then there are between Punial and Ishkomen. When you come to Gilgit, then there are differences and divisions between Kamins, Sheen's and Yashkuns. Then there are those between Astore and Diamer. Then there differences and fatal divisions within Chilasi clans. There there is the huge division and conflict of interests between Gilgit and Baltistan. Then we zoom out again there are conflicts, divisions and differences between Gilgit and Chitral. Then there are those between Gilgit-Baltistan and KP. Then There are between KP and Hazara division. Then there those between Sindh and Punjab.
From top to bottom, the country is divided on political, ethnic, linguistic, religious, sectarian, and social bases.

Talk of something logical, if you talk about the meddling of ISI/MI on national level politics then may be we can actually talk, but you have gone too parochial and local with a very national phenomenon. If you are doing all this with "good faith", then let me tell you that what you doing is in no way a reflection of good will from your side.

3) This one is interesting. I am a son of a photographer. About a son being molested, what are you implying? I come from a respectable family raised by a respectable father who started a business from scratch and expanded it through hard word and good business luck. I have a brother in Army, but he is addressing real issues somewhere in Pakistan, problems that are much bigger than "bold" Gojali girls. I am sure he doesn't even know you. I have another brother by the name of Javaid, who has a photographic shop. This will continue on number 5. I don't know about Manzoor and his blonde brother, and I am not interested in school days either. Whatever you are implying, is probably a personal thing about Manzoor and to me that doesn't count as anything since you have made claims so foolish earlier that this one doesn't hold any credence.

4) This is another accusation and allegation.

5) Shop of Javaid movie-maker being raided? First of all, let me tell you that it was me who ran that shop for full 2 years, I was managing it. I know insides out of each of three computers on my lab. Our shop neither saved such blue pictures, neither have we ever printed such pictures. My dad has fired, after beating the hell out of, 2 employees on 2 different occasions for printing "bold" pictures of people. My brother also fired an employee for printing bold pictures after the shop was closed one night, since our employees sleep inside the shop, they can print what they want, but most of our employees come from our trusted stock. In about 40 years of services, three people were involved in such things and all three were fired since it is against our policy. ISI/MI is welcome to search all our computers to see for themselves, BUT, they will have to bring along the person who accused and filed the complaint to them, so that once the search is over, we can take care of him, legally of course, and file a suit against him for degrading the goodwill of a firm that has served generations.

Now talking about blue films of boys and girls and housewives, I guess you are talking about the "bold" Gojali stock. It is impossible for over a "hundreds" of people to be raped and staying silent. If such a "boldness" is exhibited by some Gojali's, it is probably done by their own will. I myself know countless non-Ismaili boys who have their girlfriends from the "bold" Gojali stock. I was born and raised in Gilgit, and all my Ismaili friends too are mostly raised in Gilgit, so we have utthna-baitthna with Shia and Sunni boys. And They embarrass us by telling us stories from KIU, of course, stories of bold Ismaili girls (and I know you know where those Ismaili girls come from). They tell us how their this and that friend screwed this and that bold girl.

I was in commercial almost 2 years ago at Madina hotel having tea, when I recieved a text saying there is a "problem" very close. We ran over to figure out that two brothers from Ganish, shia brothers, we just caught red handed in their apartment with a Gojali girl (from Passu, i even know her name) by the police. She had been there with them for 5 days, She came down in police escort wearing trousers, and Hunzai boys were shouting at her, and she spit towards them, the Ganish boys also threatened the boys from Altit on their way out. It was boys from Hunza who made this possible otherwise that girl would continue to be bold in their bedroom for no matter how long. The Wakhi boys arrived there, they were upset of course.

I am not in favor of killing them to stop it. I think this will continue, by this i mean the boldness of some gojali girls will continue, unless you accept where you have gone too far in raising your young girls.

And by the way, the sociological causes of this boldness dates back to the days of Mirs, when people from Central Hunza would go to Gojal for "relaxing", and Biology says that over a generation or two, Habits root themselves in genes.


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