August 9, 2011

Liberal values can’t die

for assassinated Pakistani Christian Minister Shahbaz Bhatti

By Habib Sulemani

The cowards’re targeting
liberal human values;

they ambush like terrorists
and kill like desert snakes.

Is this yet another strategic
maneuver on your part?

It’s criminal! 
You can kill the liberals but
keep this in your evil mind:
liberal human values can’t die!

After years of savagery,
you’re destined to be a
victim of your own acts;

a victim of your own
engineered wave of
extremism and terrorism.  

This was beyond the imagination
of the Imam of global terrorists!

If you’ve really faith in hell, then
it’s waiting for you hereafter,

but before that divine hell, you’ve
to face your own hell right here...

the hell you’ve created for others
on earth; don't you see it?

Flames're waiting for you everywhere...

Happy Halloween
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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