July 6, 2011

Militarization of society — ISI promotes violence to recruit jihadists

* Young internet-users being brainwashed, breeding a new generation of terrorists  

The Terrorland Report [Updated]

THIS faked photograph is being circulated on the internet as it surfaced on Facebook today. It's probably a photograph of the dead-bodies of some 'terrorists' killed by security forces—but someone has put the heads of top Pakistani politicians on the dead-bodies—including President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, Interrior Minister Rehman Malik, Nawaz Sharif and other opposition leaders.

The Urdu caption says: Got rid of corrupt politicians. However, it never mentions corrupt and criminal generals, who call the shot in Pakistan not these puppet politicians who can’t think beyond their family welfares.

Pukary Pakistan (Pakistan Calling), a Facebook group, which claims to be a "Non-Profit Organization" with 24,422 members, has started a discussion on it. This is a typical campaign to militarize and Talibanize the Pakistani society as the public demand for accountability of the military is getting momentum day by day, which has been declared a silent revolution in the country.

A cyber-geek claims that the page is being run by a section of the media propaganda brigade of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

"We are at war with our corrupt leaders, politicians, bureaucrats (no mention of generals). Just one thing to say: Inqalaab Zindabad (long-live revolution)... Made For Revolution... Die For Allah, join us!" The front page of the group, aimed at the you, invites potential jihadists.

A comment on the photo says: "Insha Allah yeh din zayada door nahin ab..." (God-willing this day is approaching).
Another commentator, with a profile picture of Osama bin Laden, says: "Inshallah aisa hoga... Shaheed Usama or Totay ka khoon rang laye ga... sanu jitiya match harwa ditta ina nain... totay ki bad'dua zaroor lagay gi inhen."

It could be translated as: God-willing, they (politicians) would be killed... the blood of martyred Osama or Parrot (nick-name for OBL) will not go in vain... we lost a won-match due to them (politicians)...  

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  1. I was suspicious of the Murder of Saleem shehzad abinitio - may God bless him. However the things did not appear as straight forward to me as were being depicted by the press. The confirmation salvo was an ad recently where US embassy desired a suitable person to fill in an important billet albiet that he was to be a Paksitani. The requirements were a close fit to Saleem Shehzad. Then was Saleem shehzad the US under cover ostensibly working outwardly for another media group? I would say yes. The statement bu Mike mullen has the confiirming hit. Firstly why should he poke his nose in some other country and in matters that were not his concern what so ever. The agitation by the journalistsspear headed by Hamid Mir also appears to be the handi work of CIA. Hamid Mir is the same person who has been named in the FIR of the gruesom murder of KH khalid. Since u and Hamid mir are the chips of the same block it is entirley useless to speak to u on matters important