July 29, 2011

Pakistan Army and crimes against humanity

By Habib R. Sulemani 

LAST year, I saw video of this summary execution 
in Swat. I can hear the echoing screams even today. 
What happened to Pakistan Army’s investigation
in this regard, nobody knows.—image via Google
TODAY I looked at the calendar and found my eyes fixed on the date: July 29, 2011. "So, I've completed 16 months of solitary-confinement in this cell-like room," I thought while looking outside the window.

The Pakistani government and military establishment, especially the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI), all are surprised how I've survived this long in such a miserable situation as they've systematically isolated me in the whole country. The superstitious may consider it a miracle... but it's my determination to bring those satanic characters to justice who are using religion, race and nationalism as weapons against humanity in Pakistan.

I can't go outside my home to avoid further assassination attempts amid threats from the secret agencies and their puppets. Thanks to my parents, brothers and sisters who have been with me during this challenging time. Everyone of them is suffering, directly or indirectly, at the hands of the state. The doors of universities have been shut on my poor sister Nasira Parveen, who is paying the price for my writings for over 16 months. Despite the activities of the regime's rumor-mills and psychological warfare brigade, we all are determined to fight for our legal rights in a peaceful way, no mater how long it takes. Justice is our collective mission and people are joining us silently in this mission.

How hard these days, weeks, months and years have been for me and my family? It's very difficult to express in words right now in this blog. It's worth a book rather books. (Readers of The Terrorland group blogs have an idea of this tragedy. As the legal process has yet not started, therefore, every shred of evidence couldn't be put on the internet. So you may be in the dark yet but, please, wait for the ultimate truth that would be out soon!).

Considering me the greatest challenge, the Pakistani military establishment through the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) is busy in spreading rumors against me and my family members as a part of its typical propaganda campaign. But the rumormongers have exposed themselves in their own stupid way. Their psychological warfare tactics have badly failed and members of the criminal brigade have lost their senses. Sources say they themselves have literally become schizophrenic due to the ongoing pressure from their lunatic bosses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The generals have failed the nation in wars and protecting our country, and it's time to bring them to justice. Only this can make the nation stronger.

The ISI and MI have been terrorizing my family members, relatives, friends and colleagues, especially those who wanted to contact me during these hard times. They're told by the secret agencies and their agents not to talk about the three attacks on my life, and my confinement. "Behave as if nothing has happened ever," an ISI officer has told someone who wanted to contact me. "Change the subject whenever he (me) talks about us (ISI, MI and their stooges). Clearly tell him, he is alone and can't do anything. Come along!"

The people are so scared of  the criminals in power. There is terror in the air, everywhere.

Someone has sent me a report of The New York Times, Pakistan Spies on Its Diaspora, Spreading Fear, saying: "If the ISI is terrorizing people even in the United States what would it not be doing in Pakistan. Habib! What you've been writing long ago, the international media is now confirming it. One day not only Pakistan but the whole world would say: Thank you!"

The Times report has quoted an unnamed Pakistani author (similar to The Terrorland Team which omits names for security reasons) living in the U.S.:

“The ISI guys will look into your eyes and will indirectly threaten you by introducing themselves,” the author said. “The ISI makes sure that they are present in every occasion relating to Pakistan, and in some cases they pay ordinary Pakistanis for attending events and pass them information.”

Anyway, when this month I opened an account on the Facebook, it was really a very nice experience, but the terror of the Pakistani secret agencies is even there! People are afraid to talk to me or have any kind of link to me as my phones, emails and social pages etc are being monitored by the secret agencies, sometimes even hacked. There is an unexplained feeling among the terrorized people: the cyber brigade of the ISI and MI is watching!

So, I was told to restrict and use strict privacy conditions for the safety of my Facebook friends as there're shocking stories how some people, who had commented on The Terrorland, were punished and harassed (due to their security, things couldn't be disclosed any further).

In a nutshell: the ISI and MI with the help of their stooges are doing everything to downplay whatever I do or say. The generals' hands are on the nukes and mine are on the keyboard of my laptop. And, I know: failure is the fate of those governments and officials who commit crime against their own innocent people. I'm destined to win the war for the 180 million helpless people of Pakistan.

This zeal and determination was high when I came to know the other day that Canada has arrested a suspected Pakistani war criminal. This brings to mind the many forgotten allegations of war crimes and crime against humanity, committed by the military especially the Pakistan Army. The common people in this country want justice and accountability of the military. They say: besides the huge income from the military's agricultural and business conglomerates, the generals consumes 80 percent of our budget, and still they're unable to protect us. What a shame.

Generals can't hush up the whole affair any longer. 

The nation has seen videos of summary executions and torture of citizens especially children, women and elderly people. Last year I saw a shocking video of a summary execution in Swat. I can hear the echoing screams even today. The military authorities had said that the case was being investigated. What happened to the investigation? Nobody knows really.

The military leadership often accuses the laws of the land for letting arrested terrorists go free. But the generals can punish the culprits within through their own military courts without any such objection. But why there is no convictions as yet?   

In their typical style, the generals may be thinking that there is silence in the country: people may have forgotten the gruesome crimes. But they must keep in mind that the issue is very much alive, people are silent due to fear of a similar fate: summary executions or torture. Now, I'm speaking... but when the time comes, they all will speak!

The ISI and ISPR may try to hide things especially release of new evidence of the alleged war crimes, but it will not work in the long run. Hidden facts will come out sooner or later in the globalized world. So, don't try to be extra-smart... the nation and world both have weighed you accurately!

Therefore, it's in the best interest of both the military and country to bring the criminals in the uniform to justice. Look, they're involved in torture and killing of innocent civilians in Balochistan, Khybar Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of Pakistan. The multi-million propaganda campaign will not improve the tarnished image of the Pakistan Army. No matter what pop singer Hadiqa Kiyani does along with Army Chief General Kayani, during calamities, that can’t do much to impress the common people. But provision of justice and accountability of the military can do miracles! 

Come on, tired and elderly generals! During your 30-plus-years of services in the fields of politics and business, the global military culture has changed beyond your imagination! Now criminal cases can go directly to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Therefore, if not God, at least fear the ICC!

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