August 3, 2011

'Pakistan: 98 % people demand accountability of military'

The Terrorland Report

HERE is a hot debate in the cyberspace between a self-proclaimed human rights activist and an alleged undercover agent of Pakistan’s premier spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Without any comment, we’re producing it here to give our readers an idea how the Netizens in Pakistan are currently taking part in discussions for reforms in the Pakistan military, which reportedly consumes 80 percent of the national budget but has failed to protect the country. (The Terrorland Team)

RPak: ‎"We're everywhere as symbol of death," says ISI site 
NKYousafzai: This is fake site. ISI does not own any site. I think it is created by CIA or MOSAD.
RPak: Did you read the post, or just picked the ISI's pet ''conspiracy theory' ;-)
NKYousafzai: I have read that brother but found no reference on what you have posted.
RPak: did you visit the facebook page? i've just reached there after reading the post, it's run by the ISPR. The first ever official site of the ISI. ‎

"The ISI fan page has over 13,000 members and is being moderated by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), headed by Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas, the media manager and chief spokesman of the military as well as the ISI. Let us see what changes could be seen in the collective behavior of the military and ISI, and in this so-called fan page with the passage of time."

A terrorist serving one-star general has been arrested from Pakistan Army General Headquarters, is this also a CIA or MOSAD conspiracy? Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Athar Abbas told Reuters that Khan was linked to Hizbul Tehrir.
NKYousafzai: Hizbul Tehrir is an England based organization and has suspected links with CIA
RPak: Lolz, you must be a spokesman for the ISI... ‎;-)
NKYousafzai: No. dear.. the problem with us is that we do not think as a nation, we think as sects and groups. Your perception is also based on the information you see or hear while mine is too. The common thing is that we should love Pakistan.
RPak: Khan sab, you're living in Pakistan or some other planet??? by the way did you conform now the ISI site, i did it. Hajazi is the moderator from the ISPR
NKYousafzai: I have made my point brother and there is nothing personal here. Wish you good day. I am proud of being a Pakistani and lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Take care.
RPak: Do you think the one who lives in Islamabd is not a proud Pakistani?
NKYousafzai: Pakistani loves it land from Khyber to Karachi, from Kashmir to Chaghi.
RPak: OK. Today you represent the 2 % minority of Pakistanis who are loyal to the ISI or military... it has the obvious reasons... anyway, the 98 % Pakistanis want accountability of the military... when the generals come under the control of an elecetd civilian govt in Pakistan ans respect the Constitution and Parliament, only then the majority will feel themselves proud Pakistanis. Have a nice evening. Bye.

NKYousafzai: The page is 100% dear.. I am 100% sure. So writing whole column is just wastage of time and your perception about the % is completely your own assumption. I am a poor Pakistani and I love my Muslim brothers serving in Pakistan Army. Bye.
Smischny: Rehman Pak, I fear that the only way this will happen is thru the same thing that is happening in Libya, Yemen, and Syria. Blood spilt for the freedom of those that want to get out from the heels of those that continually oppress the masses, for reason of greed and hiding behind religion to promote agenda's that are counter to what is needed and wanted by the people of these areas. Sometimes peace and freedom need a good kick in the rear end to get started. Fear not for GOD/ALLAH creator of us all has a plan and that plan can not be forced by any one here. Just my thoughts friend.
RPak: NKYousafzai Just look at your behavior... what I've said and what you have written... you're saying 100 % people want domination of the military and tyranny of the criminal agencies? We all love our poor and helpless soldiers, but we demand accountability of criminal generals and spymasters and real democracy not the militarized and Talibanzied. Only those of you who are either on the payroll of the secret agencies they talk in ambiguous way like you. Just think again, you have to return to God one day, what will answer there, you sided with those who killed their own people to get dollars and extension in their services...? And think again what will your coming generation say about you??? An ally of a criminal gang? My dear, we all are Pakistanis, we love our country and institutions. But we demand reforms. Enough is enough. Now accountability strictly.
‎@Smischny. Thank you very much for taking part in this debate between an ISI agent and a poor Pakistani citizen. The day is near when all the criminal will be behind the bar... if this is not going to happen then the security and stability of the whole world is going to be affected. The West should take care of the 180 million Pakistanis not the few generals and politicians. Anyway, thanks again. Bye.

NKYousafzai: Brother, I will just say please do not live in assumptions and rumours. I am a normal Pakistani. But I think it is not your fault because you are also affected by the TV and media. Gilbert Smischny point of view is very neutral and he just has expressed his opinion as every human being has the right of expression. I still love Pakistan, its military and the soldiers who are fighting on the borders and inside Pakistan with the "imported" terrorists. If any person is misusing his position or title inside or outside army, he must be punished as you said. So we must be happy for arrest of Brig Khan for his links with terrorists. Four other majors are also arrested. So army is doing the accountability of its officers and we must appreciate that:

RPak: ‎Nasir Khan Yousafzai, you are abnormal cos majority of Pakistanis want an end to the terror of the ISI and a real democracy instead of militarized and Talibanized democracy. Just see from the start who started with the rumors-mill... CIA or MOSAD... ISI's pet conspiracy theory... when proved wrong, you took another turn and now after consultation with your bosses... again have started the typical bullshit of the ISI... often spread through the Zaid Hamid/Ahmed Qureshi brigade...

‎I came to know that you had harassed a female bloger sometimes ago, and there is a legal case against you... anyway, just re-read this chitchat from the beginning (I'm sure you have not read even the post, which ignited this illogical debate)... and try to analyze your behavior... but that is not the way your espionage tribe can follow... just read this, you will find how Islam is being misused by the spies:

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  1. Firstly the budget consumed by the army is not 80% - it is 20% and secondly having read a number of ur emails I have concluded that u r a fake and have been appointed to bad mouth the ISI an the Army and instaed u allege the others of being agents
    Have some shame