July 9, 2011

Karachi violence attempt to divert public attention from generals

   *  MQM started bloodshed on directions from ISI to destabilize the government…
   *  25 percent Karachites belong to MQM but 75 percent are forced to vote for it…
   *  Altaf Hussain is a British national, so UK is responsible for Karachi violence...

The Terrorland Report

THIS crying girl has become the face of Karachi. Her poor father got killed during firing on a public-bus by officially 'unknown' but publicly 'known' terrorists.

She along her father was reportedly coming home from school when the sad incident happened the other day. “Who’ll pay my fees now?” she cried beside the dead-body of her father.

This scene can bee seen anywhere in the most populous city of Pakistan, where during the last two days, about 100 innocent people, mostly laborers, have been killed in incidents of violence started by the unscrupulous secret agencies in the name of 'racism' and 'sectarianism'.

Police and paramilitary forces are silent spectaculars as they have been told to keep busy on roads but do nothing! The violence is actually a 'reality-show' for the militarized local media... as the direction of killing-in-the-name-of-terrorism has changed from north to the south of the country.

There should be conflict anywhere every time as it pays off to the generals! This is a typical strategy of the media managers of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). Otherwise, for the police, Rangers and Army, it's nothing but an hour operation to clean the terror-hit areas of Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan. 

“Where are the laws in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” everyone is asking this question from the media-persons in Karachi with tears not knowing the helplessness of journalists, who can't tell the truth! As Habib Sulemani has said in his poem: Intellectual cleansing of liberals:

O God of the bearded and uniformed rascals!
Don't you see what's going on in your country? 
My green Punjab has gone red…
My mystic Sindh is in a pool of blood

God! What's wrong with your Pakistan? 

Many people have started speaking their mind ignoring the 'terror' of the MQM, which through its 'secret' system controls the affairs of Karachi. People say the MQM has started this new phase of targeted bloodshed after leaving the PPP-led coalition government. Probably, on the direction of the military establishment, to divert the attention of the people who are seeking accountability of the military after the Osama bin Laden-episode.

So, it’s a media war in Karachi to keep power at the cost of the poor people. Some analysts claim that currently Karachi has an estimated 21,500,000 inhabitants out of them 25 percent are Urdu-speaking whom, the MQM is using as a 'human-shield' to rule the city with iron fists. And it's doing this for over two decades now. Like the ISI, the MQM also kills its own people and blames its opponents for the crime.

"The 75 percent Sindhis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Balochis, Memons and others have been terrorized to vote for MQM if they want to live in the city," says a media-person working in the city. "Only the Pashtuns have put resistance to the fascism of the MQM, which is being controlled from London by a British national (Altaf Hussain)."

“The British government should be held responsible for the violence in Karachi,” a politician from Karachi said on condition of annuity. “Altaf Hussain is terrorizing our people from London so that the ISI helps his party (MQM) to get seats in Punjab.”

“What the ISI wants in return... in this business of terror?” when this scribe asked the politician, he said with a sarcastic smile, "to make General Kayani President (of the country).”

He claimed that the MQM and ISI had the same death-squads. 

A political worker, however, claimed that the ANP was involved in target-killing incidents to multiply its current seats (two) in the Assembly. He also accused the ruling PPP for igniting the fire in the city. 

Whatever are the fact, one thing is clear that the ruling class – politicians and generals –are fighting the last war for their survival in Pakistan. But they can’t stand against the wishes of the 180 million people anymore.


  1. Thanks for letting us know at least 25% of Mohajirs vote for MQM. At least you are not propagating like before that no Mohajirs were for MQM and all of them were forced to vote at Gun Point and Threats.
    Thanks for also letting us know, its not ISI that has been always trying to slaughter more and more of all Non Punjabis in Pakista. Sure all of us have very short memory and we do not remember at all that Punjab believes in Divide & Rule Doctrine.
    We are told to hate and kill each other. Its not ISI that has been using Target Killing on MQM and Mohajirs through Taliban, Pathans and Afghans in Karachi for last few years. Its MQM getting its own people killed, right?

  2. Like an old granny u have only one to punch in - ISI - ISI -and ISI.
    For goodness sake open your mind. As I have said before that we do
    not even know whether u r based in Karachi,Lahore Bombay or New Dehli.
    As of now I am in the eye of the stom so to speak. There are certain
    intricate matters where you will not be able to apprehend at all. So
    stop this raga of ISI time and again.. Didd u find out how many times
    more were non Baluchis murdered or slaugtered by the Baluchi
    terrorists? U r correct Baluchistan is the terror land - thanks to
    people like u.. Forward my email to the group if u dare

  3. MH from Gilgit said....

    This is simply nonsense.....no different than your other stupid thoughts that
    you have been churning day and night sitting on your filthy toilet seat fearing
    your own stupid face in the mirror and your dark shadow on the walls.....who
    else can have anything to do with a psycho like you??
    Yes every Pakistani's heart is bleeding over this senseless bloodshed in Karachi
    but the poor victims come from all ethnic backgrounds......therefore all the
    involved forces should be condemned ......how can you justify blaming just one
    side......who are you working for (if you're in your senses)? By the way, the
    picture of this weeping girl that you've posted as the 'face of Karachi' comes
    from an Urdu speaking family.......
    You should stop this spreading of hatred you BAGHRACHO......(this is a Brushiski
    word.....the dialect of the beautiful Hunza valley, this psycho also belongs to the
    Hunza but probably accidently....

  4. I know you've no courage to post my comment you psycho.......

  5. What new.... all the terrorist activities either it Sikhs of India, Tamil of Sri Lanka and so on all sit and enjoy ammunity is UK and act agaianst govt. Bad thing is no one in the world say that they are actual terrorist cause they are breading them

  6. Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza has referred to the leader of a breakaway MQM as “the true leader of muhajirs” and accusing the MQM of trying to divide Sindh.

    “If [MQM-Haqiqi leader] Afaq Ahmed is a criminal, then [MQM leader] Altaf Hussain is 100-times a bigger criminal,” bellowed Mirza. “Afaq is the second-biggest political prisoner in Pakistan after President Asif Ali Zardari.”


    After this statement about 14 people were killed in MQM protests in Karachi.

  7. how much did the americans and indians pay yoy to write this article...to promote more anti isi propaganda...we already know america gives 50 million dollars each year to the pakistani media to spread lies and disinformation.and u r o that 50 mill payroll.