July 16, 2011

My city is in a monster's hands that lives across the ocean!

The Terrorland Report

Altaf Hussain: a 'monster' in the UK
HERE is a poem. The Terrorland got it in response to yesterday’s post, Mirza! Mind your language but, is Altaf Hussain a holy cow?, in which the writer had said: “People have again requested the British government to stop one of its citizens, Altaf Hussain, who is reportedly involved in many crimes in Pakistan and is not ready to return to the country. This can save the Pakistani-British youth in the UK to avoid any revenge, whose relatives are being suffered in Karachi.”

A similar demand had also been made in an earlier post, Karachi violence attempt to divert public attention from generals: “The British government should be held responsible for the violence in Karachi,” a politician from Karachi said on condition of annuity. “Altaf Hussain is terrorizing our people from London so that the ISI helps his party (MQM) to get seats in Punjab.”

Anyways, after reading this poem, one feels that Urdu language is still alive with resistance literature besides the new wave of English literature in Pakistan. In a previous post, Bahrain, Pakistan (ISI) & one-eyed BBC (Urdu), it had been claimed:

"Like the journalistic atmosphere, the situation of the Pakistani literati is also under the influence of the secret agencies. Iftikhar Arifs (poets) and Fakhar Zamans (fiction writers) are enjoying perks and privileges of their government jobs. Whenever needed they recycle the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib of the gone century... (They don't know the 21st century needs cyber age writers)... The poor common writers, especially poets, keep silent out of fear... no one dares to write about the tyranny of the generals.”

So, at least now a poem has appeared on the surface, talking about the tyranny of a mafia-leader-like politician, who allegedly controls terrorist activities in Karachi from London. The original poem is written in Urdu by Mir Salim Raza, who, according to Baloch intellectual Borhaan Arifee, “is connected to the Sindhi nationalist struggle and was in prison with Nawab Khair Bakhsh Mari during the Hyderabad Conspiracy Tribunal trial.”

Many thanks to Mr. Arifee, who, on request, has kindly translated the poem into English instantly, and sent it to The Terrorland with this message:


I normally don’t do requested work because it takes the literary life out. The poem was sent to me by Mir Salim Raza via Balochi Culture Yahoo mailing group, and translated into broken English on the request of Mr. Rehman Pak, the member of theterrorland.blogspot.com team for the blog as well as for his Facebook Wall.

(Borhaan Arifee)
My City

My city
Is in the hands of a monster
A monster
That lives across the ocean
That plays with the city
Sometime breaks it
Sometime twists it
And then sits and weeps
As if he is the only in grief
When he gets angry
His eyes ooze fire
And his tongue becomes
A hundred mouthed snake
His feet heavier than the mount
In just minutes
Destroys everything
Vehicles, buses, shops, houses
Children, elders, men and women
Swallows everything
When the offering is done
Again the city runs

His power is godly
When desires, bestows honor
When desires, endows disgrace
When desires, he makes
When desires, he breaks
Could make the bustling city
Deserted and dreaded within minutes

Traumatized dwellers of the city
Elders, children, men and women
Call upon his name
Before coming out
And with his grace
Return to their homes

If want to run the city
Must bow down first
Then must offer something
Then the city runs too
If the offering isn’t accepted
The button will be pushed
The living city will be shushed

Urdu poem © Mir Salim Raza
English translation © Borhaan Arifee

Now the original Urdu poem:

 میرا شہر

 میرا شہر
اک راکشس کے قبضے میں ہے
راکشس جو سمندر پار بیٹھا
شہر سے کھیلتا رہتا ہے
کبھی توڑتا ہے
...مروڑتا ہے
اور پھر خود ہی بیٹھ کے روتا ہے
کہ جیسے غم بھی اسی کو ہے
غصہ جب آجائے اس کو
آنکھوں سے اس کے شعلے لپکیں
اور زبا ں بن جائے
سو منہ والا سانپ
اور پاوں پہاڑ سے بھی بھاری
لحظو ں میں سب
تہس نہس کردیتا ہے
گاڑیاں، بسیں ،دوکانیں، گھر
بچے، بوڑھے، عورتیں اور مرد
سب کچھ وہ نگل لیتا ہے
اس کو بھینٹ چڑھاوا پہونچے
شہر پھر چلتا رہتا ہے

اسکی طاقت خدائی ہے
جب چاہے ذلّت دے
جب چاہے عزّت دے
جب چاہے بنادے وہ
جب چاہے مٹادے وہ
بھرا پرا شہر لحظوں میں
ویراں کردے ڈرادے وہ

ڈرے سہمے شہر کے باسی
بوڑھے بچے عورتیں اور مرد
اسی کا نام لے کر
گھر سے باہر نکلتے ہیں
اور اسی کی مہربانی سے
گھر اپنے لوٹتے ہیں

گر شہر کو چلانا ہے
پہلے سر جھکانا ہے
پھر کچھ نا کچھ چڑھانا ہے
پھر شہر بھی چلتا رہتا ہے
گر چڑھاوا آشیرواد نہیں
پھر بٹن دب جائے گا
چلتا پھرتا شہر رک جائے گ


  1. Rehman Pak Zulfiqar Mirza ki shakal راکشس hi kafi hai.resistance kay nam par gali day na wha .Urdu language bhi ku.

  2. Rehman Pak Zulfiqar Mirza ki shakal راکشس hi kafi hai.resistance kay nam par gali day na wha .Urdu language bhi ku. Saray راکشس jo London main partay hain of hum per huqmarani kartay hain. Habib R. Sulemani pakistani hai ya chrdy chathi walla punchabi hai.

  3. 'monster' pakistan bananay ki saza to millni hai

    foj ko muswara do ab kay sub mahjiroon ko khatam krain 1992 main kuch bach ga ay thay.banazir lo mara altaf ko pakitan blaoo owr----

  4. Wah, Inam Raja sab, mukarar irshad! Fazil Jamili sab, apni wo Darakhat wali nazm Inam sab ko suna day taki wo thanday hon jaian... The Terrorland team bohot khofzada hay!

  5. The whole country is in hands of Wolves of Pak Military, how can Karachi be in his hands?
    Why would he be getting his own people killed even if it was?