July 3, 2011

Story of a Christian family fled to Sri Lanka after ISI stalking

The Terrorland Report

After the ISI raid, things are scattered while Adam's terrorized son looks on
THE Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is doing nothing but terrorizing, torturing, kidnapping and killing innocent people in Pakistan while letting the terrorists go free on engineered killing sprees.

Last month, The Terrorland got an email from a Pakistani Christian family, which after an alleged attack from the ISI, fled to Sri Lanka. The head of the family, Adam (name changed for security reason), was country-head of an international non-governmental/non-profit organization in Pakistan. The family was happy and prosperous, living in a high-income-area of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

In 2008, bad-luck hit the family. The ISI raided on their house in the absence of family members in a typical style—probably, thinking that Adam was sheltering some CIA agent.

Then in a dramatic way, the family (Adam, wife and two young children) fled to Sri Lanka, Adam lost his job. Currently, his family faces financial crisis and his wife is on deathbed.

Adam’s wife and children want to return to Pakistan, but there is no one to guarantee them security. Adam fears that he would be killed like General Faisal Alvi.

Instead of telling the story in an indirect way, you may like to read it straight from the horse’s mouth! So here are the email correspondences between Adam and The Terrorland group blogs.

On June 24, 2011, Adam sent the first email to The Terrorland. He writes:

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Adam, I need an advice urgently regarding a problem I am in, I am a Pakistani national but have fled my country because of our intelligence agencies, I need to share my story and get an advice, please help me.  I love my country and never thought anything bad about that, the problem I have is most probably due to a misunderstanding.  Please tell me if it is safe to write to you using this address.



Immediately a moderator contacted Adam on the same day: 

Dear Adam,

Pls feel free to send us your story. We'll publish it.

Take care and thanks for writing.


Adam wrote a detailed email on the same day. He told his story in this way:

Dear Rehman (The Terrorland moderator),

Thanks for your reply, as I told you I am a Pakistani national and am out of my Pakistan for over two years.  The information I am going to give you now is for you only, please do not share it or publish it before we agree on who to move forward with sharing this information.  Moreover I would like to share with you that I am a true Pakistani and have never done anything that could have a negative effect on my country or its security.

I am a Christian and was working for an American NGO called (name withheld) till 2008, I was the country director of the organization.  In October 2008 my house in sector G 11 of Islamabad was ransacked (according to the information I have from my employer and the way things had been done) by one of our intelligence agencies, I will write in point form here onward to make myself clear:

·         Everything in my house was broken, nothing was left untouched including the toys of my children, the stuffed toys were torn into pieces, my children’s metal money boxes were cut open and checked, my laptop was broken most probably after hard drive being copied (the laptop was lying in the corner with the power cable lying near it).

A helpless policeman's mere formality.
·         Absolutely nothing that I know of was stolen, there were some things missing such as some religious material etc. but I am not sure if it was stolen or I could not trace it because my house was left in such a condition that it was not easy to tell that.

·         The worst thing that they did was that they passed stool on my carpet before leaving the house and covered it with towels.  I am ashamed to tell it but they did “tatti” (human excrement) on the carpets.

·         There was fire lit in two rooms, in one room my children’s clothes were half burnt and in the other room my wife’s clothes were half burnt (her wedding dress that they pulled out of some boxes that were locked).

·         I called the police before I opened my front gate because I wanted to enter the house in their presence, the police came and we entered the house, the police officer that came there and entered the house with me told me as we were standing in the door that he has seen this pattern before and I can tell you nothing will be missing from your house.

·         The police called the forensic lab and they were not able to find any fingerprints on any of the things.

·         I was advised by the police to keep my mouth shut if I want nothing more of this sort, this was advised by the forensic lab staff also, they told me that according to their experience this is done by the intelligence agencies and if I speak about this I could face serious consequences.

·         I filed a police report on the same day at the Shalimar police station.

·         The police did nothing about this and tried not to talk to me much whenever I went to the Police station.

·         I went and saw the IG Police and told him what had happened, the IG was shocked and said that what you are telling to me does happen but5 only to the diplomats of non-friendly country, he told me that something similar happened to a female Indian diplomat but he took a stand and helped her, he promised to help me and ordered his staff to send a message to SSP to immediately get in contact with me and provide me protection, there was absolutely no contact made with me and no protection was given to me.

·         I went to the Police station and tried to see the SHO but his juniors did not let me see him, they told me that SHO has been told about this and he also thinks the same way as we think about this incident, the police inspector said that the police wants to help me but there are certain things in their country that are beyond their control.  I was again advised not to pursue this matter.

·         My organization tried to involve the UN embassy and get help and advice from them but they refused to interfere and said that this will create a diplomatic problem with the Government of Pakistan therefore we can’t do anything in this regard.

·         After trying our best to get the police involved in the case failing to do so, the organization advised me to move to Bangkok with my family ASAP, I refused to go and told them that the best thing to do is to get the matter resolved here in Pakistan because that will make us suspicious.

·         I was asked my organization to move to Bangkok even if I personally don’t think that was the right thing to do, so we went to Bangkok.

·         I was suppose to come back with my boss (an American) after one week but the office decided that my boss goes alone till the matter is resolved.

·         My boss went to Islamabad and contacted some high officials and other high level contacts, after getting the information from them he told me that this was done by ISI.

·         After this communication my office went quiet and did not tell me anything about the investigation, I asked them several times but they were not telling me anything, I told them that I needed to go back because of my children’s schooling and my wife’s health but without giving any details they said we can’t let you go.  When I started to be a bit strong in saying that I want to go, they said we are not letting to you because there is an internal audit going on and we want you to stay away from the office, I still insisted that I need to go.

·         In December I got the information from one my colleagues that what happened to me was because of a staff that was hired by (NGO), the staff was actually working for CIA and/or Raw.

·         I told this to my boss, my boss asked me not to further investigate this matter and let us do that.  I told my boss that I will not further investigate this issue but if the information is correct I am in great danger if I go back without resolving this matter officially with the government and intelligence agencies.

·          After some time I was allowed to go back to Pakistan.  I had the understanding that my organization has solved the issue and there is no problem for me to go back.  I was allowed to go back on a condition that I will not contact any staff of the organization, I agreed to that.

·         When I went back I saw my boss who was already in Pakistan, I asked him where is “Roger” (the staff that most probably worked of CIA), my boss said he is gone, I said why did he go, my boss said I have no idea nor do I have any idea regarding who has sent him but he is gone to Afghanistan. (this guy was not stationed in Pakistan but was not suppose to go at a time when he left).  I was shocked to hear what my boss told me because I thought that all was well and the report about this guy being a CIA guy was most probably wrong.  I realized that there was something wrong and they have made some kind of deal with ISI and sent the guy back, I was very afraid because I knew that the guy has been able to go because he was an American national but ISI is not going to let me walk away without investigating properly, I was afraid because I left the country right after the incident.  The organization disowned me and did not care what happened to me.

·         I immediately went into hiding and stayed with my family at an isolated location, no one knew where my house was.

·         I felt very insecure because I knew that someone is looking for me, my relatives were being asked about my whereabouts by unknown people and were being followed.

·         I discussed the situation with my friends who advised me to leave the country as soon as possible.

Due to this incident, I lost my job, my children missed school, my wife’s health has gone down to an extent that doctors have said they have no further advice for her, I can’t come to Pakistan because I know I will be abducted and will not surface at least for a few years and will be tortured because our intelligence feels that I have something to tell.  I will be treated much more harshly because of my religion and lack of contacts in the government and with other influential people.

My life has been totally destroyed, I have nowhere to go, I am living in Sri Lanka and have applied for asylum through UNHCR in order obtain a document that allows me to live in this country without visa, my story is so complicated torture or lose my life.

Please do not share this information with anyone because I will be in serious trouble, I am a simple person and have nothing to do with whatever ISI is suspecting me of doing.  I was paying over 200,000/year as tax to the government.  I am now living in a terrible condition because all my savings are gone, this is a very expensive country, my wife is on death bed. My life has been destroyed as a result of the cold war between CIA and ISI. Please advise me what to do, is there a way to contact ISI and explain them that I am not involved in anything (without being tortured)? When the things are safe for me I would also like to expose so the called a Christian organization (NGO), they lied to me and almost got me killed (knowingly). They are afraid of their links with the CIA being exposed, that is why they disowned me after securing the safety of US nationals.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


On June 26, 2011, Adam wrote:  

Dear Brother Rehman

I wrote an email few days back, I am not sure if you have read it or not, Sir, even if you do not feel like reading it or replying please do not share this information with anybody, I wrote to you in complete confidence.



On June 29, 2011, The Terrorland wrote back:


If you are not Zaid Hamid or Ahmed Quraishi or from their sinister gang... then you must contact them for any contact with the ISI... but if your story is true, then we sympathy with you and your family. We can publish an article about your plight (if you want omitting certain names). We are highlighting similar cases for over a year now.

Stay blessed 

On the same day Adam wrote:

Dear Brother Rehman

Thanks for the reply, I was getting really worried when you were not replying because I read General Alvi’s account on your blog, he also wrote a letter and never got a reply and the result was disastrous, lol.  Sir, I am not Zaid Hamid or Ahmad Querashi, I am who I told you I am, if you want to verify more about me I can send you some scanned documents and pictures of my house after it was ransacked, I have gone thoroughly through your blog before contacting you because I was aware of the possible consequences of giving so much information to wrong people.  Sir, I want my story to be published, with pictures but I am afraid that if I have to come back to Pakistan I will be treated very harshly, being from the minority I have very little connections with the influential people and the treatment will be much harsher. Sir, following are some links that will tell you who I am/was.

(Links withheld)

Sir, I am attaching some pictures of my house with this email to give you more idea of what happened.  ISI, IB or whatever agency did this (Police told me there are 13 known and many unknown agencies in Islamabad and it could be any one of the) has destroyed me (one of Pakistan’s citizens) to an extent that I have almost become a beggar, I am having to ask money from friends and relatives to survive here in Sri Lanka.  My wife is close to death because of this incident because her proper medication could not be continued at Shifa International, Islamabad.

I would again like to tell you keeping God in front of me that I had nothing to do with any anti-state activity and am not aware if the organization I worked for had any negative agenda.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding my incident.



On the same day, The Terrorland wrote back:

Sir, please make a story or blog, whatever you call it, and send us, we will publish and widely circulate. Thanks. 

There was silence. So on July 1, 2011, The Terrorland wrote:

Sir, we are waiting on you!

On July 2, 2011, Adam wrote:

Rehman Bhai

Can we wait a little, my case is with the UN and I am unsure of the outcome, in case I am forced to go back to Pakistan through am asked by the Sri Lankan government to leave their country I will be in a very serious trouble, now I have the hope that I can secretly enter Pakistan but if the intelligence agencies find that I am becoming vocal about the incident than they will keep a track of me.  What is your opinion on that?  As I told you earlier that my wife is an end stage liver patient and have two small children, being abducted would be the last thing I would want to happen to me.  You are well aware of how cruel our caretakers (intelligence agencies) are and how bold they become when torturing their own people.  Sir, just one question, do you or someone you know have the means to somehow check the details of my case with the police station if I send you the scanned copy of my police report I filed at the time of incident?   I think some of these things will be very helpful if we publish this incident.



On the same day, The Terrorland wrote:

Sir! What about your other family members, brothers etc? What kind of "check the details" you want at the police station when you have a copy of the FIR? Why don't you get the help of a family member or friend in Islamabad? 

Immediately, Adam answered:

Rehman Bhai

I have no relation in Islamabad, I am actually from Lahore (to be precise, [name of a nearby district]).  When I said to check details, I meant that someone might be able to get the reality out of Police and they might tell the reality of the incident.  There was no FIR, it is a police report only, we tried very hard but we could not register an FIR, they were saying that we need to name someone with concrete proof if we want to file an FIR and at the same time scaring me also of the consequences if I insisted on filing FIR.  The IG tried to interfere but still there was no FIR filed by the police station, as I told you the SHO avoided me and always made excuses and never met me.

I have attached the scanned copy of the letter that I handed over the IG in person.  Even though IG issued the orders in front of us to provide me security and sent an immediate message to the SSP to get in touch with me, nothing happened.

Sir, the bottom line is that I am really afraid of any negative outcome of me being vocal, I hope you understand that I am not only afraid of our intelligence agency it is the other agency also whose links with a humanitarian organization will most probably be revealed after my story becomes open, Pakistan government has helped them to keep that part of the story hidden.  I have many reasons to believe that my case at UNHCR is being influenced by these unknown hands, I could easily tell that from the attitude and communication of the UNHCR interviewer.

I am sorry for bothering you and understand that you can’t be wasting your precious time on me but I want to be very careful in what steps I take.  I will only have one shot, I will have to be very careful in using that shot.  There is no one behind me, my organization disowned me after securing American nationals and did not renew my contract.  I am alone!

I have hundreds of documents to prove my story but who is going to ask me to do so?  I will have to join General Alvi long before the time comes to prove myself right.



On July 2, 2011, The Terrorland wrote back:

Dear Sir,

I had sent your emails to other members of The Terrorland Team, and they have decided to publish your story without the names of you or your former organization etc with editorial notes... just to show the tyranny and apathy!

Wish you and your family members a better life. Be hopeful, disguised blessings will emerge!


In the same way immediately came the answer:

Dear Rehman Bhai

That is fine with me, I trust that you will not write anything that can put me in trouble, I have told you my complete situation.  I have loads of documents, if there is someone in your group that wants to get more details from me I will be very happy to provide that.  I also have Amereecan embassy letters written to the government regarding the problem my employer had with the government.



So, what do you think about this case? Can you help this family? Anybody or organization, that wants further investigations into the matter or is interested in this case to help the victims, they can be provided contact information. And, yes, if you are a victim of any state-run organization, tell us your story. Silence is not the cure! 


  1. We have heard this kind of stories before, there was a lot of exaggeration in them, but if the story is true it is very sad that a Pakistani family is having to go through all this trouble.

  2. @ Raja: that was very unkind of you, must you comment if you can not provide a positive input. I bet you just skimmed through this tale of terror and torture and did not read even ten percent of it.

    Your sympathy toward the end does not mean any thing when you discredit this tale and the likewise stories.

    I wish and hope that you enjoy your 'Freedom', Naivety, and 'Ignorance' as long as you can!