August 9, 2011

The cannibals

for the over 35,000 Pakistani victims of strategic assassination

By Habib Sulemani  

The era of wars ended but
the warriors are still there.
No one knows what to do
with these white elephants!

They’re professional killers,
who know nothing but killing.
They kill either in the name of
Taliban or so-called al-Qaeda.

They also use names of others 
including Americans, Jews and 
Hindus. The world knows it,

yet global leaders're going
to attend photo sessions with
international target killer!

The undeclared terrorists have
no menu for a single day but
have plenty of lists for their
trained target-killers. The country 
seems a Cambodian killing-field!

They're beasts. They’re not the
they eat human flesh in the dark
without being declared cannibals!   
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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