July 15, 2011

Mirza! Mind your language but, is Altaf Hussain a holy cow?

The Terrorland Report

DADDY is dead. Who'll take care of us now?
THE previous post, Karachi violence attempt to divert public attention from generals, was a feature based on the views of those people who suffer in Pakistan’s commercial hub, Karachi, due to the ongoing acts of unnoticed terrorism especially target-killing. It has pleased many people and enraged some especially those belonging to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

“The MQM-ISI joint death-squad never tolerates such an  independent opinion in Pakistan,” said a reader. One person alleged that we were spreading hatred; he used two identities “MH” and "Manzoor from Gilgit" but when investigated, he was actually living in Mountain View, California (USA) and had adopted the way as a part of a strategy. We politely told him that we respect his views but it was against the fact which the people of Karachi narrate.

After that post, the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza declared an opposition leader (MQM-Haqiqi) as the true leader of the Urdu-speaking Muhajirs and accused the MQM of trying to divide Sindh.

“If [MQM-Haqiqi leader] Afaq Ahmed is a criminal, then [MQM' leader] Altaf Hussain is 100-times a bigger criminal,” according to the Express Tribune Mr. Mirza bellowed. “Afaq is the second-biggest political prisoner in Pakistan after President Asif Ali Zardari.”

Soon after this statement, the MQM started the traditional violent protests. People in the city say that groups of terrorists – always waiting for orders of violent acts from the top – took to streets of Karachi, killing 17 people, including two personnel of security forces, dozens were injured while over 40 vehicles were torched.

The 24-hour mayhem and bloodshed 'mechanically' stopped when a call came from London where MQM's British national leader Altaf Hussain resides. This was done only after an apology from Minister Mirza. 

People say that Minister Mirza should mind his language but they ask if Altaf Hussain was a Prophet (God forbade) against whom no one can say anything?

“Even the local TV channels are told to not touch Mr. Hussain's life in their humorous caricatures like other politician,” a media-person in Karachi said. “Journalists are scared of attacks. As the media houses have their headquarters here (Karachi) so we are told not to touch the sacred cow!” 

Experts believe that due to the support of the ISI, the city is in the grip of fascists and underworld. “MQM can kill anyone after declaring them ‘blasphemer’... even those who laughs at the funny telephonic address of Altaf Hussain,” says a political activist. “The MQM has become more brutal than the ISI. Now their target-killers are everywhere not just in this unfortunate city.”

The PPP-led government is weak and due to its secret agreement with the military establishment is unable to deal with the MQM’s terror strategy. People have again requested the British government to stop one of its citizens, Altaf Hussain, who is reportedly involved in many crimes in Pakistan and is not ready to return to the country. This can save the Pakistani-British youth in the UK to avoid any revenge, whose relatives are being suffered in Karachi.

Pakistan mainstream media’s rule in this case was really shocking. “Racism became naked once again as the MQM has lost its national ground and has been reduced to the party of the 11 percent Urdu-speaking people, who have no option but to accept the tyranny of the MQM,” comments an analyst.

The media, as told earlier, can’t afford to report the truth regarding the ISI and its alleged political wing MQM in Pakistan. Never. The Jang Group is always siding with the powerful in the city. The Dawn Media Group is considered the Think-tank of the MQM.

Unfortunately, the BBC Urdu has been divided on racial grounds. Its Karachi-based reporter Wusatullah Khan, an Urdu-speaking gentleman, criticized Minister Mirza while Islamabad-based reporter Ajaz Mehar, a Sindhi-speaking gentleman, seems tilting towards the PPP while trying to keep the balance. That is a typical Pakistani-style journalism.

However, in this whole terror affair, the social media was acting brilliantly. Here are some images posted on the Facebook. No doubt, Urdu and non-Urdu-speaking people, both are suffering in Karachi due to the mafia-spies joint rule. It must come to an end now or never!

Freedom of expression regarding Minister Mirza but Altaf Hussain is a no-go-area.

A citizen describes the MQM's relationship with terrorism in Karachi.


  1. Via Borhaan Arifee
    Poem by Mir Raza میرا شہر
    اک راکشس کے قبضے میں ہے
    راکشس جو سمندر پار بیٹھا
    شہر سے کھیلتا رہتا ہے
    کبھی توڑتا ہے
    مروڑتا ہے
    اور پھر خود ہی بیٹھ کے روتا ہے
    کہ جیسے غم بھی اسی کو ہے
    غصہ جب آجائے اس کو
    آنکھوں سے اس کے شعلے لپکیں
    اور زبا ں بن جائے
    سو منہ والا سانپ
    اور پاوں پہاڑ سے بھی بھاری
    لحظو ں میں سب
    تہس نہس کردیتا ہے
    گاڑیاں، بسیں ،دوکانیں، گھر
    بچے، بوڑھے، عورتیں اور مرد
    سب کچھ وہ نگل لیتا ہے
    اس کو بھینٹ چڑھاوا پہونچے
    شہر پھر چلتا رہتا ہے

    اسکی طاقت خدائی ہے
    جب چاہے ذلّت دے
    جب چاہے عزّت دے
    جب چاہے بنادے وہ
    جب چاہے مٹادے وہ
    بھرا پرا شہر لحظوں میں
    ویراں کردے ڈرادے وہ

    ڈرے سہمے شہر کے باسی
    بوڑھے بچے عورتیں اور مرد
    اسی کا نام لے کر
    گھر سے باہر نکلتے ہیں
    اور اسی کی مہربانی سے
    گھر اپنے لوٹتے ہیں

    گر شہر کو چلانا ہے
    پہلے سر جھکانا ہے
    پھر کچھ نا کچھ چڑھانا ہے
    پھر شہر بھی چلتا رہتا ہے
    گر چڑھاوا آشیرواد نہیں
    پھر بٹن دب جائے گا
    چلتا پھرتا شہر رک جائے گا

  2. How MQM terrorized journalists in Karachi

    MQM is the biggest threat of free media in Pakistan and the way
    they terrorized media in Karachi is an open secret and during their recent
    terrorism following the un- called for statement of Mr Zulfiqar Mirza they
    had not allowed all TV channels to air other point of view and instructed
    even the sequence and display of the news and footage. Pakistan Army Chief
    Justice and journalists community have to take notice of this situation and
    record the statements of media managers in confidence.


  3. Ooh, so you had to run an investigation about my origins. Why so? You sound like a spy now, isn't it?

    Let me tell you that I'm from Gilgit and I live in Paksitan (not in California as you've claimed). If you were mislead by the e-mail lead then I think even a child would know that these global e-mail systems like yahoo, hotmail etc have their hubs abroad.

    Now that I have reassured you that I'm a Gilgiti/Pakistani living in Pakistan, should I fear for my life......or maybe I should open a blog and circulate mayday messages (like you've been doing).....no I wouldn't do that.....

    As for my opinion about your writings on the Karachi issue is concerned, I would reiterate that you have a biased, maline and on-sided opinion, and that you're only spreading hatred but nothing else.

    Manzoor Hussain
    (I'm rewriting this message after my earlier message didn't get posted)