July 30, 2011

Poor Shia Muslims & three types of killing in Balochistan

The Terrorland Report

BALOCHISTAN is a mountainous region full of natural resources. It has been divided among three countries: Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Currently there is a separatist movement going on in Pakistan and Iranian parts of Balochistan. The nationalists are dreaming about a Greater Balochistan—a new nation state on earth. But in both countries they are being killed brutally by the security forces.

There are three types of killing going on in Pakistan's Balochistan province: 1) separatists are killed by security forces/secret agencies, and vice versa, 2) outsiders/settlers are killed by separatists, and 3) Shia Muslims are killed by sectarian groups.

Recently many innocent Shias were killed in Balochistan’s capital Quetta. When the latest wave of separatism came to the province, since then hundreds of innocent people have been disappeared, and many dead bodies have been found in deserted areas. Baloch intellectuals are also being victimized. The democratically elected government is cosmetic... and the Pakistan military is actually running affairs of the province. Thus there is a reign of terror in the region.

Today, according to AP, "gunmen opened fire on a minibus carrying minority Shiite Muslims in Quetta on Saturday, killing 11 of them in a sectarian attack. Two people were also wounded in the attack."

Unfortunately, similar acts of terror are often repeated in the city.

There are about 20 percent Shias in the Sunni-dominated Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The two sects were living in harmony but during the tyrant rule of former military dictator General Zia, sectarian clashes, besides ethnic militancy, started in Pakistan. During the last three decades, religious and racial terrorism have weakened the roots of the Islamic state.

The Shias in Quetta are vulnerable because of their distinctive physical features: Mongol faces as seen in the gloomy picture above. The Shias in Quetta are known as the Hazaras who speak Persian. Therefore, the attackers can recognize their victims very easily.

The attackers can be anyone of the fighting groups: Baloch separatists who may want to avenge Iran in an illogical way, or remove the non-Balochs from the region. The attackers can be Pashtun Taliban, as is generally believed. The Taliban have been told by their masters to fight against American and Shia infidels.

Whoever the attackers are – agents of the Pakistani secret agencies or separatists Balochis – they’re criminals and they should stop this un-Islamic and inhuman practice in the province. No one can achieve anything through violence in this second decade of the 21st century. Keep this in mind, please!

Earlier, two Shia students from Parachinar – who were on the way to Peshawar to get admission in a college – were brutally killed by the Taliban in Khybar Pakhtunkhwa province.

The Shias of Quetta and Parachinar are crying. But the Pakistani government and security agencies are busy in political games. The cries of these helpless citizens may even make God cry—but the butcher-like politicians and generals are silent.


    1. Raiwind Tablighis, funded by Saudi petro dollars have since long declared Shias as Kafirs. Taliban have same funding sources. We have reduced minorities population from 22% in 1947 to present less than 5%. Now that we have less number of minorities to 'deal' with, we have taken up hatred within sects of Islam.

    2. "a mix not truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth while you know (Quran 2:42)

      Imtiaz, you are a pitiful excuse for a human, if you have to misinform and falsify to spread your filth.

      Are you suggesting that Saudi's funding Raiwind Tablighis are the cause of reduction of minorities in Pak and not the corrupt ruling elite who state sponsor terror and oppression upon their own citizens to secure aid/loans from the West to fill their coffers.

      The state has failed to provide security of life not only to the minorities, but to every common person in Pakistan

    3. Your analysis is really impressive, Imtiaz. What could be done to make Pakistan a balanced and peaceful country? I wonder.

    4. ‎Rehman Pak: School curriculum needs to be changed to secular International. Army budget to be cut by 50% and money saved to be divected to education. Financial and spares santions to be imposed on army by US and other donors. Uninterrupted democracy. 30 years after taking these steps we can expect improvement. There is no magic wand nor immediate solution. As we are nowhere near implementing these steps, you can see we will continue to be on downward spiral and will continue to suffer.

    5. @ Imtiaz Hussain Sb
      Dont u think this solution needs alot of time and Fair leadership, which according to me is not possible. We need to put individual efforts, if u have any Plans regarding that please Share.

    6. I wonder whose line are you towing, you ever tried to analyze the Balochistan situation impartially, I dot think you did. You are supporting agenda of powers who are trying to weaken Pakistan's already fragile systems to the brink of collapsing and you are supporting Baloch feudals who are the biggest hurdle in progress of Balochistan. Half the Sadars of balcohistan are in provincial assembly which has no opposition. Everyone is pocketing development funds, rest of the sardars are shouting rebellious slogans until they are in government again and the half which is in government now will take their place. Its musical chairs for these human garbage of feudals. Had these sardars been loyal to their people it would have been a different picture in Balochistan. Shame on you whoever you are ! But then you have to feed your children too even if its on price of your own motherland.