August 9, 2011

Intellectual faculties

By Habib Sulemani  

very soon,
they’ll face the law.

Besides corrupt politicians and
criminal generals, journalists 
and judges will also stand trial.

None can escape the wrath of 
about 7 billion people, sacrificing 
for humanity in the year 2011.

Through my sash window,
I can see the criminals standing trial
for crimes against humanity
at the International Criminal Court!  

I can see those called under subpoena...

No one has any alibi for their crimes... 

The convicts’re sorry for what they did
when in power—but it's too late!

Today, it may look like a wild dream
for the criminals, 
it may look like a poetic theme
for the liberals;
but tomorrow it’d be a harsh reality,
predicts my intellectual faculty!
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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