August 18, 2011

Generals laid landmines in Pakistan, only they can clear minefields: insiders

The Terrorland Report

THE Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade of the military regime had been exposed in a four-part report. In the first part (Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi funds equal to PIA & Railways budgets) it was said how much the generals were spending on this group of fools for militarizing and Talibanizing the new generation in Pakistan.

In the second part (After 'Brass Tacks', ISI spends millions on 'Kalam TV') it was said that a new program had been launched by the Pakistan Army to deceive and brainwash the new generation.

Part-three of the series (Army Chief, Zaid Hamid and his American version Islamist) explains how much the Pakistan Army especially the Army Chief relied on this brigade after the Bin Laden killing.

And part four (Stop corruption in Pakistan military — Happy Independence Day!) says: “It is now an open secret how journalist Habib Sulemani’s creative writings were stolen by the influential accused... and how from the higher authorities... the mass murder plan of the writer's family was allowed... when it failed at the first stage of the criminal plan... the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) gave copies of his writings to the Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi like intellectuals who are trying to plagiarize it in their foolish ways... as it's said in the blogs (The Terrorland), they would be held responsible for their crimes along the generals.”

So, this post is about the emails of the Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade that it sends to The Terrorland Team. The unscrupulous multi-billion brigade regularly plagiarizing posts of The Terrorland, and gives them a special jihadist angel. They have been trying to control the group blogs through their deceptive ‘write-ups’ and emails (The Terrorland's comments section and Google Group are witness to such attacks) but they failed to control or destroy this group.

The following is an email (in Urdu) from the brigade, which says: Pakistani generals laid landmines in Karachi and Balochistan, and only the generals can clear all minefields inside Pakistan. This email was sent from two emails: and

Some people say it is start of the same process which incumbent Army Chief Gen. Kayani had started against his predecessor Gen. Musharraf. Whatever may be the fact, it is clear that whenever the time comes and the generals stand trial... in that time no one but members of the Zaid Hamid-Ahmed Quraishi brigade (including themselves) will appear as witnesses to the crimes of the military men in Pakistan.

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  1. Landmines were declared illegal by the UN, so if they are using them, that would be considered war crimes. More civilians step on them than fighters do.