July 23, 2011

India can be controlled through puppets or even a puppy!

The Terrorland Report

Image by an Indian citizen journalist

THE level of tolerance in the mainstream South Asian media is very low! The bigwigs can’t tolerate any new thing especially piece of art or literature showing bitter truth. On the death of famous artist M.F. Husain (1915-2011), Habib Sulemani wrote a poem, A slap in the face of Indian democracy, instantly but it went wrong when The Terrorland group blogs published it!

Many people especially the so-called intellectuals and journalists criticized the poem inside Pakistan. These are the Pakistanis who are more loyal to India than the Indians. To test the level of tolerance as a part of an experimentation, a member of The Terrorland Team posted related lines of the poem on some regional media outlets' websites including Tehelka, Asian Age, Himal, The Friday Times etc, and all of them deleted or didn't publish it in the comments sections of the articles on the late artist.

However, the social media welcomed the poem and discussed it for days in the form of detailed posts (you can see a glimpse of it in the poem's comments section on this blog). A moderator noticed the above photo which one of his Indian friends, a doctor by profession, had posted on the Facebook. Yes, family politics is a bitter truth in our tribal region. Here are some lines of the poem:

You couldn't produce a single leader despite being
the most crowded democracy globally. You’re not
a country but a family’s personal property—that
can be controlled through puppets or even a puppy!

Nehru betrayed the Gandhi, and hijacked the fakir-like
founding-father’s surname besides you—the country.
What a gimmick. It shows a typical ghetto mentality!

India! Where is liberty—the essence of a real democracy?
What was the aim of the self-styled independence: to get
rid of the British colonial rule or adoption of a new type of
slavery? Did the Subcontinent lose over a million lives in
communal violence for this biggest bigotry?

Read complete poem here.

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