July 27, 2011

Terrified Christian family seeks protection for relatives in Pakistan

The Terrorland Report

TERRORIZED by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), a Pakistani Christian family living in exile in Sri Lanka is afraid for the wellbeing of rest of the family members (relatives) left in Pakistan after publication of their plight – Story of a Christian family fled to Sri Lanka after ISI stalking – here in The Terrorland group blogs earlier this month.

There are two new emails from Adam, head of the family living in Sri Lanka, which are being published in the hope that the Pakistani government may provide protection to the terrified non-Muslim citizens in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Here are the emails:

Dear Brother Rehman

I read the story on your blog, Sir, how sure can I be that my relatives in Pakistan will not have to face the consequences of this? I am very much concerned about this.


Dear Rehman Bhai

I have one request regarding the story you did on our family, sir please euphemize the part in my male about human excretion left on the carpets (the Urdu part needs to be taken out maybe), it is very embarrassing.  Sir, another thing I wanted to ask you was that is it possible to get some international journalist involved in this and try to send the message to the organization that I have started talking about, they might help me get out of this situation, at an international level, mentioning their name will be no problem and they will never be able to file defamation case because I have all the documentation to prove whatever I am saying.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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  1. DMJoshi:What is your group headed by the high priest whose blog you spam doing to persuade Christian Countries to emigrate all Christians to those countries? If you succeed, you guys to can convert and get on the boats.

    fanabba: I thought Islam was the Religion of Peace.

    DMJoshi: Facts about terrorist Islam and Muslims: http://goo.gl/snkTU