August 29, 2011

Habib Sulemani — 17 months in solitary confinement

The Terrorland Report

HABIB R. Sulemani, a Pakistani writer/journalist in solitary confinement for 17 months, in this exclusive photo, taken yesterday in Rawalpindi,  looks outside his cell-like room.

"The two generations of chirping birds in the neighborhood are my best friends," Mr. Sulemani told a member of The Terrorland Team.

"They sing me sweet songs and I recite them my spontaneously written poems. We often appreciate each other, but when I write something against the military establishment, then the crows often agitate!"

Unfortunately, he has stopped writing blogs for The Terrorland without giving any reason.

This has left the Team shattered, and for over a week, he is being persuaded to write about his suffering as the whole world is silently monitoring this worst kind of tyranny and oppression against a writer in the modern age.

August 21, 2011

Generals’ deadly games put Pakistan in danger

By Habib R. Sulemani

I have a sincere advice for the military establishment: refrain from dirty politics otherwise face the worst at the hands of the furious politicians, who remained silent for over six long decades but now are ready to burst out like a volcano… Generals! Respect democracy and democratically elected public representatives – in particular senators, members National and Provincial assemblies no matter how foolish they seem to you... it is not your job to judge public representatives... they are your boss and as good soldiers, it is your duty to salute them and obey their orders. You are public servants; try to understand the terms and conditions of your services. Never try to act like masters... if you want to live with a shred of dignity in the changed world!” [Updated]

August 18, 2011

Generals laid landmines in Pakistan, only they can clear minefields: insiders

The Terrorland Report

THE Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade of the military regime had been exposed in a four-part report. In the first part (Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets) it was said how much the generals were spending on this group of fools for militarizing and Talibanizing the new generation in Pakistan.

In the second part (After 'Brass Tacks', ISI spends millions on 'Kalam TV') it was said that a new program had been launched by the Pakistan Army to deceive and brainwash the new generation.

Part-three of the series (Army Chief, Zaid Hamid and his American version Islamist) explains how much the Pakistan Army especially the Army Chief relied on this brigade after the Bin Laden killing.

August 17, 2011

Hunza killings unite rights-seeking people of Gilgit-Baltistan

The Terrorland Report

“DOWN with Force Commander Gilgit-Baltistan,” 
reads a placard during a protest in Islamabad. 
THE gruesome murder of a poor retired soldier and his young son by police in Aliabad Hunza has phenomenally united the two million people of Gilgit-Baltistan, who are seeking constitutional rights in the lawless region under the federal government of Pakistan.

Gojal, the upper part of Hunza with over 20,000 population, is cutoff from rest of Pakistan for about 18 months as landside blocked the Hunza River as a result many villages along the Karakoram Highway submerged in the artificial dam created by the blocked river.

As Gojal is situated on the borders of neighboring China, so the socialist government is providing food and other facilities of the affected people on humanitarian grounds.

August 16, 2011

Militarization & Talibanization leave over 82 percent Pakistanis in poverty

   * Be brave, rise for you rights—coward tyrants breath their last in the Animal Farm!

The Terrorland Report

TIME magazine title shows Dr. A.Q. Khan, whom
the military establishment used in global nuclear 
proliferation and Talibanization of Pakistan. He 
leads an influential ‘honor’ brigade of the ISI that 
writes brainwashing articles in local newspapers 
and takes part in talk-shows arranged by the ISI.
PAKISTAN’S 82.36 percent population is poor as 60.3 percent of them lives under $2 a day while 22.6 percent lives under $1 a day—below the poverty-line.

If someone asks about the reason for abject poverty in Pakistan, the answer is very simple: militarization of the country and Talibanization of society (as a part of the thoughtless strategic policy of the intellectually bankrupt generals in Pakistan). 

However, no one dares to talk about the main reason behind the suffering of Pakistan... not only in the mainstream media but also in the cyberspace as the cyber policing of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has intensified recently.

Stop corruption in Pakistan military — Happy Independence Day! This message of The Terrorland was silently appreciated in the country of over 180 million terrorized people silently! 

A cyber activist and member of The Terrorland Team was recently added to a new cyber group on poverty. When the discussion was taken towards the root-cause, there was silence for the obvious reason. The discussion is given here for the sack of raising the confidence of the dumb Pakistanis, especially youth, with a message: be brave and rise for you rights—the coward tyrants are breathing their last in the Animal Farm!

August 14, 2011

Universal Patriotism

for Pakistani rulers on Independence Day

By Habib Sulemani

My Country is the earth,
a small planet that carries the huge burden of
sinful clergymen, corrupt politicians
and criminal generals, and revolves
around the sun aimlessly!

My State is Asia,
a piece of provincial land engulfed in flames of
ignorance and poverty, but determined
to be a First World society!

My District is Pakistan,
a densely populated area occupied by devils of
corruption and terrorism, but people hope
to get liberty some day!

The monks of tribal patriotism,
who have got a criminal sense of
honor without a slice of dignity, call
me a traitor as they don't know the meaning of
universal patriotism! 

Hatred is what they sell as global traders!

Today is the Independence Day!
Years and years, many years have passed
still only the ruling class is independent!

The country is shamefully dependent!
Don't you see? They've turned into leeches
but what could be the future of a parasite? 

© Habib R. Sulemani 

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Returning home as dead bodies

for poor Sheru and his young son killed by police in Hunza

By Habib Sulemani

We all are living in a terrifying territory of the real Satan!
Those, who try to expose satanic crimes (committed
after blindfolding human rights bodies), either
disappear or return home as dead-bodies!

The tyrant rulers are acting like a volatile Karachi-trader,
who sells everything hastily in the hope to settle abroad!

"They’re the worst traitors on earth," citizens say aloud,
"who’ve sold our sovereignty for personal comfort and
cheap desi (South Asian) pleasure!"

Still, they shamelessly force artists to paint them
as great patriots in history—they’re blind, so
can't see their gauche face in the mirror!

"In the name of strategy, they’ve sold
their mothers, sisters and daughters;
even wives spend nights with others!"

Silence! Their tribal patriotism and
criminal sense of honor have
left them nowhere! 

Castrated bulls, get it now!
Oh, no—they're deadwood! 
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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Mercedes-Benz and BMW

By Habib Sulemani

I know: my allusions, allegories, rhymes and color,
even my rhythm and dance (never seen) can’t 
change their criminal minds!

But, being a commoner from the 180-M Street,
my simple symbols, metaphors and similes've
won hearts and minds of people; but tyrants 
say: “Your words hit harder than a bullet!”

They’re using armored Mercedes-Benz W221,
BMW 5 to 7 Series official state cars (in a country, 
where the helpless common people commit suicide 
as they can't pay taxes anymore!),

how my words can hit the tyrants like bullets as
they own all guns including the stolen nukes;
do words pierce bulletproof cars for real?

It's unbelievable, or maybe there is something,
something really strange! 
How my words can hit callous killers like bullets,
eh, tears of the gang!

I never meant to hurt anybody. Never you!
I just wanted collective behavioral change,
and here you are!

“You would be playing flute before a snake,” a stooge 
had said, "but you can't hypnotize the reptile!" 

"To protect my little crowded planet," I responded, 
"I can do anything even playing a snake-charmer!"
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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Stop corruption in Pakistan military — Happy Independence Day!

The Terrorland Report

IS Pakistan Military strategically incomplete without the Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi and similar propaganda brigades, and conspiracy theorists in the media? This is the question, the services chiefs and corps commanders should ask themselves if they want to survive in the 21st century!

You observe just the work of this single Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade—see what kind of foolish things they are doing in the cyber world and in the tabloid media...? Every rational and educated Pakistani feels ashamed! Their work shows that Pakistani generals are really dumb stupid animals not professional soldiers anymore!

They and the their godfather generals are damaging both the military and country... with their intellectually bankrupt policies, which have turned a peaceful area like Hunza into a confused and conflicting ground (where the other day police killed two internally displaced men who were demanding for their basic rights in the landslide-hit area). What else can be said about rest of Pakistan!

“It is now an open secret how journalist Habib Sulemani’s creative writings were stolen by the influential accused... and how from the higher authorities... the mass murder plan of the writer's family was allowed... when it failed at the first stage of the criminal plan... the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) gave copies of his writings to the Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi like intellectuals who are trying to plagiarize it in their foolish ways... as it's said in the blogs (The Terrorland), they would be held responsible for their crimes along the generals,” said a journalist.

The Terrorland has been reportedly targeted by the brigade from time to time. When the issue was raised in the Google Groups, the Ahmed Quraishi subgroup wrote to The Terrorland Team a clarification. But, either you visit the websites and social media pages or contact Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi directly—you will not only get first-hand knowledge of their dubious activities... but will also come to know what has been said in this four-part post. Journalists in Pakistan know everything about them but they can't say much!

If Pakistan's military establishment stops funding this dubious group and its subgroups among the students, teachers, lawyers, fashion designers, actors, singers, journalists, writers, intellectuals and other communities, especially dangerously charming women two dying national organizations, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Pakistan Railways, can be functional again.

And if the military stops funding all other dubious groups inside and out of Pakistan especially those native Americans and European members who are paid in the almighty dollars  Pakistan can be a developed country within few years.

The military leadership should keep in mind that they have lost their traditional propaganda war and have wasted billions from the national exchequer of this begging nation state as the BBC Urdu says that Pakistan military lost Rs. 56 billion in corruption in the previous year. This is just in one year!

It's believed that the Pakistan military consumes 80 percent of the budget but officially it's showed just about 20 percent. Insiders claim that 80 percent of corruption in Pakistan is either related to the Defense Ministry or military... while politicians and civil bureaucracy are directly involved in just 20 percent corruption. This is shocking indeed, but those are further shocked in the militarized and Talibanized country who talk about the holly cow (in the Animal Farm)! 

Generals! Just think about your extravaganzas of the last 64 years on this Independence Day today—you have broke even the records of the corrupt Moghul rulers!

The ISI mouthpiece The Nation newspaper reported yesterday: “While inaugurating Musakhail mineral development project Friday, Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said the Pak Army had no interest in developing such projects except that natural resources should be exploited for the benefit of local population.”

A twit of The Terrorland on the Twitter, regarding this news item, has been liked by many people across the country, which says: Pakistan Army Chief does uplift work in Balochistan, let the CM (chief minister) lead the Army!

Generals! Stop corruption in the Pakistan military. Happy Independence Day!

August 13, 2011

Army Chief, Zaid Hamid and his American version Islamist

The Terrorland Report

THE previous two posts – Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets and After 'Brass Tacks', ISI spends millions on 'Kalam TV' – have provided the basis for this third post in the series!

Now first watch a video of Zaid Hamid, which was posted on the You Tube two days after the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011. It was a time when the Pakistan Army and its arms – the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) – were silent as if deadwood.

According to sources, this video was released after the approval of Army Chief Gen. Kayani. Carefully observe Zaid Hamid’s words, body language, surrounding and music in the video—so that you get the depth of the crime being committed against the 180 million people of Pakistan in the name of “national interest” by the almighty military establishment. Now watch the paid puppet:

Here is another video, in which a rather sophisticated Ahmed Quraishi (center on the screen), known as the 'kiddo' of Zaid Hamid, debates with an Indian in a TV talk-show, and then uses the footage as a propaganda material (through his subgroup: to show himself a 'hero' who 'won' the so-called debate with an 'enemy'. This is the tradition to make the new generation fool! 

Please note this point that when these stooges of the generals address the Pakistani youth in Urdu language, then they are in their real militarized form... otherwise they look 'softer' and a kind of 'moderate'. It's a chameleon-like deception of the world at large.  

"Zaid Hamid represents the views of Lt-Gen. Hamid Gul (former ISI chief) while Ahmed Quraishi is a follower of Gen Aslam Beg (former Army Chief)," said a source. "These generals are the mentors of this jihadist propaganda brigade, which calls itself a 'think-tank' when they are in their private meetings, they call it the sword."

 In Criminal inquiry sought, it had been said that Zaffar Abbas, current Editor Dawn, is a part of the ISI media wing. In another post it was said that Mr. Abbas started the counterfeit website, along with Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi to ouster his boss Abbas Nasir.

“It proved true as after taking the office of Editor Dawn,” an employee of the group said, “the first thing Zaffar did was change in the newspaper’s website (” 

In the post Freedom of expression — spit the venom out and be peaceful! Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi brigade’s alleged foreign activities had been discussed. Some people claim their presence in many educational institutions and other organizations in North America and Europe.

In the Comments — sexual assault on journalist and other stories, you may have read a comment and email by a Pakistani-American: Dr. Asarulislam Syed, a neurologist and psychiatrist, who lives in California, USA. He claims to be an expert of the Holly Quran as well, and runs a website with similar activities in the cyberspace as of Zaid Hamid. They both have a military background. They share the same military caps (with different colors), and have the same ‘gifted’ religious rhetoric (Dr. Syed being a moderate version).

When The Terrorland group blogs had asked Dr. Syed, he changed many things on his website—especially the crossed-swords, a symbol of the Pakistan Army. “He is on the payroll of the ISI, and prepares raw jihadist material for the brigade,” a source claimed. “The ISI has financed his so-called Jannat Party, which exists only on the papers as yet.”

Here is a video of Dr. Syed:

(To be continued...) 

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August 12, 2011

After 'Brass Tacks', ISI spends millions on 'Kalam TV'

The Terrorland Report

IF you have read the first part of this post, Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets, you may be shocked that how Pakistan’s unbridled military establishment spends billions from the defense budget on silly propaganda campaigns. 

The generals have always tried their best to defame political parties so that only the military establishment remains the real party in the militarized and Talibanized country.

According to sources, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), in a well-planned joint program to militarize and Talibanize the youth, used pop singer Ali Azmat to launch Zaid Hamid propaganda brigade.

“The focus point was to militarize and Talibanize the middle class youths especially students with a masterly deception by using the names of Islam, Pakistani nationalism and poet Allama Iqbal's writings,” says a member of the Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade, which is now trying to act as if they both have no relations at all.

“When the pop singer widely attracted the youths and Zaid (Hamid) got the control... then the poor singer was left behind... Zaid went along with (Ahmed) Quraishi using their foolish conspiracy theories and fake patriotic rhetoric which can impress only those who have a typical military background,” the source added. 

“Both of them (Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi) try to deceive young people in their own slightly different ways, but the same perverted ideas, which seem Islamic and Pakistani to the innocent youth but actually they are neither Islamic nor according to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

A political analyst opines that Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi as front-men of the ISI and ISPR are committing high treason by further weakening the democratic roots of Pakistan. "They are spreading chaos not only in this country but worldwide… they must be tried in a court of law!"   

Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi with the help of their godfather generals used the Jang Group’s Aag TV – a channel for the youth – criminally by spreading extremism and jihadism among the youth for years. The ISI also sponsored a brainwashing jihadist program for the youth on News One channel.

The program’s name was Brass Tacks, which is also name of a so-called security company of Zaid Hamid Millions were spent on this program and other appearances on different TV channels. 

After continuous posts about this greatest scam on The Terorland group blogs, the websites of both accused have been cleaned of those materials which could prove them guilty in a court of law. 

Now the ISI and ISPR have started another TV program: Kalam TV. As the Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi brigade, especially the Brass Tacks program, has been exposed—so in this new program, with a huge budget, there is a sophisticated difference! With a liberal and moderate look, especially employing young women, the militarization agenda could be visible in the new program but the Talibanization agenda could not be visible to the common audience! 

“Millions are being spent on this foolish program telecast by Dunya TV,” said a media-person privy to the affairs.  

“When Mr. Hamid made a ground for himself, then Azmat (the pop singer) was sidelined from the previous program... but in the current program young women are visible to attract the youth without any doubts,” said a journalist.

Until and unless the generals stop this hideous militarization and Talibanization program of our society, not only the civilian part of Pakistan but it will finally prove fatal for the military establishment as well.” (To be continued...) 

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August 11, 2011

Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets

The Terrorland Report

ISI mouthpiece: Zaid Hamid, right, 
with Ahmed Quraishi during a  typical
propaganda talk-show on a tabloid 
TV channel.—image via Google 
THE multibillion Cyber Jihad Brigades of the Pakistan military establishment – especially the one led by Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi – does nothing but getting guidance from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and spreading rumors and propaganda material on daily basis.

According to sources, what the ISI and ISPR can't do, their mouthpiece, Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi, do that at national and international levels. Besides recruiting a new generation of cyber warriors, they spread conspiracy theories through their networks in the mainstream as well as social media.

“Besides Pakistan, the United States and United Kingdom are their main targets,” said a member of the brigade on condition of anonymity. “Now they don’t use the word 'jihad' rather 'stop evils' or other generalized words so that not only Muslims other youths could also be attracted.”    

They have organized jihadist subgroups among different communities: students, doctors, engineers, journalists, writers, lawyers, businessmen, civil society organizations etc. Their highly-paid group members are present in every organization, religion and sects besides political parties “not only in Pakistan but almost all parts of the world”.

Most of the subgroups of the Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi brigade are being led by their friends, relatives and people belonging to military officers especially serving and retired generals. “In this way, a big part of the money remains in the ruling class.”

Members of the groups mostly gather information as spies and run websites, blogs and social media pages. The ISI and ISPR pay them according to their bills without any audit or questions.

Sources in the mainstream media say that the military establishment organizes their appearances on TV, Radio talk-shows regularly, and they’re given proper space in the print media as well.

“The owners of the media outlets accommodate them on telephone calls from the either the ISI or ISPR,” said the source. “Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi get funds equal to Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Pakistan Railways' budgets.”

It means these imposters have a lion’s share in the hike in Pakistan’s defense budget? “That is true,” said the source.    

“The money that is given to Zaid Hamid on monthly basis, if spent on the dead Pakistan Railways, it could get its life back. And if the fund for Ahmed Quraishi is given to the PIA, it can regain its lost glory in the world,” said the source, having good knowledge of finances.  

Some other sources claim that the ISI and ISPR run or patronize about 10,000 propagandist websites, blogs, forums and social pages inside and outside the country. “If the money spend on these useless rumor-mills (websites) are spent on education, there can be no village without a school in Pakistan," a source added.

“The secret agencies are using militant groups in suicide bombing in different parts of the country and their mouthpieces (Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi) announce on the media that the country is at war… Islam and Pakistan both are in danger… so don’t say anything to the military… it is not the time of accountability… they are trying to make the people fool!” (To be continued...)

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    August 10, 2011

    August 9, 2011

    The cannibals

    for the over 35,000 Pakistani victims of strategic assassination

    By Habib Sulemani  

    The era of wars ended but
    the warriors are still there.
    No one knows what to do
    with these white elephants!

    They’re professional killers,
    who know nothing but killing.
    They kill either in the name of
    Taliban or so-called al-Qaeda.

    They also use names of others 
    including Americans, Jews and 
    Hindus. The world knows it,

    yet global leaders're going
    to attend photo sessions with
    international target killer!

    The undeclared terrorists have
    no menu for a single day but
    have plenty of lists for their
    trained target-killers. The country 
    seems a Cambodian killing-field!

    They're beasts. They’re not the
    they eat human flesh in the dark
    without being declared cannibals!   
    © Habib R. Sulemani 

    Intellectual faculties

    By Habib Sulemani  

    very soon,
    they’ll face the law.

    Besides corrupt politicians and
    criminal generals, journalists 
    and judges will also stand trial.

    None can escape the wrath of 
    about 7 billion people, sacrificing 
    for humanity in the year 2011.

    Through my sash window,
    I can see the criminals standing trial
    for crimes against humanity
    at the International Criminal Court!  

    I can see those called under subpoena...

    No one has any alibi for their crimes... 

    The convicts’re sorry for what they did
    when in power—but it's too late!

    Today, it may look like a wild dream
    for the criminals, 
    it may look like a poetic theme
    for the liberals;
    but tomorrow it’d be a harsh reality,
    predicts my intellectual faculty!
    © Habib R. Sulemani 

    Liberal values can’t die

    for assassinated Pakistani Christian Minister Shahbaz Bhatti

    By Habib Sulemani

    The cowards’re targeting
    liberal human values;

    they ambush like terrorists
    and kill like desert snakes.

    Is this yet another strategic
    maneuver on your part?

    It’s criminal! 
    You can kill the liberals but
    keep this in your evil mind:
    liberal human values can’t die!

    After years of savagery,
    you’re destined to be a
    victim of your own acts;

    a victim of your own
    engineered wave of
    extremism and terrorism.  

    This was beyond the imagination
    of the Imam of global terrorists!

    If you’ve really faith in hell, then
    it’s waiting for you hereafter,

    but before that divine hell, you’ve
    to face your own hell right here...

    the hell you’ve created for others
    on earth; don't you see it?

    Flames're waiting for you everywhere...

    Happy Halloween
    © Habib R. Sulemani 

    Media is battleground

    By Habib Sulemani

    For years,
    criminals under the guise of
    protectors killed innocent people
    and the media reported:
    wild migratory birds hunted...

    Killing has been fun in this land!

    Then the time came when the media'd
    report: al-Qaeda accepted responsibility
    for the crime. Out of the blue, bin Laden’s
    voice message'd appear on the internet... 

    Then the military spokesperson's rhetoric!

    It's an open secret that newsrooms're
    the real battleground! So whatever comes
    through the media is sheer propaganda... 

    Journalists're alive—credibility has died!

    The people're smart. They've started
    gathering scattered half and distorted truths
    in the hope to find the ultimate truth...

    In winter, migratory birds'll tell the whole truth!
    © Habib R. Sulemani 

    August 8, 2011

    Generals and Politicians

    By Habib Sulemani 

    For how long will you keep fretting?
    And claiming that

    only generals are
    wise and honest
    in this country.

    "Politicians are dogs,
    throw bones in their
    direction, and they
    will keep quiet!"

    For how long will you keep lying?
    And arguing that

    the sun is nothing
    but a dark planet,
    and the moon is
    source of light!

    "Politicians are corrupt
    and generals are clean,
    cos the Army Chief
    is a clean-shaven man!"

    © Habib R. Sulemani 

    What Dr. Goebbels didn’t tell Hitler

    By Habib Sulemani

    You fear poetry
    so you want to destroy genuine poets
    on advice of the sons of Dr. Joseph Goebbels,
    who want stipendiary Ghalibs in your fascist court
    not selfless Rumis in the country! 

    You fear fiction
    so you want to destroy genuine storytellers
    on advice of the criminal secret agencies,
    which want conspiracy theorists around
    not reality-checkers in the country!

    You fear journalism
    so you want to destroy genuine journalists
    on advice of the fascists media managers,
    who want yellow-journos in the militarized society
    not fact-finders in the country!

    You want to turn every field of the arts into
    a fascist propaganda machine in the Islamic Republic,
    but, take it from me: you’re living in a fool’s paradise!

    A poet never dies,
    there’s no death to fiction writers
    and other artists either. Genuine journalists
    are not lost in the archives.
    Death is the fate of fascist dictators, and
    Dr. Goebbels didn’t tell this to Hitler! 
    © Habib R. Sulemani 

    August 4, 2011

    "I really appreciate The Terrorland's research work"

    The Terrorland Report

    THE Terrorland Team (TTT) receives many direct and indirect messages from blog readers. Most of them are reluctant to be named in any post due to fear of direct/indirect persecution in the militarized and Talibanized Pakistan. The ISI sends many messages through its stooges with changing emails and hiding IP addresses (the fools don’t know that even then criminals can be detected easily in the globalized world). 

    Anyway, here are two emails. The first is from an Arab journalist. He was commenting on a most-read post: “Yes—I was sexually assaulted,” says brave journalist. This news was equally ignored by the mainstream media as well as the blogosphere in Pakistan. The Arab journalist writes: 

    Great article and should be highlighted. As someone who knows Pakistan well it is sad that the country reached this state. I would like to put this on the Arabnews website and am wondering how to do this. can u help?

    Thank you

    Khaled Almaeena
    Editor in chief Arabnews
    Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

    The second email is from a Pakistani lady. She is pleased with the work of TTT unlike the ruling class, spy agencies and their stooges. She writes:

    I Really appreciate your research work. We need it now. Allah keep safe all of you.

    Ms. Nigar

    TTT is thankful to both writers and all those who are just silent readers. Many many thanks, guys. Together we can change the destination of Pakistan from a poor and terror-hit country to a prosperous, peaceful and a really democratic country. (TTT)

    New Wave of English Literature & terror waves from London

    The Terrorland Report

    Some recent posts of The Terrorland group blogs have made the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) angry as a result Habib R. Sulemani has been made a direct target in criticism plus threats have been hurled in different ways in his direction.

    The Karachi-based MQM is considered as the political-wing of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and is being accused of involved in crimes against humanity, especially target-killings along the unscrupulous spy agency.

    MQM’s leader Altaf Hussain is a British national, who, according to his opponents, controls the cult-like fascist group from London. Wanted in many heinous crimes in Pakistan, Mr. Hussain fled the country in 1992 and in 1999 Tony Blair’s government awarded him with British nationality, which was later criticized even in the British Parliament. 

    The MQM reportedly threatens the mainstream media in Pakistan to not publish, broadcast or telecast anything against its holly-cow-like British leader. It's now for the first time that a blogger has been targeted. There is more terror of the MQM than its patron-in-chief the ISI inside and outside Pakistan. It’s alleged that the target killers of the MQM are spreading throughout the world.
    Analysts say that like the media-persons, the MQM now wants to harass poets and writers as it has become a sort of ISI's thought police. This new threat from London is a bad omen for Pakistan’s new wave of English literature

    Friends and legal experts have suggested Mr. Sulemani to write a letter to the British government about the prevailing threats form Altaf Hussain and his MQM as the Pakistani government is helpless in front of the ISI.

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    ISI, MQM and murder of Dr Imran Farooq

    The Terrorland Report

    ON February 26, 2002, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Convener Dr. Imran Farooq wrote a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, saying that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, and demanded of the global community to completely "wipe out" the premier spy agency of Pakistan.

    A Pakistani blogger has sent The Terrorland a copy of the letter, which in that time was published on the MQM website. But as soon, MQM came to terms with the ISI... and joined the military-led government, first the letter disappeared from the MQM website... and then Dr. Farooq was killed in London mysteriously.

    MQM leader Altaf Hussain is being accused of the murder of his colleague but a journalist has raised the question: was Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder also a "joint venture" like the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto? Here is the historic letter:

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    August 3, 2011

    ISI-MQM join hands to terrorize people in Gilgit-Baltistan

       * Political parties being divided on sectarian and racial grounds

    The Terrorland Report

    HUNZA valley, which is considered the most peaceful region of Pakistan, where over 90 percent of the population is Ismaili, a westernized sect within Shia Islam, is an example of militarization and Talibanization of society in the country.

    If a place like Hunza and people like the Ismailis can be turned into narrow-minded fanatics what can be said about any conservative area of the country especially in the land of the innocent Pathans, whom, as a part of the military establishment’s evil strategy, have been turned into Talibans – hosts of Al-Qaeda and trainers of suicide bombers. It’s really a matter of concern not only for Pakistan and its neighboring countries but also for the global community.

    Some recent posts of The Terrorland group blogs (links given at the end of this post as Related Post) have exposed Pakistani military establishment’s arms in action: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

    According to sources in the government, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), considered a political wing of the military establishment, has joined hands with the ISI in Gilgit-Baltistan. This terrorizing strategy could be catastrophic for the region’s peace and stability, locals fear.

    “We are educated and civilized people like the Urdu-speaking Mohajirs of Karachi," said a local on condition of anonymity, "but gradually our new generation is being transformed into a bunch of violent goons by the secret agencies working in Gilglit-Baltistan.”

    "Those who live or have relatives in Karachi can't say 'no' to the MQM..."

    Some so-called nationalists, another local said, had joined the military and now they are being rewarded... others are lacking leadership qualities or are running their businesses in the name of nationalism. The ruling class can’t move a step without the orders of their bosses in Islamabad.

    “As a part of a conspiracy,” the local claimed, “Gilgit-Baltistan has been depoliticized. Due to the ongoing militarization and Talibanization, people in the region are scared to death to talk on political issues. They have not the courage of a common Pakistan to talk about the ills within the country and region. Agencies pick such people, torture them or make their families suffer in one way or other...”

    The worst thing is that the mainstream political parties have been divided on racial and sectarian bases: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has become a party of the majority Shia Muslims, led by Balti-speaking people; the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has become a party of the Sunni Muslims, led by Shina-speaking people; while the new comer in the region, the MQM, is being turned into a political party of the Ismaili Muslims, led by Burushaski-speaking people. "The central leaders of the major political parties should take notice of this conspiracy," said a political worker from Sikardu.  

    “Sectarian and racial conflicts are good for the rulers in Islamabad but it is a great tragedy for the poor locals, who are crying for constitutional rights in Pakistan,” a political analyst from the region says. “The divide-and-rule policy of the rulers must be discouraged by the new generation. It is catastrophic for the over two million people of the orphaned land.”

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    5. Gilgit-Baltistan becomes hell of military & intelligence games

    A window to understand the MQM mindset

    The Terrorland Report

    AN admin of The Terrorland social pages and cyber activist, wrote a comment on a Facebook post (a poem about Karachi city) of Fazil Jamili – an Urdu-language poet and Editor Online Jang Group of Newspapers – which made ripple effect in the room!

    What is the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM): a political party, criminal gang or a new violent religious cult? Here is the cyber chat, which can provide a window to understand the mindset of the MQM and its London-based terrorizing leader Altaf Hussain:   

    Rehman Pak: Great poem. I came (across) a similar Urdu poem میرا شہر

        میرا شہر
        اک راکشس کے قبضے میں ہے
        راکشس جو سمندر پار بیٹھا
        ...شہر سے کھیلتا رہتا ہے
        کبھی توڑتا ہے
        ...مروڑتا ہے
        اور پھر خود ہی بیٹھ کے روتا ہے
        کہ جیسے غم بھی اسی کو ہے
        غصہ جب آجائے اس کو
        آنکھوں سے اس کے شعلے لپکیں
        اور زبا ں بن جائے
        سو منہ والا سانپ
        اور پاوں پہاڑ سے بھی بھاری
        لحظو ں میں سب
        تہس نہس کردیتا ہے
        گاڑیاں، بسیں ،دوکانیں، گھر
        بچے، بوڑھے، عورتیں اور مرد
        سب کچھ وہ نگل لیتا ہے
        اس کو بھینٹ چڑھاوا پہونچے
        شہر پھر چلتا رہتا ہے

        اسکی طاقت خدائی ہے
        جب چاہے ذلّت دے
        جب چاہے عزّت دے
        جب چاہے بنادے وہ
        جب چاہے مٹادے وہ
        بھرا پرا شہر لحظوں میں
        ویراں کردے ڈرادے وہ

        ڈرے سہمے شہر کے باسی
        بوڑھے بچے عورتیں اور مرد
        اسی کا نام لے کر
        گھر سے باہر نکلتے ہیں
        اور اسی کی مہربانی سے
        گھر اپنے لوٹتے ہیں

        گر شہر کو چلانا ہے
        پہلے سر جھکانا ہے
        پھر کچھ نا کچھ چڑھانا ہے
        پھر شہر بھی چلتا رہتا ہے
        گر چڑھاوا آشیرواد نہیں
        پھر بٹن دب جائے گا
        چلتا پھرتا شہر رک جائے گا

    [English translation you can read here: (3 people like this.)
    Rehman Pak: Oh i forgot. It has been written by Mir Salim Raza and the note about it on the blog goes like this: [Anyways, after reading this poem, one feels that Urdu language is still alive with resistance literature besides the new wave of English l...iterature in Pakistan. In a previous post, Bahrain, Pakistan (ISI) & one-eyed BBC (Urdu), it had been claimed: "Like the journalistic atmosphere, the situation of the Pakistani literati is also under the influence of the secret agencies. Iftikhar Arifs (poets) and Fakhar Zamans (fiction writers) are enjoying perks and privileges of their government jobs. Whenever needed they recycle the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib of the gone century... (They don't know the 21st century needs cyber age writers)... The poor common writers, especially poets, keep silent out of fear... no one dares to write about the tyranny of the generals.”] The Terrorland
    Ghulam Shahbaz Butt: SHARAY AASHOOB!
    Inam Raja: Rehman Pak Zulfiqar Mirza ki shakal راکشس hi kafi hai.resistance kay nam par gali day na wha .Urdu language bhi ku. Saray راکشس jo London main partay hain of hum per huqmarani kartay hain. Habib R. Sulemani pakistani hai ya chrdy chathi walla punchabi hai.
    Rehman Pak: Wah, Inam Raja sab, mukarar irshad! Fazil Jamili sab, apni wo Darakhat wali nazm Inam sab ko suna day taki wo thanday hon jaian... The Terrorland team bohot khofzada hay!
    Inam Raja: Habib R. Sulemani Dawn news mai job kro English akhbar mai .Migrated language mai shiry kro England mai panha lanay waly ko راکشس kaho .Phalay In jasay Bagalioon ko nikal chukay hain 
    Rehman Pak: Inam Raja, you have terrorized The Terrorland Team….

    [In the meanwhile, Mr. Raja posted a comment on The Terrorland)

    Inam Raja: 'monster' pakistan bananay ki saza to millni hai

    foj ko muswara do ab kay sub mahjiroon ko khatam krain 1992 main kuch bach ga ay thay.banazir lo mara altaf ko pakitan blaoo owr----

    (Posted in the room again)

    Inam Raja: متعصب Shir wah

    Rehman Pak: ‎[AFTER the brutal killing of over 150 innocent people and destruction of properties worth millions within few days, the ruling PPP bowed... and the MQM is rejoining the fragile government again today. This cartoon was sent to The Terrorlan...d group blogs by a journalist from Karachi, requesting to republish the poem "My City" with it, which says: when MQM's British-passport-holder leader, Altaf Hussain, pushes the "ON" button" at the "London Terrorism Control Room", the red-line leading to Karachi sparkles... and violence starts in the financial capital of Pakistan. The acts of terror go on until the MQM leader pushes the "OFF" button after getting his "share" from the political or military establishment. We request people belonging to the MQM, please, instead of threats, send us something good about Mr. Hussain, we'll publish it without any bias.—The Terrorland Team] Click to see please:
    Amjad Anil: on off ka to nahi pata mgr han itna zaroor he ke is tamam on aur off ke darmian jo ham gharib aur lacharo ki lashe girti he aur us ke baad najane kitne hi khandan apne sarbarah o piaro se mehroom ho jate hen is ki buht bari waja ALTAF HUSSA...IN, SHAHI SYED, ZULFIQAR MIRZA and in jese doosre log hen, yeh log hamare liye kab kuch +ve sochna aur karna shuru karenge ? yeh aik aisa sawal he jis ka jawab shayd "KABHI NAHI" hi hoga

    (Later, Mr. Raja had sent this message to Habib R. Sulemani)

    Inam Raja: App hon nezami ho shami ho ya punjab ka koi anchor London kay prady hoy dog ki huk marani qubol hai Rehman Pak Zulfiqar Mirza ki shakal راکشس hi kafi hai.resistance kay nam par gali day na wha .Urdu language bhi ku. Saray راکشس jo London main partay hain of hum per huqmarani kartay hain. Habib R. Sulemani pakistani hai ya chrdy chathi walla punchabi hai.

    Inam Raja: Respect for all religions but not urdu speaking mean majir Bhayay

    (Mr. Sulemani writes back)

    Habib Sulemani:


    With due respect, I'm unable to understand what you want to say, really? Did we meet ever before?



    Inam Raja: Sir راکشس ki gali aggar app altaf hussain ko day rahain hain to un tamam logoon ko day rahain hai jinhoon nay unko vote diay. I SI kay rakay hoy log tamam Channel's per MQM ko Gali detay samajajh na hi nahee chatai .App ka mulk hai app sun of soil hain. jisko marain jis ko chahain hubulwatani ka certificate dain pakistan punjab hai.mai pelay school ka praha hoa hoon app aqqa ki zaban main likhtay hain. no we did not meet before.Zulfikqar mirza ka dosra roop aap ki poem mai dekh kar bat karnay ki jasarat ki.

    Habib Sulemani: Muhtaram, aap ko koyi ghalti ho gayi hay, main nay aysi koyi nazam nahi likhi hay. Link bhajnay ka shukriya. Khuda hafiz.

    Inam Raja: Habib Sulemani Sir i m Sorry U r not the person who said راکشس it is right in Pakistan that any body can spit where he wants. we got freedom not independence 1947 still enjoying that freedom wasay bhi mera taluque bhokay nagay group say again i m sorry about u. ur self assign etc.

    (Unfortunately, Mr. Fazil Jamili never interrupted or moderated... however, he has deleted a lot of the messages.) 

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