July 22, 2011

'Gilgit-Baltistan is not the Orphaned Land of Pakistan'

   * Sulemani counts all the bad things and then demands to be part of Pakistan
   * Pakistan is destiny, self-destructive ego or careful futuristic thinking?

APROPOS of Habib Sulemani's blog, Gilgit-Baltistan – The Orphaned Land of Pakistan, here is a critical analysis. It has been written by one, Senge Sering, probably a nationalist from Gilgit-Baltistan who may have adopted a pen-name for some reason (also runs a website www.gilgitbaltistan.us). Without any editing, we are publishing it in the hope that, after reading both articles, someone from the region would answer the raised points, and thus a rational dialogue starts in our irrational, militarized and Talibanized society.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

I am bit confused as to how our problems will be solved by becoming Pakistani. Sulemani has revealed the dirty games of ISI which do not let the natives in other provinces achieve their rights. If Balochis despite having province, high court, real CM, governor, membership in federal institutions are shouting out loud that Pakistan is a farce, and we failed to benefit and Punjab and Establishment has taken control over local resources from natives, then how the same Pakistan will benefit GB. 

Sulemani counts all the bad things in Pakistani establishment and agencies, and then demands to be part of that country? It is like telling your own child: "I know son that the school I want to admit you to is the worst in the city, but I still hope you will benefit from that school'. 

Pakistan does not know to give, it only knows to take from us, the way it takes from Balochistan. Pakistani parliament is being run by a brigadier rank officer and all the parliamentarians submit to the military generals, yet Sulemani thinks that membership in that parliament will solve all our issues... 

Role of ISI will intensify after we become part of Pakistan. Shia-Sunni divide will intensify if we become part of Pakistan. It will give legal rights to the Pakistanis to settle in GB and change the demography if we become constitutional part of Pakistan. In no time, Gilgit valley will be like another Swat with Pathans controlling the legislature and economic institutions. It would take less than five lakh pathans to do that and that is a game changer in the region. Look at Gwadar, which is a Punjabi-Mohajir town now. So what is so great about becoming Pakistani?

Today, in 2011, I believe that our disputed political status is not a curse but a blessing. I am happy that we are still standing outside of the house, which is on fire and there is no way of this fire getting extinguished. I am happy that we are still not a part of the country which is a Shia slaughterhouse. 

I am happy that we are still not a part of the country which is financially bankrupt. I am happy that we still have other options to get rid of this mess, since Pakistan's constitutional claim on GB is very weak and allows greater chance for the UN to intervene and save us from the blood-sucking 90 million Punjabi leaches. 

If Aghaz Huqooq Balochistan has not given anything to the Baloch, do you think GB will benefit from any of these bogus parliamentary resolutions in the National Assembly or Senate? We should be happy that we are declared UN territory. We have more leverage to pressure Pakistan than those who have already opted for the country and now feel stuck.

Our situation is like a potential voter before the elections when the candidates show up at the doors and beg for the vote. Once voting is done, our situation will become like those voters who do not see their representatives till next election. But we cannot benefit from this situation because we are stuck with and obsessed with becoming Pakistani. 

AJK is more developed because they know how to exploit Pakistan by talking about their disputed status. We are rather in hurry to get rid of this powerful tool and give complete control over our region to the Establishment. So what we need to do is change the mindset and rather realize our potential as disputed territory. 

Tell Pakistan that we do not want you - and then see how much they listen to us - it is Punjabi nature and I have lived in Punjab for 20 years and know their nature. You salute them and show your loyalty, and they will treat you like piece of garbage, and then you change your attitude and treat them like piece of garbage, and they will come bowing in front of you. This is how Pathans and Mohajirs get their rights from Punjabi establishment. Not by becoming part of them but by threatening to abandon them.

We are not orphaned. We are the most powerful region surrounded by the countries and each of them want a piece of us. We act like orphan because we show to others that we are desperate to become part of a failed state. We act like losers who see ourselves as part of a failed state. Our problem is our own mental sickness, which leads to lack of self-esteem. If we had self-esteem, we would never want to be part of a failed state which is being eaten up by its own wrong policies of Wahhabism.

We are so desperate to become part of a country which cannot hold itself together and could potentially break in next few years because of internal problems as well as international intrigues? Why, because we have the tunnel vision. We are not futuristic. We are like the frog living in the well which thinks that the well is his entire world. 

When Pakistan has established itself as a failed experiment of the British colonial masters, and when its constituents are mulling over futuristic options to save themselves, the patriots of GB are planning to become part of this mess. It is like arriving very late at the party and then staying to wash the dishes and clean up work. Why cannot we at least envision to control our own land rather giving it to Islamabad in a plate? Pakistan has been eaten up by others and has no will or the capacity to give anything to us.

And I do not see why we are so scared of Kashmiris. AJK is only 4 million people and Punjab is 90 million. Yet, we feel that 90 million people will take less from us and give more compared to 4 million of AJK. We are welcoming 90 million exploiters and not feeling that we will end up like Balochistan? I am not saying that we should become part of AJK. I want a separate status for GB like AJK - which should not be the end but a start towards end. But again, what is this obsession with letting the 90 million Punjabis take us in their lap, install puppets in GB and then benefit from our resources without paying back to us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

It is hard to talk about our issues objectively because everyone gets emotional and fail to look for our own rights. They do not see Pakistan as a creation of the British colonials. They see it as a miracle of Quran and gift of God, and that we should become part of it even if it hurts our interests in the long run. They do not realize that the same colonial masters created Israel in the same year when Pakistan was created and both countries were created to fulfill certain objectives. So then why Israel is symbol of Satan and Pakistan symbol of God. Unless we take Pakistan for its face value, we will keep getting dragged into this game of religious exploitation.

The girl in GB, who was hanged by her dad, did so because he failed to protect his own family interest and got pressured by the community. We are doing the same to GB. We are becoming part of the cancerous and doomed Pakistan because of religious pressure. As if we have to prove ourselves as great Muslims by joining Pakistan or otherwise we will be declared traitors. Islam does not ask us to commit suicide and let others blackmail us and exploit us. Islam wants us to think the best for us, and then defend our rights.

If I want the best school for my child, best hospital for my daughter, best dress and shoes available in the market for my son, best in every respect for my flesh and soul - then why should I desire a failing and cancerous Pakistan as a choice of country for my child? I fail to understand

I know why does Mehdi Shah (Chief Minister of the region) feels like that, because he is uneducated and cannot think beyond a mile from where is standing - but what is wrong with the educated youth who still desire to see Pakistan as their destiny? Is it just self-destructive ego or some careful and futuristic thinking...? (Map via Google images)


  1. The gist of your article, for me, is "I want AJK-like status for GB".

    And we all know what AJK has obtained from Pakistan.

    AJK administration is a proxy of Pakistan, just as Jammu and Kashmir "rulers" are proxies of India. Why does Senge want to make GB another proxy, in another game?

    You may be right in highlighting Mehdi Shah's short-sightedness, but your own "vision" also seemingly ends 2 kilometres away from where you are standing!

    Running a website and a shadowy NGO type "political party" is not going to help GB get its destination. Neither can this task be obtained by demonization of Pakistan, as you are trying to do in almost all of your writings, in foot-steps of your Indian and Kashmiri mentors and "benefactors". Pakistan is as much a slaughter-house of Sunnis as it is of Shias. We live in Pakistan and have seen/heard/read the tragedy unleashed by the government of countries that you have made your home. Senge has obtained American nationality and now he is trying to manage our "liberation war" from Washington.

    The youth of GB, energetic and lettered in the true sense, are not going to fall in the traps of anyone, be it Pakistan, India or America.

  2. Plot against Gilgit revealed by security agencies

    Mazhar Tufail
    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistani security officials have got hold of some important documents related to a plot of the Indian intelligence service, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), aimed at alienating people of Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistan and separate the province comprising erstwhile Northern Areas from rest of the country, The News reliably learnt here on Friday.

    According to the information, some anti-Pakistan foreign forces are running a covert campaign in Gilgit-Baltistan as part of a conspiracy to internally weaken Pakistan and separating the Northern Areas, known across the world for the natural beauty, from the country. When this correspondent sought comments of a senior official of a security institution on the highly sensitive information received by The News, he provided such information and mentioned such points and individuals that cannot be reported because of the sensitivity of their nature.

    This reporter also got access to a strategy devised by RAW and another neighbouring country of Pakistan with the aim of creating tension between China and Pakistan. Interestingly, the security authorities have also caught a chart prepared for spoiling the exemplary and time-tested relations between Pakistan and China. “Targeting the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly, which has a total of 34 members, was also a part of the plot,” the sources revealed, requesting anonymity.

    The sources disclosed some parts of the plot, as, according to them, the security apparatus of the country is still working on the matter. It, however, transpired from the information provided by the sources that the Indian lobby is proactively working to target Gilgit-Baltistan and launch a so-called liberation movement in the region. “All this is being done to isolate Pakistan in the comity of nations, and the creation of misunderstanding between China and Pakistan to spoil the two countries’ strong friendship is part of the same policy,” said the sources, adding that “such forces have, however, so far failed in achieving any success in accomplishment of their spiteful agenda”.

  3. Shuja ur Rahman KhanJuly 24, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    A wake-up call / when the ship of Pakistan sinks, the upper deck will go down with it.

  4. The highest form of nationalism is called fascism.


  5. @Anonymous July 22, 2011 4:14 PM

    In response to your comment here, Senge Sering, has sent a letter to Mr. Sulemani who has forwarded it to The Terrorland Team, which is being given below so that you or any other could answer the raised points. Mr. Sering writes:

    Dear Habib

    As I expected - reply to my email was emotional with personal attacks. Moreover the respondent accused me of settling for a AJK-style system as solution to the problems - despite my insistence that such a model would be the first step towards self rule, since the system gives us our own president, PM, supreme court, penal code, state subject rule and provisional constitution, which is not bad as a starter.

    Obviously AJK is as weak as GB in determining their political and economic interests, and my email states that. Which leads to my second point, that as long as we are under Pakistani system, whether as a constitutional province or AJK style region, we will never get the chance to determine what is good for us. We will always work for the interests of Islamabad coming at the cost of our own interests.

    When our forefathers asked for joining Pakistan, it was the 40s, 50s, and 60s. They had some hopes which did not fulfill. Today in 2011, the situation has changed as we are stuck with a country that goes around and begs money for its survival or sells its expertise as mercenary to make money. So should we continue to demand to be part of Pak, just because 'hamaray abao-ajdaad chahte thai'. Basically we will be doing no service to our future generations if we remain stuck in the past.

    I hope that this time, you and your friends will try to have an objective debate rather than focusing on subjective matters like how large is my NGO and what is my background. I am son of soil, born, raised and worked in GB, and that makes me a better stakeholder than 17 carore Pakistanis who have no constitutional or ancestral relationship to GB.