August 4, 2011

"I really appreciate The Terrorland's research work"

The Terrorland Report

THE Terrorland Team (TTT) receives many direct and indirect messages from blog readers. Most of them are reluctant to be named in any post due to fear of direct/indirect persecution in the militarized and Talibanized Pakistan. The ISI sends many messages through its stooges with changing emails and hiding IP addresses (the fools don’t know that even then criminals can be detected easily in the globalized world). 

Anyway, here are two emails. The first is from an Arab journalist. He was commenting on a most-read post: “Yes—I was sexually assaulted,” says brave journalist. This news was equally ignored by the mainstream media as well as the blogosphere in Pakistan. The Arab journalist writes: 

Great article and should be highlighted. As someone who knows Pakistan well it is sad that the country reached this state. I would like to put this on the Arabnews website and am wondering how to do this. can u help?

Thank you

Khaled Almaeena
Editor in chief Arabnews
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

The second email is from a Pakistani lady. She is pleased with the work of TTT unlike the ruling class, spy agencies and their stooges. She writes:

I Really appreciate your research work. We need it now. Allah keep safe all of you.

Ms. Nigar

TTT is thankful to both writers and all those who are just silent readers. Many many thanks, guys. Together we can change the destination of Pakistan from a poor and terror-hit country to a prosperous, peaceful and a really democratic country. (TTT)

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  1. You may apply for a Visa to a few Western Embassies please to safeguard your life.
    Are you on twitter?