July 8, 2011

When ISI caught top journalist dancing naked in Islamabad

   * He was allowed to go after making a video in ‘natural dress’
   * Do you know what kind of people lead journalists in Pakistan?

The Terrorland Report

Pervaiz Shaukat
THOSE people, who currently lead journalistic bodies in Pakistan, are mostly corrupt and hardcore criminals, who are involved in bribery, extortion, illegal real-estate business and human trafficking to Europe and the Americas. This is an open secret rather a universal truth now.

The top leaders – including Pervaiz Shaukat, Afzal But, Asim Qadeer Rana, Mushtaq Minhas and Farooq Faisal Khan – belong to a mafia-like group. They're either on the payroll of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) or the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). And whatever illegal things, these so-called journalist leaders do, the spy agency provides them protection.

“Journalists had not seen such a corrupt people in the profession before,” says a female journalist in a written comment sent to The Terrorland Team along some email posts from a newsgroup. “From the PFUJ (Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists) and NPC (National Press Club, Islamabad) to RIUJ (Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists), everywhere the (Pakistan) Army has planted its people.”

This is what the majority of journalists know... but rarely do they speak about it on record, fearing for their lives or jobs. Most of the people at the PFUJ, RIUJ and NPC are not only corrupt but are also involved in criminal offenses not only in Pakistan but also overseas. 

Afzal Butt and Asim Rana receive 
cheque from the Prime Minister.
Leaders of the journalists today are those people who have nothing to do for the welfare of the working journalists who are being tortured at office by the owners and outside by secret agencies. Journalists are suffering but the PFUJ, NPC and RIUJ leaders are cashing it!

Instead of any help, these journalist leaders can make plots to kill or humiliate their own colleagues whenever their masters in the uniform declare a truthful journalist ‘traitor’ or ‘foreign agent’ or working against ‘national interest’, which is actually Generals’ interest.

Today, a man (Pervaiz Shaukat), who can’t speak English or use a computer, is president of the apex journalistic organization, PFUJ. Similar is the case of the NPC president (Afzal Butt) and many other so-called leaders imposed on the helpless journalistic community of Pakistan.  

Pervaiz Shaukat has ‘sold’ the PFUJ to the ISI and its political wing MQM during the recent elections, many journalists accuse. They say, Mr. Shaukat’s son is in the military and like any affectionate father, he wants his son at the top one day—so how can he resist the ISI...!

Like the Abbas Brothers, they claim, Pervaiz Shaukat is also trying to make his nephew, Adeel Raza of Dawn Media Group, leader of the PFUJ in the coming times.

The ISI had caught NPC president Afzal Butt naked dancing in a brothel-house of Islamabad, a senior reporter says. The spy agency let him go only after making a video of him in ‘natural dress’—since then he can’t move even a step against the military establishment. "The recent protest of PFUJ against the assassination of (journalist) Saleem Shahzad was also eyewash on the indication of the ISI and ISPR."

Another leader, Asim Qadeer Rana, is the man, Mr. Butt allegedly uses as his assistant in ‘important’ deals—especially getting funds from government and non-governmental organizations at home and abroad.

Mushtaq Minhas
Mushtaq Minhas is the predecessor and ‘guru' of Mr. Butt and ‘right-hand-man’ of Pervaiz Shaukat. He is head of the Media Town, a housing project for journalists, and reportedly has started a real-estate business of his own in the twin-cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad.  

Farooq Faisal Khan is Chairman Journalists Panel, the electoral penal of the mafia.  He is also a main character in the Media Town project, and is known as ‘leader of the land-mafia’ among the journalists in Islamabad and Lahore.

Farooq Faisal along with Mushtaq Minhas had bought two zero-meter cars from Lahore last year after an alleged deal with real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz.

The woman journalist has sent this email, which was circulated by the Press Pakistan Google Group. It shows the activities of the criminals in the guise of journalists in Pakistan. Now the PFUJ and RIUJ leaders have been black-listed globally. Intellectual terrorism is not a hypothesis... but a reality in our terror-hit Pakistan. The email says:

Dear all,

One of sources just informed that the entry of key officials of National
Press Club, Islamabad and RIUJ to entire European Union and the UK has been
banned under the charge of human trafficking.

An European Embassy in Islamabad has reportedly interviewed a group of
journalists who applied for the visa but during the interview it was exposed
that there were many non-journalists having fake Press Cards and supporting
documents provided by none other than NPC and RIUJ and hence, the entire
group of journalists was blacklisted.

Last year, a female office-bearer of a journalist union also tried to seek
asylum during her official visit to Spain, arranged by PFUJ.
Anyone can confirm above or provide more details?



After, this email, Farooq Faisal Khan of the mafia responded in the typical ISI-style. It's a typical coward attack of the honor-brigade of the military establishment. He wrote:  

Farooq Faisal Khan
Dear it is very simple Mr jawad who has given this fake information can contact EU office in isb and can have prove. Saddique Sajid you and your collegues are very senior reporters. It is not difficult for U peoples to reach the truth. Saddique sb this topics was being discussed from so many days in your reporting room but no one come with evidence and now the allegation is leveled on mails.

For the information of this forum this was also discussed in a investigation unit of an other english newspaper but their spy come reporters also failed to have the prove.

This is just like this that I have come to know from a source that unmarried sister of Jawad has become pregnant can any body confirm it or Mr jawad can produce medical report that she is vergin.

Farooq Faisal Khan
Chairman Journalists Panel

If you have read a previous post, ISI scandalizes mental condition & female relatives of critics, you can understand this mentality of the powerful people in our militarized and Talibanized media and Pakistan.


  1. Pakistani Media is also getting corrupt slowly slowly.



    Pervaz Shoukhat, who unfortunately happens to be President of PFUJ, recently
    received a phone call from the presidency on the demise of his elder
    brother. He became too excited after this personal call that he made his
    habit to mention the phone call in his daily conversation with every
    colleague and guest. Whenever his phone bell rings, President Zardari phone
    call comes in to his mind. Finding it not sufficient, he decided to use all
    available machinery to cash this golden moments of his life and today
    directed Secretary Gen. PFUJ sitting in Karachi to issue official statement
    to inform everybody that Pervez Shaukat got phone call from the President of
    Pakistan and to show it media-relevant, it was added that Pervez Shaukat has
    demanded to pay adequate compensation to the family of slain journalist
    Saleem Shahzad. While demanding this, he shamelessly ignored dozens of
    journalist being killed across the country during his bloodiest tenure as
    PFUJ Presidend.

    OK, but a statement in Urdu language issued from Islamabad few days ago on
    said subject tells different story. In that statement no where name of Salim
    Shahzad was mentioned and it was totally contradicted today's PFUJ statement
    in English. That Urdu language statement said Pervez Shaukat talked on the
    problems of newspaper employees.

    One wonders if the man was waiting for such a phone call and after so many
    days of receiving phone call today he remembered what he demanded to
    President of Pakistan? No doubt, he somehow succeeded in manovering the
    situation but being a journalist it is really shameful for us to see such
    non-professional moves by our respected President of PFUJ, representative
    body of Pakistani journalists.

  3. With so many truths and absolute reality expression, wonder how you are still breathing:)

    May real Gods Protect you from the naked liars.

  4. https://groups.google.com/group/pakistanipress/browse_thread/thread/a765666ea64c92e8?hl=en

    dear collegues

    i want to inform you about an inquiry started against director news
    channel 5 (news5) shafeeq awan aginst allegations to raped lady
    workers. this inquiry inisiated on letter of young lady reporter
    letter from rawalpindi which he sent to the chief executive officer
    channel 5 (news5) imtanan shaid. according to my sorcess she alleged
    shafeeq awan director news that he called her in a hotel to take
    appointment letter and he rapped her . sorces also told that that it
    is rotine shameful practice of shafeeq awan to raping female workers
    and sexual harasment in news 5. According to sorces he raped also
    female anchor person and female news anchor also. the affectee girl
    also told that she compleeted her consultency with her lawyer and
    She will try to register a creminal case against him in next few
    days. if it is true then it is very shameful act and we should condemn
    such black sheeps in media .

    *Best Regards ,
    Muzammil Hussain Syed

  5. For
    Press Pakistan,

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    I am Last 3 months under ground living. at this time I have no safety no money no job, I sale out my camera, mobile, and other thing then i running my home expense. till that time any NGO, Govt Pakistan, any Journalist Union/Organization, no give me any safety security and no any other kind of help. so that's why I contact Press Pakistan.

    In Pakistan Journalist Union are divided in groups so thats in this reason they are don't supporting me.

    So that's why I inform the Press Pakistan, after my death in Pakistan Journalist's problem's solution concentrate and Journalist problems solution interrupt person please take a step for them. PFUJ president Parvez Shoukat called me in Islamabad, but he didn t help me.

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  6. Who will verify all above?

  7. It is NOT getting SLOWLY corrupt.It is corrupt.From Nizamis>Qureshis(altaf) > Jang and Dawn.I think tribune people so far seem to be better as personal corruption is concerned.
    New news agencies are sprouting every day. Sana>INP are not news agencies but work for 'agencies'.
    Looks at the language of Mr Faisal about sister of fellow journalist.
    Now he himself seems to be confirming who has(supposedly) been banned.

  8. MQM controls PFUJ from 90 Karachi https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/PressPakistan/CNRt8r2PEWY

    our correspondent
    Monday, October 28, 2013
    From Print Edition

    KARACHI: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Election Committee has announced Rana Azeem and Amin Yousaf as president and general secretary of the body after elections.

    The Afzal Butt group has refused to accept the results when the election committee chairman Sajid Ali Sajid announced the results in front of the delegates who had come here from across the country.

    Afzal Butt said more votes were cast than those registered and the election results were changed at gunpoint. The Election Committee spokesman said 240 out of 252 votes were cast and elections were held in a peaceful environment. He said both groups signed documents of election proceedings till the time of announcement of results, when they exchanged harsh words, followed by scuffles and throwing of chairs.

    He said both the groups accused each other of brandishing weapons and held separate sessions. The PFUJ Executive Council later met with Rana Azeem in the chair and decided that the next session will be held in Bahawalpur. However, the FEC will hold its session in Islamabad.

    The Executive Council was asked to take action against those who brought disrepute to the PFUJ through their actions. Amin Yousaf said his group had clinched victory in transparent elections and they believe in democracy and tolerance. He alleged that TV anchor Mushtaq Minhas and his colleagues made an attempt on former PFUJ Secretary Hassan Abbas’s life, pointing a gun on him. He said the Union has decided to stay united against the conspiracies to tarnish its image.

    On the other hand, the FEC which met under the chairmanship of the newly-elected President, Afzal Butt, noted with concern that for the first time in the history of the PFUJ, against all the norms of decency and in violation of the PFUJ constitution and tradition, the outgoing FEC members with the support and patronage of armed persons belonging to an ethnic group took over the election proceedings and took away the election material at gunpoint.

    He alleged Hasan Abbas even took a pistol and pointed it towards Mushtaq Minhas in the presence of dozens of journalists and the senior PFUJ members. The journalists present there intervened and stopped the situation from becoming worse.

    The FEC decided to proceed against all those who had disgraced the PFUJ, attacked its senior members, made an attempt to manipulate the results and announced themselves to be elected office bearers.

    It also demanded of the Sindh government to bring to justice all those involved in taking arms and law in their hands and removing the election material, including ballot papers.His group has proclaimed Butt the newly-elected PFUJ president and Khurshid Abbasi general secretary. Butt warned all such elements who are trying to use armed tactics to change the results by taking away the ballot papers and election material will be dealt with firmly.

    The FEC also decided to observe Nov 3 as a ‘Black Day’ in the country when a military dictator imposed emergency in the country and banned TV channels. Protest meetings will be held throughout Pakistan.

    It also decided to announce various committees for formulating strategy and line of action against the retrenchments, dismissal and removal of media persons, interim relief for journalists in the Eighth Wage Board and other issues.

    The FEC regretted that the outgoing body without the mandate of any FEC meeting unilaterally constituted an election committee, which was partisan and in league with the outgoing body and the attackers.