July 4, 2011

Mr. Obama! Intellectual might can win War on Terror

 [Happy Independence Day to over 310 million Americans]

By Habib R. Sulemani

Statute of Liberty,
New York City.
IT'S Fourth of July. On this day, I want to say Happy Independence Day to the over 310 million people of the United States of America on behalf of the over 180 million people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I want to tell the American people, Pakistan is not a terrorist nation state—but, yes, our generals use terrorism as a strategy for personal gain. Pakistani people have realized that Americans are not the enemy but the real enemies are among their ruling class– politicians and generals.

What I had been saying, people didn't believe them. But the WikiLeaks, discovery of Osama bin Laden and some other recent incidents have opened the eyes of the common people in Pakistan. Now, for the first time since independence in 1947, they've realized who the real public enemy is. I or they? 

The people are amazed that the United States is neither the enemy of Islam nor Pakistan. Rather Islam is spreading fast, and there are estimated 7 million Muslims and 70,000 mosques/Islamic centers in the United States. The internet and social media has broken the tyranny of the mainstream media, which is being used as a lethal weapon by the military establishment. Thus, the secret agencies are now trying to control the social media through nasty tactics.

Let's be frank! The animosity towards America in the Pakistani society has always been an engineered social phenomenon. Although it's skin-deep but the secret agencies use it in an engineered way through the vernacular (Urdu) media. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spends millions on anti-American campaigns from the American funds, given for the welfare of the common people in Pakistan. This is the level of dishonesty in our lawless country. 

Pakistani generals have never won a war in history. Rather they lost a big part of the country in 1971, which is now known as Bangladesh. These generals have been politicized and commercialized over the years. They're no more professional soldiers. They lack the professional strength and confidence. So media-shenanigans are their only warfare game nowadays.

Those generals who bow before American leaders, military and civilian officers inside meeting rooms—when they come out in our tribal society, they act like despot rulers of the gone days... they take revenge of their assumed honor, not incapability, by spreading hatred against America in the terrorized society. They blame America and other western countries even for their personal failures.

There is no choice for the poor and helpless people but to accept whenever, directly or indirectly, comes from the powerful military establishment. When the famous slogan of Down with America is sent to the terrorized common people, they chant full-throat slogans against the United States, scrawl graffiti all over city walls and cover their brains with anti-American tattoos!

For the hate crimes, the secret agencies use religious and political groups besides the media—in this way they create conflict and then cash it. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are ATM cards for our generals. They can do anything to keep the cash coming out of the machine smoothly! They even kill their own people to cash the dead bodies. There is no law for the military officers in Pakistan. They consider themselves above the Constitution and laws! The recent killing of five armless foreigners (including three women) in Quetta and a teenager in Karachi are just few example.

The people of both countries, United States and Pakistan, should try to understand that they've a common enemy. This cunning enemy is not letting the two nations to behave like true friends. Pakistan’s corrupt and criminal ruling class has not only made our lives miserable in this militarized and Talibanized country, but it has also created difficulties for the Americans and rest of the world—just see the aftermath-9/11 crises especially the economic depression. 

These things have been discussed in my novel, The Terrorland, which suggests that the United States needs not to go after al-Qaeda and Taliban puppets in the mountains—rather it should try to capture the brains behind global terrorism in the plains—Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The U.S. or other governments need not to spend billions on the double-gamer generals and corrupt politicians in Pakistan—instead they must spend the funds on the public welfare directly. The illegal supply lines from Jeddah and Tehran should be stopped.

Military might is not guarantee of success in a 21st century war. The world needs intellectual might to win the global war on terrorism!

Personally, I consider Mr. Barak Huessein Obama II an intellectual/writer first and then the Cyber Age President of the United States. As compared to his intellectually bankrupt predecessor, President George W. Bush (who played like a puppet in the hands of former military dictator General Musharraf for eight long years, giving the American people the gift of the second Deep Depression), President Obama is a rare politician in the current global scenario, who is considered a symbol of hope and progress.

By using his intellect, President Obama can become a global blessing! He seems trying hard to introduce our global village to a new era of peace and prosperity. But one thing, I feel Mr. Obama must do, is reject suggestions to stop publication of the WikiLeaks and action against Julian Assange. The leaks may have violated the laws, but they've started a positive debate globally and what years of diplomacy and billions of dollars could not do in the Arab world, the leaks just did it! Even I can hear the songs of freedom in solitary confinement.

In a time, when global governance and economy are facing challenges, the leaked documents have provided an opportunity of serious discussions for improvement of the global crises. Now even a Third World country, like Pakistan, is changing fast. About 15 months ago, I was the only person addressing security issues, especially the rule of military and secret agencies, in Pakistan. Now people have started openly talking about the rule of the army and ISI. They're no more taboo subjects.

Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and access to information are the basic needs of our times. If I were an adviser to the American President, I would have said: Mr. President! Make Wikileaks your strength not weakness!   

Finally, I want to sum up my quickly-written blog with these words: the dream of global peace and prosperity can’t be fulfilled unless the criminals in the ruling class of Pakistan are brought to justice. Their foreign accounts and illegal business empires are seized. Cases against them must be filed in courts including the International Criminal Courts—so that no one misuses their power in the name of religion, race or nationalism again. In this way the future of the world can be secured.

I wish you great success, Mr. President!

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