July 17, 2011

MQM-ISI joint death-squad at work in Karachi

The Terrorland Report

A READER of The Terrorland group blogs from Karachi has sent two photographs, saying that they are proof of the alleged MQM-ISI joint death-squad working in the financial hub of the country to divert attention of the people, who are demanding accountability of the military, especially serving and retired generals for the first time in the history of Pakistan. Here are the photos:

A target-killer in ambush beside a military vehicle in an area of Karachi. ISI considers killing of innocent common people a strategy in the 'national interest'. What kind of a country Pakistan has become?  

A target-killer on the bike is in search of preys.

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  1. The persons in both pictures are ethnic pushtuns and belongs to ANP not MQM.

  2. looking a photoshop work

  3. wait...how do you know they are pushtuns???

  4. KARACHI: MQM Deputy Convener, Farooq Sattar said that the Rangers were deployed to Kati Pahari after the intervention of DG ISI, Geo News reported.

    Sattar said that the government and Interior Minister, Rehman Malik did not listen to the MQM and did not send the Rangers to Kati Pahari for four days. He said that MQM Chief Altaf Hussain contacted DG ISI, Lt General Shuja Pasha and informed him of the situation after which Rangers were sent to the area.

    The MQM Chief informed the ISI Chief that it had become essential to deploy forces in order to bring an end to the killing of innocent people and firing on mosques and imam bargahs.

    After the conversation took place, Rangers entered the area within 6 hours and cleared it.


  5. They are ANP or Pushtuns people. You can tell easily and there is no way to hide. They are trying to rack this whole World not only Karachi. These Pastuns or ANP people are practicing in Karachi so they can go back and fight against American troops in Afghanistan. America should take an action sooner than later.

  6. Former Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza's today's stament has conformed The Terrorland report.


    In a fiery speech at the end of a several-hour-long rally across the city, Mirza alleged that Federal Home Minister Rehman Malik had warned him that the Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) would topple the PPP-led government if target killers in Karachi were arrested.

    “I released the killers because I wanted to see Pakistan flourish,” Mirza said to an enthralled audience.

  7. karachi torture and killing videos were made by wasim akhtar on order of altaf hussain from london to show mqm a mazloom qoom. wasim akhtar was incrarge of 12 may massacar in karachi too. he is underground for the time being.

  8. Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Farooq Sattar told the US Consulate in Karachi that along with some workers of the MQM, former President Pervaiz Musharaf, some landlords, the ISI and other parties were involved in the May 12, 2007 incident in Karachi, WikiLeaks has disclosed. According to the cable, Farooq Sattar agreed with the suggestion of deweaponsising the armed wing of the MQM and said his party would seriously consider this suggestion. According to a secret diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Charge d Affairs of US Consulate Peter Boday in a letter he wrote on May 17, 2007, said that former President Pervez Musharaf, some landlords, the ISI and other parties were also involved in the May 12 incident. Farooq Sattar was worried about the decision of the emergency meeting of the MQM in London, adding that he had suggested that the MQM not support the protest rally of May 12 but MQM chief Altaf Hussain refused his suggestion. The report said that another diplomatic mission on May 15 said Farooq Sattar was not informed about the planning of the violence on May 12. The MQM leader said the decision to hold a rally in favour of Pervez Musharaf was not made on his recommendation and that Altaf Hussain rejected his suggestion not to stage the protest.

    THE NEWS INT. Sept 20, 2011


    ×××الطاف حسین جس نے ہنڈا50 سے اپنا سیاسیسفر شروع کیا اور گذشتہ 30 سالوں میں زکوۃ، فطرہ، صدقہ، کھالیں، چندے، بھتے، کمیشن اور ایم کیو ایم کے ایم پی اے، ایم این اے اور سینیٹروں کی خرید و فروخت سے اربوں روپے کمائے گذشتہ 20 سالوں سے برطانیہ میں عیش کر رہا ہے۔

    ××عشرت العباد جو گونر سندھ بننے سے پہلے برطانیہ میں بیروزگاری الاؤنس پر گزارا کر رہے تھے اور اب اربوں میں کھیل رہے ہیں۔

    ××بابرغوری جو 20 سال پہلے لاروش ریسٹورنٹ میں چند ہزار روپے کی تنخواہ پر مینیجر تھے اب ان کا شمار کراچی کے ارب پتی بلڈرز میں ہوتا ہے۔

    ××عادل صدیقی وزیر بننے سے پہلے ہوائی چپل پہنے سڑکوں پر مارے مارے پھرتے تھے آج اٹلی کے بنے جوتے پہنے لمبی لمبی گاڑیوں میں گھوم رہے ہیں اور انہیں کمیشن ، بھتہ جمع کرنے میں خاصہ ملکہ حاصل ہے۔

    ××کراچی ہمارا ہے کا نعرہ لگانے والے سابق ناظم کراچی مصطفیٰ کمال جنہوں نے ترقیاتی کاموں میں کروڑوں روپے غبن کر کے پاکستان سے باہر اثاثے بنائے اور الطاف کو حصہ نہ دینے پر تین ہفتے اپنے گھر نظر بند رہے اور متحدہ کے کارکنوں سے جوتے کھاتے رہے اور آخر الطاف کو 70 فیصد حصہ دے کر اپنی جان چھڑائی۔

    ××حیدر عباس رضوی اور ان کا بھائی جو شہری حکومت میں ملازم ہے چند سالوں میں رشوت اور کمیشن سے کروڑ پتی بن گئے۔

    ××فیصل سبزواری پاپوش نگر کے کوارٹر سے گلشن اقبال کی فضاؤ ں میں۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

    ××وسیم اختر عرف آپا جن کا اپنا ولیمہ سڑک پر شامیانہ لگا کر ہوا اب ان کے بچوں کے فائیو اسٹار طرز کے ولیمے ہو رہے ہیں۔

    Welcome to the party of so-called Middle Class and "Educated" people, The MQM. This is the property of MQM Gangster Don Altaf Hussain in London and Named murderer of Hakeem Saeed Dr Ishrat ul Ibad property in Canada. These two do not have any business there, neither in Pakistan than ownership of such a heavily cost buildings is beyond understanding.
    Let us tell you the reality. You daily see Bank Robberies, Street Crimes, Mobile Snatching and Kidnapping for Ransom etc alongwith a huge amount of Bhatta which they collect on Gunpoint from innocent citizens of Karachi. All this money is sent to Altaf Hussain in London by which he spend his luxurious life there. Remaining money is used to buy armament to kill innocent citizens of Karachi.