August 2, 2011

Happy Ramadan plus Independence Day !

The Terrorland Report

A FAMOUS Pakistani website ( had organized a quiz competition regarding the Independence Day of the country: August 14 (thanks to a reader of The Terrorland group blogs for bringing this to The Terrorland Team's knowledge)

The organizers of the contest had asked 14 questions and awarded winners with prizes. The questions are related to the history, identity and culture of Pakistan. Now the questions along with correct answers are available online. Below is Question No. 11 with correct answer:

Q11: Identify the famous poet?
11- دی گئی تصویر پاکستان کے کس مشہور شاعر کی ہے؟
    (Correct Answer)

For details, please, visit: Independence Day 14th August Azadi Quiz - Participate & be a Winner

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Happy 100th birthday, Faiz Sahib!

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