August 16, 2011

Militarization & Talibanization leave over 82 percent Pakistanis in poverty

   * Be brave, rise for you rights—coward tyrants breath their last in the Animal Farm!

The Terrorland Report

TIME magazine title shows Dr. A.Q. Khan, whom
the military establishment used in global nuclear 
proliferation and Talibanization of Pakistan. He 
leads an influential ‘honor’ brigade of the ISI that 
writes brainwashing articles in local newspapers 
and takes part in talk-shows arranged by the ISI.
PAKISTAN’S 82.36 percent population is poor as 60.3 percent of them lives under $2 a day while 22.6 percent lives under $1 a day—below the poverty-line.

If someone asks about the reason for abject poverty in Pakistan, the answer is very simple: militarization of the country and Talibanization of society (as a part of the thoughtless strategic policy of the intellectually bankrupt generals in Pakistan). 

However, no one dares to talk about the main reason behind the suffering of Pakistan... not only in the mainstream media but also in the cyberspace as the cyber policing of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has intensified recently.

Stop corruption in Pakistan military — Happy Independence Day! This message of The Terrorland was silently appreciated in the country of over 180 million terrorized people silently! 

A cyber activist and member of The Terrorland Team was recently added to a new cyber group on poverty. When the discussion was taken towards the root-cause, there was silence for the obvious reason. The discussion is given here for the sack of raising the confidence of the dumb Pakistanis, especially youth, with a message: be brave and rise for you rights—the coward tyrants are breathing their last in the Animal Farm!

Sania Qureshi: According to the Human Development Index (HDI), 60.3% of Pakistan's population lives on under $2 a day, compared to 75.6% in nearby India and 81.3% in nearby Bangladesh and some 22.6% live under $1 a day, compared to 41.6% in India and 49.6% in Bangladesh: source Wikipedia
Farooq Ahmed Khan: Charity begins at home, lets do for ours own hungry countrymen to rise as a honorable citizens
Sania Qureshi: if every citizen contributes as little as RS.1 we wud have 18 crores foood fund    
Rehman Pak: Thanks for the statistics, Sania Qureshi. Guys, this thing must be discussed in detail...
Sania Qureshi: under $1 is below poverty line
Farooq Ahmed Khan: True, it is and Rehman Pak bhai instead of going behind the statistics in this stage we need to muster up force for the fight and of course these matters will go along because without it we would not go ahead. But primarily voice against hunger in a volume which could be heard in corridors of power       
Rehman Pak: To go ahead we need analysis of the situation... reality check... 180 million people, most of whom live below poverty-line and our politicians and generals live like kings in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, what a shame! But our ruling class is shame-proof!       
Farooq Ahmed Khan: They are of course but United we will rise against them Inshallah       
Mureed Bizenjo: Very significant analysis Sania Qureshi the thought needs serious consideration and let me mention Uzzam Hasni Riaz's comment which said " the average food for a single person for full month costs about Rs. 2K to Rs. 3K" which is just about the money most of us spend on unnecessary stuff, A difference can be made with a slight effort and will       
Farooq Ahmed Khan: I could not understood 2K 3K
Mureed Bizenjo: ‎2K = 2000,       
Farooq Ahmed Khan: got it bro       
Rehman Pak: Real democracy is the solution! Peace and prosperity will remain dreams in Pakistan unless the military establishment changes its despot behavior... and instead of "fake democratic characters" real democracy is allowed to nourish in the country as one of The Terrorland bloggers has put it in this way: THE TERRORLAND: Generals have no future without democracy in Pakistan         
Sania Qureshi: Democracy or Dictatorship is not the problem here....the problem is Corruption in evry God Damn thing vch is the reason for the country's state       
Farooq Ahmed Khan: But Sania corruption is deep routed with dictatorships and democracy ensures transparency bt time not ripe for this topic. Here we initiate service for the hunger-striken people       
Rehman Pak: True, Sania, but we talk about the political corruption openly but are terrorized about the huge scale corruption in the military, which consumes 80 % of our budget without any independent audit mechanism...       
Rehman Pak: if we are not talking about the "roots of the evil" it will be intellectual dishonesty and may be propaganda of the military establishment. Let's be open now. Guys, take the courage and talk openly... ;)       
Mureed Bizenjo: Despite of having so many problems whatsoever, lets accept the fact we are a poor nation, and to be honest a confused one too, lets start making a difference today for the poor in whatever way we can, giving it a serious thought looking for people in need instead of blaming corruption & the system, Edhi did, thousands are still doing, WE can too       
Rehman Pak: ‎Mureed Bizenjo, are you talking about charity?       
Farooq Ahmed Khan: yes, real work for the cause to do a bit       
Mureed Bizenjo: Like i said sir, u name it charity, gifts, or giveaways, deeds do not need names       
Rehman Pak: then it's a harmless job, I really like it ;)       
Uzzam Hasni Riaz: V can discuss as long as v want whch is good. but let me giv u a tip! do it either on charity level like Edhi homes, etc. i.e. give money on monthly or periodic basis to these charities...
OR u can do it individually by asking ur friends to join u.. Its nt big thing u just need some arrangement either from some hotel (Many hotel do specialy Dhabas) or Daig walas. daily basis. Share amount based on ur earning levels like if some1 can do it 4 10 ppl thn can contribute this amount. The best timings are normally evening after Maghrib since most Mazdoors comes at that time (nt late night coz dey dnt necessarily hav transports etc.)... V did this Alhamdullilah since some years back in Islamabad in 1 center in F-8 now Alhamdullilah its also in another place too (Dnt knw place yet bt got news abt it). So u do it on ur own cities, Villages, etc. levels. Nt big thing jst ask same friends 2 supervise on rotational basis etc.
Uzzam Hasni Riaz: The cost as I said is normally 2K to 3K monthly!! so it wont be burdain for n e 1.. even if some1 is supporting only 1 person... so start it at ur locality.. though times are hard bt still do it if u can afford @ ur own locality!
Farooq Ahmed Khan: coordinated efforts sir needed and with time goes on any plateform will be available and of course one of yours is the good.       
Uzzam Hasni Riaz: No doubt about it but I say tht 2 do it in ur own locality i.e. Gilgit,Karachi,Quetta,Lahore or n e far away village:)
Mureed Bizenjo: Very nice idea Uzzam always worth considering, they have such arrangements for poor in dhabas, we jist have to look for them, or giving charity on eidhi centers is the least we can do. Im sure the said amount perhaps doesn't count so much to us but it is a whole month's food to the poor    
Sania Qureshi: u kno a particular dhabba lyk hotel in qta calld malang hotel has ds facility u go upto thm tell thm the amount ur givin away n they set a particular menu vch they feed to the street beggars and laborers they find ovr that place       
Farooq Ahmed Khan: I see the things other way like such Khairat might may them further beggars and create further dependency. We need a strategy to work out how they are a respectable citizens yes side by side immediate relief is the best you people talking about.My view is the not last one.We need to think deep for the root cause and then curing it forever.NO?       
Mureed Bizenjo: I agree on both of your perspectives, but the point is, the causes of poverty are vast, like in Pakistan, the main curse to our society is corruption & mis-management which happens to be the root cause of poverty, we do not need to go that far at the moment, we should help the poor as much as we can! @Sania Qureshi could you also identify exact location of that dhaba/hotel,
Uzzam Hasni Riaz: I think it is two way things no doubt it should be done at managment, policy making, routing out corruption but at same time the Faqeers,beggars or mazdoors in street r nt much part of these issues, still dey deserve the food,basic needs so if we go both way i.e. presuring the gov. on bringing improvments & also doing our part as society 2 give if we have ... it will be more effective     
Rehman Pak: ‎Mureed Bizenjo sab, yes. Corruption and Mismanagement. But we talk about the corruption of politicians but steal our eyes from the generals. When the Generals run ministries of Foreign, Finance and Defense affairs... then where is the loophole in management? I can understand why you are hesitating to "go that far..."
Rehman Pak: ‎Farooq Ahmed Khan sab, you are 100 % right. This group's mission must be that of a THINK TANK to sought an intellectual solution to the menace of poverty without any bias or fear... otherwise this group should be called CHARITY instead of POVERTY :)
Farooq Ahmed Khan: Yes and a time will come when people from all walks of life would understand the meaning of poverty and will join us in the cause which may go against system.
Rehman Pak: That is very true.
Mureed Bizenjo: These are just initial steps my friend! We all need to stand against it to make a difference!
Rehman Pak: ‎Thanks.       
RJ Palvisha Farooq: Poverty is not a problem with the boundary of any country...its every where and while working against it we should take it as human problem rather ten any countries citizens problem....
Rehman Pak: "‎It's believed that the Pakistan military consumes 80 percent of the budget but officially it's showed just about 20 percent. Insiders claim that 80 percent of corruption in Pakistan is either related to the Defense Ministry or military... while politicians and civil bureaucracy are directly involved in just 20 percent corruption. This is shocking indeed, but those are further shocked in the militarized and Talibanized country who talk about the holly cow (in the Animal Farm)!"

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