July 24, 2011

'Soldiers involved in sexual crimes in Gilgit-Baltistan & Azad Kashmir'

HERE is an email, which Habib Sulemani has forwarded to The Terrorland Team (TTT). We are publishing it in the hope that some people from Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) would respond to the allegations leveled against the Pakistan military personnel. Is there some truth? Please, feel free to tell us your story.—TTT

Dear Habib Sahab

I recently found your blog forwarded by a journalist friend of mine. There are news that you have mentioned about disputed territory of Gilgit-Baltistan - that I never heard of but I do believe that they are true. ISI has done great job keeping a lid on the region and divert attention of international community on Indian Kashmir to hide their own crimes. 

I am grateful to you for the contributions and hope that you will continue to provide more information from GB. We hear stories from our local folks that Pakistani soldiers commit sexual crimes against the women in Neelum valley of AJK, Astore, Kharmang and Gangche districts of GB but the locals fail to highlight the perpetrators due to fear. 

I do not know if you have any such information that I could post on my website too. Locals are too scared to testify but have told me scary stories in private. I once again thank you for the services towards the voiceless in the community


Senge Sering
(If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable. John F Kennedy)

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  1. Dr Muhammad Umer BasraJuly 24, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    This blog says that there are some stories of sexual crimes in Gligit-Baltistan but does not confirm with authentic examples. Can any one
    upload it with true references on it?


    Dr Muhammad Umer Basra

    4th Floor,
    Sir Alexandar Fleming Building
    Imperial College London,
    South Kensington campus,

  2. http://kaashmir.blogspot.com/