August 13, 2011

Army Chief, Zaid Hamid and his American version Islamist

The Terrorland Report

THE previous two posts – Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets and After 'Brass Tacks', ISI spends millions on 'Kalam TV' – have provided the basis for this third post in the series!

Now first watch a video of Zaid Hamid, which was posted on the You Tube two days after the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011. It was a time when the Pakistan Army and its arms – the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) – were silent as if deadwood.

According to sources, this video was released after the approval of Army Chief Gen. Kayani. Carefully observe Zaid Hamid’s words, body language, surrounding and music in the video—so that you get the depth of the crime being committed against the 180 million people of Pakistan in the name of “national interest” by the almighty military establishment. Now watch the paid puppet:

Here is another video, in which a rather sophisticated Ahmed Quraishi (center on the screen), known as the 'kiddo' of Zaid Hamid, debates with an Indian in a TV talk-show, and then uses the footage as a propaganda material (through his subgroup: to show himself a 'hero' who 'won' the so-called debate with an 'enemy'. This is the tradition to make the new generation fool! 

Please note this point that when these stooges of the generals address the Pakistani youth in Urdu language, then they are in their real militarized form... otherwise they look 'softer' and a kind of 'moderate'. It's a chameleon-like deception of the world at large.  

"Zaid Hamid represents the views of Lt-Gen. Hamid Gul (former ISI chief) while Ahmed Quraishi is a follower of Gen Aslam Beg (former Army Chief)," said a source. "These generals are the mentors of this jihadist propaganda brigade, which calls itself a 'think-tank' when they are in their private meetings, they call it the sword."

 In Criminal inquiry sought, it had been said that Zaffar Abbas, current Editor Dawn, is a part of the ISI media wing. In another post it was said that Mr. Abbas started the counterfeit website, along with Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi to ouster his boss Abbas Nasir.

“It proved true as after taking the office of Editor Dawn,” an employee of the group said, “the first thing Zaffar did was change in the newspaper’s website (” 

In the post Freedom of expression — spit the venom out and be peaceful! Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi brigade’s alleged foreign activities had been discussed. Some people claim their presence in many educational institutions and other organizations in North America and Europe.

In the Comments — sexual assault on journalist and other stories, you may have read a comment and email by a Pakistani-American: Dr. Asarulislam Syed, a neurologist and psychiatrist, who lives in California, USA. He claims to be an expert of the Holly Quran as well, and runs a website with similar activities in the cyberspace as of Zaid Hamid. They both have a military background. They share the same military caps (with different colors), and have the same ‘gifted’ religious rhetoric (Dr. Syed being a moderate version).

When The Terrorland group blogs had asked Dr. Syed, he changed many things on his website—especially the crossed-swords, a symbol of the Pakistan Army. “He is on the payroll of the ISI, and prepares raw jihadist material for the brigade,” a source claimed. “The ISI has financed his so-called Jannat Party, which exists only on the papers as yet.”

Here is a video of Dr. Syed:

(To be continued...) 

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  1. first this site tell me how much are you getting from the CIA working against pakistan army and isi and those who are supporting the country, you are from the mir jaffar jamat.

  2. Regarding your article related to the Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Hamid, here is a list of further such sites which are either relalted or propogate the same material.. this will help in your research..

  3. Dear Readers: I am shocked to read the comments on this Blog. I am a patriotic Pakistani and a Patriotic American and I have no affiliation with ISI or Zaid Hamid. This is totally senseless slander. I take pride in the Pakistan Army and I proudly consider myself one of them. I am howver a staunch crtic of the Pakistan Army as well which needs major reforms of organization and structure. Jannat Pakistan Party is just a poitical platform for all of those who believe that QURAN as a system of government ought to be given a chance to prove its Truth. That is all. We are Law Abiding citizens and have nothing to. fear because we believe in a rule of law.

    The cap that I wear is to remind me of the great values which I took from my father who wore such a cap defending Pakistan in 1965 and 1975. That is all.

    Asarulislam Syed MD
    California, USA

  4. Ghairon say Kaha tum ne,
    Ghairon se suna tum ne.
    Kuch hum se kaha hota
    kuch hum se suna hota.

  5. The ISI wing has left the website as the mission has completed... Zaffar Abbas former boss, Abbas Nasir's official Twitter account introduces the former Editor Dawn, in this way:

    Abbas Nasir
    Right behind you.
    BBC, Dawn, DawnNews TV and multimedia journalist in search of a job. Anyone? Cv, references on request.

    In a twit to a former subordinate, , Mr Nasir says:

    @Anwardawn Aapko Memogate Twitter pae le aaya. Aur mujhe taweel berozgaari. :)

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  7. yes teell me how much u got 4rom cia to spread this propoganda aginst our army....u meer jaffar

  8. shame on this web site owner and people who read it ...fuck u all