July 7, 2011

Generals in real-estate business—WikiLeaks missing stories released

   * President Zardari demanded Rs2 billion from real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz....
   * Malik made Gen. Kayani’s brother business-partner on Presidential threats...
   * ISI chief owns many commercial plazas in Rawalpindi and Islamabad...

By Habib R. Sulemani

Army Chief Gen. Kayani, right, ISI chief Lt-Gen. Pasha
THE revelations of WikiLeaks have taken the world by storm and embarrassed the Obama Administration in the United States. But when I look at the content of the leaked American diplomatic cables regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan, I feel nothing new in them.

The Army Chief calls the shots in Pakistan and it’s a universal truth. How the generals play double games, that’s also known by everyone. So whatever the former American Ambassador has reported from Islamabad (in the leaked cables), is actually an open secret in our country. For journalists, researchers and historians, these cables have value just because responsible diplomats of the Super Power have documented them in a bureaucratic way—thus they’re citation material for everyone.

I feel, many things, being discussed in a journalistic circle, are missing in the WikiLeaks. I want to count a few of them in this blog in the hope that The Terrorland Team (TTT) will not edit them. Discussing such things will bring the hidden truth out. Only truth can make national organizations credible and stronger; hiding them will bring more embarrassments to Pakistan in the future!

Here are some stories which the WikiLeaks missed: 

1-     The military establishment allowed the Taliban to takeover Swat region to deceive the American Administration and get funds for fight terrorism. When the Taliban were entering Swat region, a very professional Deputy Superintendent (DSP) of the regional police told the government to allow him, to stop advancement of the Taliban. The high-ups told him shut-up it was a strategy of the military establishment. Then the DSP was transferred to another region.

2-     A follower of Maududi — Godfather of Pakistan Army & al-Qaeda — was appointed as Commissioner of the region, who allegedly facilitated the Taliban's takeover of Malakand Region and then the so-called military oppression against the Taliban started.

3-     Militant leader Maulana Sufi Muhammad, also a follower of Maududi, was given full security with a chauffeur-driven land-cruiser by the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) so that he could terrorize the people to leave region. Later, the military media cell gave the faked news of the death of Sufi’s son and son-in-law (even now Sufi is said to be a valued guest of the ISI like Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan).

4- When a straightforward Pashtun Major-General wanted to finish the reign of Taliban the tribal areas, he was transferred to downtown—but he refused, saying that until he finishes the enemies of Pakistan, he couldn’t leave the battleground. However, later, he was tactfully packed off—  

President Zardari with real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz.
5-     After becoming President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari allegedly demanded Rs. 2 billion from a well-known real-estate tycoon, Malik Riaz of Bahria Town. (It could be commission or bribery as Mr. Zardari was known as Mr. 10 Percent when his wife Benazir Bhutto was Prime Minister of Pakistan) Without payment, the tycoon was told, he couldn’t continue his lucrative business in His Majesty Zardari’s domain! The tycoon refused. But when the Presidency threatened him to deposit the said amount in a given account, Malik Riaz suffered a heart attack but, fortunately, survived due to in-time treatment. 

6-     After recovery, the first thing Malik Riaz (the tycoon) did was calling the brother of Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani—and offering him partnership in the huge real-estate business. (The tycoon has reportedly also given shares to the management of the National Press Club Islamabad to amalgamate the Media Town with his Bahria Town) After this strategy of the tycoon, President Zardari kept silent (at least for the time being).

7-     Another thing which was talk of the journalistic community about two years back was that ISI chief Lt-Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha owns many commercial plazas in the twin-cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. One of his commercial plazas is situated near the PIA office in Saddar area of Rawalpindi, where the Dawn Media Group had also its Bureau Office. A serving Major of the Pakistan Army had been assigned to collect rent from the tenants at the beginning of every month.

So these things are missing in the WikiLeaks. What’s the truth? The 180 million people of Pakistan want to know it. I hope President Zardari, Gen. Kayani and Lt-Gen. Pasha wouldn’t hesitate to tell the truth in this regard as the global scenario is changing rapidly... and eyes of the whole world are fixed on Pakistan’s ruling class. (Photos via Google)


  1. Mr Terror land ur imagination knows no bounds. It is u who should tell the public rather than throwing the chilled water at the face of the Generals. Sometimes I wonder that this blog belongs to RAW to deliberately inject the venom in the minds of the public. We need to find out where is ur origin. Are you an Indian or a so called patriotic but a scoundrel in being

    1. everything and everyone who talks about the corruption in pak army is an agent of raw, only pak army generals are Frishtas ?

    2. will you please educate us about the great 'conspiracy' against Chief Justice? Is Malik Riaz so powerful that he can execute such a plan without the support of powerful centers?

  2. will u approve it???

  3. u come around with unsubstantiated stories about the army and expect us to believe in. Now u are poising as a patriot with a scoundrels motives. It is without any doubt that you are a CIA agent whose main purpose is to bad mouth the army

  4. Why should we not think this 'am' guy works for ISI instead?
    He wants us to substantiate our allegations?
    What would happen if we do?
    What happened to substantive info, documents and witnesses that have already been provided?
    Does he want us to post their secret Swiss Bank Accounts?
    We will but does it mean, these Military people like him would quit their jobs in ISI because of that and would stop rebuffing our allegations?

  5. Court charges Sufi Mohammad with murder, treason after two years, heeeeeheeeeheeeeeheeeee.....


  6. From my FB on this post:

    Soulat Pasha: gup shup ......no reference/no source quoted....anyways interesting.....

    Rehman Pak: Once the generals are gone, Mr Pasha, then evidence will be presented in courts of law... the people are terrorized by the ISI chief Gen Pasha...

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    india terror land

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  9. We should not forget the facts that only few years back Pakarmy mafia people were recklessly selling nuclear bomb technologies to the most rogue states of the world, and raking huge amount of personal wealth.

    French parliament was apprised by their secret agencies that the 11 French engineers killed in Karachi were because of the revenge by Pak-military mafia people who were asking their commissions for the arms deal.

    We know that Arab religious zealots pay army mafia in pakistan to train, protect and secure wahabi islamic terrorists to kill shia, and also to undermine the human civilization throughout the world. Osama was under the protection and security of Pak army mafia.Taliban are safe and secure too.

    Pak Army mafia has always been involved in the worst human-rights violations, the worst victims are non-punjabi pakistanis. The had killed 500,000+ Bangali Pakistanis in 1971, they had also raped 100,000 of their women. They killed Sindhis during MRD, Mohajirs during 1990's , they are still killing Baluchis, they killed millions of Afghanis by waging proxy wars and supporting their extremist agents their.

    India is our very positive neighbor, we share our culture, language and history with them , they are infect the closest people in the whole world. India is a very positive country, its democratic, its secular, its rational and its non-aligned and neutral. Pak army mafia create the fear of india to justify the swindling of our nation in the name of defense against india, we all know "hijra(eunuch) army " could never protect the nation.

    SHAME TO PAK ARMY --may the human civilization realize and disband pak army by their joint action.

  10. they were selling nuclear technology to the most rogue states and raking money in their personal accounts.

    They train , harbor and protect terrorists and take money from Arab religious zealots, for their agenda to derail human civilization, kill shias, and enforce khalaphat. Osama, taliban and all the jihaddi have the full support of pa military mafia.

    the French parliament was apprised by their country's secrete agencies that the 11 French engineers killed in Karachi were in because of the non payment of commissions to the military mafia people.

    Pak army killed 500,000 Banglai pakistanis and raped their 100,000 women just because they were not Punjabis. They killed thousands of Sindhis during MRD, they killed thousands of Muhajirs during operation cleanup 1990's , they are killing baluch pakistanis, they killed millions of Afghans in the name of islamic jihad.

    India is a positive secular democratic country, we share same language, culture, race and history. However it is in the interest of pak army mafia to remain in the situation of jingoism so that the huge defense budget would be justify. around 50% of the country's resources are swindled by the army mafia and people remained hungry and destitute. Pakistan has become the lowest percapital income country in the region .

  11. Dear
    you mentioned that Army chief and ISI chief Pasha own my plazas, but you have mentioned only one (of Gen. Pasha) in your story. Your claim about Malik Riaz appears dubious as Malik is working for Zardari now for political manoeuvring/survival of alliances/coalition, etc. I have gone thru your article, and found nothing new but propaganda.

  12. I think these comments are too brutal.. I dont buy this argument that Kayani is looking for another extension. Even the previous one was not his doing, in fact he should be grateful to USA. All said an don,e his role as Army chief has been dubious, his brothers are busy minting money which is not possible without his blessings , moreover turning a blind eye towards the corruption of Zaradri & Co.iand lack of governance of the govt. indicates that Kayani is party to this crime..

  13. If we trust so then we should also trust India, US, UK and Israel because you are telling us the same story......that is:
    2)Pakistan=rouge state
    3)Army=Misguiding the West
    Itni sasti shurat hassil karne ka shooq hai to Peshawar chaala ja......apne "free media" meinn live apni bund marwata howa dekha kissi Pathan se ya apni phen idhar bhej de................
    IMPORTANT: Baytay jab tak hum, Pakistan ke baytay zinda hai.........tumhe kamiyaab nahi hone dein ge.......khoon ka aakhiri qatra tak Quaid-e-Azam k Pakistan ke defaa mein laga dein ge...
    PAKISTAN ARMY, MI, ISI Paindabad
    Salute to 35,000 civilian and 3,500 military shaheeds
    ab ja ke ghus jao apni maa asma jahangir ke khussay mein!

    1. ISI and MI are the real enemies of Pakistan as the Pakistan Army Chief Gen Kayani not only uses them against others but also Pakistani. Over 40,000 people were killed by ISI in terrorist attacks inside Pakistan just to show the world that "we're also victim of terrorism" and then get dollars. Now people have got up to end the criminal game and liberate Pakistan. Pls read our archives for details. Thankss.

  14. will you please educate us about the great 'conspiracy' against Chief Justice? Is Malik Riaz so powerful that he can execute such a plan without the support of powerful centers?

    will it lead to another adventure?


    1. Pakistan Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Paevez Kayani will takeover Bharia Town before next polls, so that he can influence results of the general elections as political parties and mainstream media are going out of ISI's control gradually.

      "For this bizarre plan Gen Kayani has used the son of the Chief Justice of Pakistan in a typical-ISI style, what a shame for the Armed Forces of Pakistan," a source told The Terrorland today.
      Earlier, Gen Kayani had made one of his brother business-partner of the real-estate tycoon Riaz Malik, "but instead of the Kayanis, Malik projected his son as CEO, which was not acceptable for the Army Chief who is planing his after-retirement life these days".

      "Gen Kayani' and his brothers' corruption and extra-constitutional actions have not only demoralized officers and soldiers in our security forces, but also left Pakistan in isolation in the global community," a defense analyst said. requesting probe into the allegations.

      The Terrorland Team appeals to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to also take suo moto notice of the Kayani Brothers so that the over 184 million people of the country feel that the apex court is really 'independent' and justice is done properly without any fear of the guns!



    2. Corruption scandal against a son of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is a "joint game” to improve court-image before final "decision" against government.

      “Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was being criticized throughout the country for turning the apex court into a 'military-court' as the civilian Prime Minister was convicted in a minor case but serving and retired army generals are let go free in heinous crimes including cases of high-treason,” a source told The Terrorland today.

      “Now, Justice Chaudhry may convict his own son, and ISI media gurus will paint him as a honest-judge like those in the history of Islamic,” a legal expert said, “but no one can be a Qaziul Qaza in Pakistan as the generals are still above the laws… the chief justice’s son may b convicted like the PM, but the generals will still not follow the laws of the land… the everyday life of top army generals is against the Constitution of the Islamic republic... who will bell the cat?”

      However, the legal expert added: “If the generals are convicted like other citizens of the country, it can restore respect of the judiciary which is under the clouds of militarization.”

      Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Paevez Kayani desperately wants to get a higher office (Presidency) as the end of his extended service is fast approaching. “It’s the only way to avoid criminal cases against him (Gen Kayani) like the corruption cases against incumbent president (Zardari).”

      Gen Kayani and Gen Pasha are the mastermind of this childish scam, the source said, and they have involved the real-estate tycoon Riaz Malik, who had made Gen Kayani's brother his 'unofficial' business partner to avoid demands of Zardari [http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/12/do-or-die-4-options-for-unified-state.html].

      "This scam can be a trick of the Kayani brothers to malign Riaz Malik and take complete control of his Bahria Town projects in the country," a media person opined.

      Sources say that the ISI tried to sell this 'story' to some Western journalists but failed as they raised some basic journalistic questions which could not be answered by the front-men of the secret agency in the UK and USA. Finally, like Mansoor Ijaz of the military(memo)gate fame... ISI selected Manzur Ejaz and Shaheen Sehbai for this so-called Family-gate.

      Shaheen Sehbai is an old friend of Gen Kayani who started first anti-Musharraf cyber campaign at the behest of Gen Kayani (to takeover control of ISI and then Pakistan Army). Now, the second takeover-campaign is going on!

      “Shaheen Sehbai has refused to get money for this new campaign, which is actually against the civilian government not the chief justice. However, Mr. Sehbai has got guarantee from Gen Kayani that one of his a relatives in the military would be promoted to the next higher rank… He has also been guaranteed by ISI chief that his name (Shaheen Sehbai as Group Editor) would keep appearing in the print-line of the Pakistani daily newspaper, The News International.

      However, Dr. Manzur Ejaz has got “indirect donation” of $ 0.1 million for his organization and website which promote Punjabi nationalism, and claims that Gen Kayani, Justice Chaudhry, Nawaz Sharif and others have supported his work.

      Gen Kayani and his hidden No-2, Lt-Gen Shuja Pasha have successfully dislodged the main pillars of President Zardari -- including Hussain Haqqani, his wife Farrah Isphahani, Babar Awan and now home minister Rehman Malik while PM Gilani proved stronger -- now the final 'kick' is being planned!

      Experts believe, it’s a "do or die situation" for both President Zardari and Army Chief Gen Kayani. “The Chief Justice is being made a sacrificial goat — on one side, there is a gun-toting general while on the other side there is a democracy-claiming president!! [The Terrorland Investigative Report]


    3. ISI media gurus, Shaheen Sehbai & Manzur Ejaz, present "Gen Kayani Show" to punish CJP. Just see their foolish talk, especially their use of words and body language... do these old guys think rest of Pakistan is fool and will believe in the ISI old dirty tricks? Earlier ISI tried to play a similar game on Dunya TV's Lucman Show throw Pakistan Army Chief Gen Kayanii's alleged personal assistant and columnist Harronur Rashid. What a shame for journalism in Pakistan! Both ISI media gurus, Shaheen Sehbai & Manzur Ejaz, are American nationals, and they do everything, sources told The Terrorland, on orders of Gen Kayani, who, "wants to pressurize Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry regarding cases against generals and the civilian government." http://youtu.be/jdvoar755Wc

    4. "ISI kills 19 in Peshawar bus bombing to divert attention from Gen Kayani's involvement in Bahria Town scam. TV channels being told to give coverage to the bomb blast and ignore Riaz Malik case" Breaking News. [from our Facebook page]

    5. Crimes against humanity in Balochistan: ISI victim, Justice Javed Iqbal's story is painful! After killing his elderly parents after his harsh remarks against the powerful secret agency [http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/06/murder-of-general-by-generals.html], he was forcefully retired from the Supreme Court of Pakistan and made the Osma bin Laden Commission head... no one knows what it did under the stressful presence of army generals -- who are both the accused as well as real judges -- now as head of a judicial commission on recovery of missing persons, probably under duress, has given clean-chit to ISI, MI, FC and held only foreign intelligence agencies responsible for crimes against humanity in Balochistan [http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/03/balochistan-bleeds-on-pakistan-day.html].

      It has enraged current Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry who has said he would call Army Chief Gen Kayani [who is under the shadow of Kayanigate: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/07/generals-in-real-estate.html ] regarding the tyrant acts of his aide and Frontier Corps (FC) Inspector-General Major General Ubaidullah Khattak.

      As we've said earlier: "Pakistan Army generals are more equal than citizens. Politicians and others are humiliated and punished through courts in the country but those generals who have publicly confessed to their crimes, are let free on pressure from the ISI, MI or directly the GHQ. If Pakistan Supreme Court is not a 'Military Court' then it must convict at least the retired generals including Aslam Beg, Hamid Gul and Asad Durrani. People say these millionaire generals are the real enemies of Pakistan in the guise of 'defenders'. If justice is further delayed, an Arab-like revolution can destroy everything the military officers-turned-politicians -turned-business tycoons!"

      It's time for change! The over 184 million people of Pakistan want accountability of army generals like civilians... people want prompt justice after 65 years of injustices...

      Pakistan needs a professional Army not a real-estate agency: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-kind-of-army-pakistan-needs.html


  15. Shut-up this non-sense. Who is going to believe this concocted story? Keep such stories for Indian audiences. Who bastard wrote this non-sense?

  16. KAYANI-GATE: Kayani Brothers, Malik Riaz, Mushtaq Minhas involved in the great scam. The Terrorland has reliably learned that the son of Chief justice of Pakistan is just a deceptive act for the media... Sources claimed that Aaj TV anchorperson Mushtaq Minhas is working as a "real estate broker" for "Chota Kayani" -- brother of Pakistan Army Chief Gen Kayani, whom real estate tycoon Malik Riaz had made his business-partner after alleged threats from President Zardari -- "Mushtaq Minhas has sold the Media Town to Chota Kayani who will make it part of the Bahria Town after kicking Malik Riaz out of the business empire," a source claimed. "Those journalists who had plots in the Media Town, the gang has bought them directly or indirectly... and those journalists who are not willing to sell the plot, they are being forced to do so."

    For Media Town details, pls read: "A plot of land & the mass murder plot"


  17. pathetic blog full of non sense by liberal shit

  18. This is all BULLSHIT. Everyone knows that Malik Riaz was the broker, witness and guarantor of Nawaz-Zardari Agreement of August 2008 that upon the fall of Musharraf, Judges will be restored immediately. Then why would Zardari threaten MR AFTER his assuming the post of president???
    You are a crackhead, nothing more

  19. True. seems more accurate. I have heard stories about media town and role of mushtaq minhas there. My uncle is journalist and have plot in media town.
    I dont understand how these people labeling people of raw agent and indian agent will see the true picture and stop such non sense.

  20. This story seems true. I heard these stories from on of the resident of media town and a journalist.
    This action on CJ is more like agencies action rather then civil govt action. Army can go to such extent to keep things in hand. labeling people as raw agent is also bullshit and non-sense.

  21. Pakistani secret agencies block The Terrorland Facebook page after 'Kayanigate' exclusive story.


    Let us say on behalf of the over 184 million people of our beloved country: criminal generals can't escape the long arm of law...


    The Terrorland Team


  22. ISLAMABAD, Dec 5: Former chief of army staff General (retired) Ashfaq Pervez Kayani may have called it a day but he is still in the line of fire. While he was still in service, General Kayani planned to spend his retired life in Islamabad’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) where he constructed a house with a grey stone finish at a scenic location in Phase 1.

    Perched on a corner plot, the house continues to stand apart in the housing colony. Its terraced gardens slope down to the River Soan. The plot in front remains vacant.

    However, security experts felt that the house was a security threat because it was impossible to protect the rear end of the house (where the land sloped down to the river).

    Although, the house has close circuit television (CCTV) for monitoring the security of the house but this was deemed insufficient.

    Consequently, Gen Kayani, months before his retirement, started constructing a new house in the heavily guarded and secure neighbourhood of the Army House, a retired army officer living in the same area claims.

    According to him, it was chance that a piece of land was lying vacant near the official residence of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC).

    However, the retired officer added that some quarters of low level (Class IV) or conservancy staff were there but after the four kanal of land were allotted to Gen Kayani, these quarters have been relocated.

    These are not the only properties that the retired COAS is said to own.

    Sources in the Military Estate Office (MEO) said he also owns a two kanal piece of land in the army’s officer colony of National Stadium Karachi (NSK) where about 100 army officers own property.

    The value of the NSK plots may be gauged by the fact that soon after this land was allotted in February 2006, former director general of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt-General Ahmed Shuja Pasha sold it for Rs23 million.

    Brigadier (retired) Amjad Kayani, a brother of Gen Kayani, when contacted said that his brother needed a secure house to live in. http://www.dawn.com/news/1060830/security-threats-force-kayani-not-to-move-to-retirement-house

  23. part 1

    Did Gen Kayani’s brothers make billions?
    Azaz Syed
    Monday, November 25, 2013
    From Print Edition

    When I shook hands with a bespectacled, well-built bald man donning a grey suit without a tie, I thought he was a wrestler — almost six feet tall, with a nicely cut beard, a visible scar on his face.

    “He can’t be the brother of Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the Chief of Army Staff; he might be a guest and I must be mistaken,” I thought to myself.

    Brigadier (retd) Amjad, brother of Gen Kayani, introduced himself with an expressionless face and welcomed me at the porch of his house where three cars — a Mercedes, a Honda and a Corolla — were parked. The four-kanal house of Brigadier (retd) Amjad Kayani was located in a street in a middle class Rawalpindi locality.

    I reached the house after driving through a bumpy road. While entering the area I was thinking of how come the alleged billionaire brother of Gen Kayani could live in this area.

    When I reached the main door, I was welcomed by a silver plate hanging on the main wall inscribed with the word “Kayanis” in golden colour. I did not see even a single soldier for security there. However, a plain clothes security guard, after asking my name, opened the door. I had been hearing stories about the alleged corruption of Gen Kayani’s brothers.

    Journalistic instinct of digging deep had brought me to the doorstep of Gen Kayani’s brother. I intentionally did not contact the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) intellectuals who always give a formal reply to each serious question posed to them or request not doing the story whenever one wants to do any beyond their publicity agenda.

    Amjad Kayani, a retired Brigadier of the Infantry Division of the Army, is the second oldest after Gen Kayani and retired in 2005. Gen Kayani has three sisters and three brothers. The eldest sister is settled in Canada followed by Gen Kayani, Brigadier (retd) Amjad, Major (retd) Babur and Kamran Kayani, the youngest brother.

    Their one sister, a major doctor in Army, was screened out and retired by a same board which Kayani was heading in 2007-08 and another is a teacher; all are settled and living their married lives in Pakistan. But one would hear whispers of alleged influence and corruption of Kayani brothers.

    Amjad Kayani was the man who, back in 1998, told his siblings that they had the status by being Army officers but they lacked money to sustain their status, thus the family decided to send their youngest brother in business by leaving the Army. Kamran Kayani is the richest among all the brothers.

    After welcoming me, Amjad took me to his drawing room, which was well-decorated but the paint of walls was somehow fading. After formalities he unexpectedly permitted me to ask whatever I wanted to. I told him about the rumours of his and his brother’s alleged corruption etc.

    I asked him about a company owned by an ex-army officer and doing a business allegedly in the name of Gen. Kayani. The said officer remained ADC to the General for quite sometime.Brigadier (R) Amjad confirmed he too had received such complaints that the ex-army officer was using their name. However, he categorically denied that any of the four brothers ever had any link with that officer or got involved with his company.

    Many in the military circles believe that former a former defence official and a former army officer did a lot of business by using their close contacts with Gen. Kayani. However, nobody is there to share any particular evidence of their “wrongdoing”. The reporter would love to write on the subject if someone comes up with evidence.

  24. part 2

    After having cold drinks we started taking tea amid a hot discussion on the allegations they faced. Visibly upset, he said what they could do if anybody wanted to drag them. “I recently hired a plaza in Pindi to start a restaurant. When someone comes to know that I’m going to start a restaurant in this plaza, they always say this is the plaza of Gen Kayani’s brother.” Then he talked about Major (R) Babar Kayani, who lives in an Inter (ISI) apartment allotted to his doctor wife who serves the agency.

    Amjad Kayani said he left the Army to try his luck in business. He installed stone-crushing machines in Hattar district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

    “Babur had some issues with his landlord in Hattar. The landlord violated the agreement with Babur and not only ordered him out, but also started giving applications here and there. I advised Babur to approach the court. He is depositing the rent with the court as the landlord is not receiving it,” said Brig (R) Amjad.

    Gen. Kayani’s youngest brother Kamran Kayani is the CEO of JKB Constructions which handled the Ring Road Project in Lahore. Kamran Kayani came into the media glare in 2009-10 when the then Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told reporters in a press conference outside Parliament House that Gen. Kayani was so nice that when he and the Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif told Gen. Kayani that Kamran company’s work was not up to the mark he asked them to assign this job to someone else.

    According to Amjad, Kamran won the same contract in an open bidding and never used the influence of his eldest brother. Once in 2004, Kamran sought his help, as the Punjab government had stalled a payment. The government released the payment but after that Kamran stopped receiving the contracts. Quoting Kamran, Amjad said: “Here everyone has their share of payment received by the contractor, and if someone violates it by using influence they cannot receive contracts,” said Amjad.

    After this incident, Kamran never used the eldest brother’s help because he had learnt the tricks of the trade. Amjad proudly told this reporter that a BMW was in Kamran’s use in 2004, as he had made money from his construction business. He said Kamran’s company had been a no-limit company since 2005. No-limit company is the one that can get a project of any cost. “We rose from the ashes to the skies; why would we use the influence of our brother?”

    Amjad said he would never like to be introduced by the name or designation of his brother. He said no family member would ever use Gen Kayani’s name. Asked if any of his brothers was ever favored by anybody in the name of their ‘Bhai Jaan’ Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Amjad smiled while drawing on his cigarette and said: “Yes, you’re right … but I tell you we never got any favor in his name. However, if someone favored us thinking that we are brothers of Gen. Kayani then it is their mistake, not ours,” he emphasised.

    “I helped people whenever somebody came to me from the Army or elsewhere; if he had a genuine problem, I helped him if I could.”

    Asked about the family’s reaction to Gen Kayani’s extension in service, he said almost every family member was against the extension. He said there were some military compulsions requiring him to continue in the office. Asked if his brother will get another job after retirement, he said: “A COAS never does a job.” Referring to Gen Jahangir Karamat, Amjad said he was the only Army Chief who opted for a job after retirement.

  25. part 3

    Amjad said they were happy that their brother will join them back, as he was not in good health due to chain smoking. “He needs rest; he will not be doing any job.”

    Asked if it’s true that their mother called Gen. Kayani as ‘Majh’ (a buffalo), his face broke into a smile and nodded in the affirmative. Explaining, he said their brother was a reticent person. He said when Gen Kayani was a colonel and served Benazir Bhutto, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Nawaz Sharif (about three months) as Deputy Military Secretary at the Prime Minister’s House in early 90s, he would never share anything official with any family member, so the mother would call him ‘Majh’.

    “Ashfaq and I both were smokers but we decided to quit smoking in 1984. Ashfaq started smoking in 2004 when the then Army Chief appointed him as the head of a committee to probe the December 2003 attacks on him. This was the same committee in which Musharraf took a fancy to Kayani; he has also mentioned it in his memoirs — In the line of Fire. After winning the confidence of his chief my brother became the Army Chief after brief appointments as DG ISI and Vice Chief of Army Staff.”

    This reporter was not allowed to take notes but Brig (R) Amjad was kind to have allowed him an audience with him without any reference and came to the car porch to say good-bye. As I sat behind the wheel, I asked Amjad if his brother would pen a book.

    “He will not; if he asked me, I will not advise him because one cannot write the whole truth,” said Amjad as I slowly drove out of his home. http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-13-26875-Did-Gen-Kayanis-brothers-make-billions


    1. Billions is small word for this family,Kindly note that his 5 first family members are ex army officers.His son and nephews are being recruited in Fauji foundation companies without following any criteria.People link with DHAs business knows how deeply his brother earned through high deals using his brother credentials and his mother is right if she said about son of gun Gen. Kayani as ‘Majh’ (a buffalo),He is really mujh of this army and Pakistan has paid huge price of loss and insult while he is COAS. ( Naziaiftikhar)


      Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was the most corrupt COAS of Pakistan Army. Time will expose him very soon. (Bilal Yousafzai)



  26. PART 1

    A 45 Billion Dollars’ Deal with Plan for World’s Tallest Tower & others in Pakistan Signed by Fraudulent Riaz Malik and a Sheikh (Fake) from UAE (A Destination for Criminal Fugitives from Pakistan): What %age Shall be Pocketed by Head of Pakistani State and by ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL COAS General Ashfaq Kayani plus by Kayani’s 2 Brothers?*

    Very sensational but of course propagandist news was seen on 15-02-2013 at all Pakistani TV Channels (100% Dictated & Controlled by Super Power) broadcasting that Criminal & Fraudulent Riaz Malik (Ex-Chairman of Bahria Town) and a Real Estate Tycoon, namely Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarik Al Nahyan (Fake?) from UAE (a well-known destination country for CRIMINAL Escapees & Fugitives from Pakistan such as Sikander Ali Jatoi’s son Shahrukh Jatoi (Shahzeb Khan’s Killer), Tauqeer Sadiq (Former Chairman OGRA), General (r) Ahmad Shuja Pasha (Father of Test Tube Party PTI), etc.) signed a 45 billion dollars real estate deal in possession of plan for World’s Tallest Tower plus other commercial and residential buildings in Karachi (a burning city made hostage by Bhatta Khur & Rent-A-Car Rally Party, i.e., Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) (Inventor & Practitioner of Target Killings since 80's and allegedly responsible in more than 9000 TARGET-KILLINGS of this city since 2008)) with the cost of 35 billion dollars along with a sum of 10 billion dollars to be invested in Lahore and Islamabad, with promises & hopes (both FAKE) for generating more than 2.5 million jobs (of course to be sold in CORRUPT Sindh Province) in Pakistan as well for promoting 55 local industries.


  27. PART 2

    It is worth to refer to Pakistani History of sixties of last century, when during regime of Field Marshall General Ayub Khan (Ex-President & Military Dictator of Pakistan), Minar-e-Pakistan (مینار پاکستان) (Tower of Pakistan) in Iqbal Park, Lahore was inaugurated on 31-10-1968 after 8 years’ construction using the money collected by imposing additional tax on the cinema and horse racing tickets (thus Ghulam, this article’s author also being forced to contribute for its construction because he used to watch 3 new Pakistani great films per week during sixties of last century), the common masses as a token of hatred towards the construction of this Tower (Minar), used to call this Tower of Pakistan (Minar-e-Pakistan) as combined “Private Part” of all males in entire 70 million Pakistani Population at that time. Thus the above cited World’s Tallest Tower to be built as a portion of 45 billion dollars real estate project of Criminal & Fraudulent Riaz Malik & UAE Sheikh (Fake) shall be called without any doubt as combined “Private Part” of all males in entire 170 million Pakistani Population at present. It is ironic that this huge developmental & construction project (Fake) of 45 billion dollars was signed by a Bahria Town’s Criminal & Fraudulent Consultant, i.e., Riaz Malik but NOT by Bahria Town’s Present Chairman. A fact should be repeated that in the past the Criminal & Fraudulent Real Estate Tycoon, namely, Malik Riaz (Ex-Chairman Bahria Town) made ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL COAS (see below) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s 2 Brothers (Kamran Kayani (Contractor) & Farooq Kayani (Principal)) Business-Partners in Construction under the THREATS of the Present Head of Pakistani State (who failed Final Exam at St. Patrick’s High School in Karachi, Pakistan in 70’s, and who used to claim to be Graduate from Pedington School in UK; which never existed; and Till 21-04-2008, His Honor claimed to be BA from London School of Business, another Fraudulent Claim & Lie); consequently, Present COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s one brother’s neck being always held by the right hand of Present Head of Pakistani State. It should be reminded that Present COAS General Kayani (Super Power’s Puppy Dog & its CIA’s agent), who used to lick High-Heel shoes of Super Power’s Puppy Dog and its CIA’s agent Benazir Bhutto as her Deputy Military Secretary in late eighties of the last century, was appointed for 3 years as COAS of Pakistani Military in October 2007 on recommendations & stresses by Benazir Bhutto (who was also CIA’s agent just like her father Z.A. Bhutto, Traitor & Breaker of Pakistan, as well just like her all kids including her Karate Male Kid) as crucial part of ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) (issued by Criminal & Traitor and of course Super Power’s Puppy Dog, namely General Pervez Musharraf (Former Dictatorial President of Pakistan) on 05-10-2007) Deal (being negotiated in the permanent presence of Puppy Dog of Super Power and its CIA’s agent General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, as High Heels Shoes Licker of another Super Power’s Puppy Dog & CIA’s Agent Benazir Bhutto), which was declared NULL & VOID by Supreme Court of Pakistan on 16-12-2009; thereby providing a legal evidence that since 29-11-2007 to date, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is working ILLEGALLY & UNCONSTITUTIONALLY as COAS of Pakistani Patriotic Military.


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